Women’s Health Innovations

Women’s Health Innovations – CMS Coverage After FDA Breakthrough Designation – Wrote and submitted letters and led a grassroots campaign to help close the gap between FDA approval and CMS coverage

Adverse Drug Events – Wrote and submitted regulatory comments to ensure adverse drug events and patient safety concerns are reported by gender and race to ensure data is collected to inform care

Women’s Health Innovations

Menopause and aging – A meeting organized with the Assistant Secretary for Women’s Health to address the health of older women, including menopause

Ten Key Health And Nutrition Trends For 2023

Ovarian Cancer – Work on legislation to close the gap in mass pelvic screening, which affects 1 in 5 women and is essential for early detection of ovarian cancer, and work with CMS to cover emerging technologies

Health Equity for Women – a policy proposal aimed at filling gaps in women’s health research, medical education, diagnosis and clinical treatment

Whether you are an innovator, an entrepreneur, a corporation, a venture capitalist, an institution, a non-profit organization or an individual who wants to improve the way we deliver research, innovation and care, join our list. You can sign up for information on policy, government funding and events related to women’s health here.

Download the testimony presented to the House Appropriations Committee on women’s health disparities and our efforts to increase diversity in clinical trials and funding through NIH grants. The Innovation Showcase is a unique opportunity for emerging companies with a breakthrough technology, product or service to show themselves to the most influential partners, investors and decision makers of the sector.

How We Can Rethink Healthcare Through Female Centered Design

Over the past five years, WHIS has grown to become the #1 annual event that brings together the industry’s leading stakeholders in women’s health. We bring together pharmaceutical companies, investors, medical device and companies, biotech, startups, pharmatech, payers, researchers, therapists, consultants and more to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology. As the industry continues to work collectively to improve women’s health, we are expanding our focus to include more government officials, policy makers and NPOS as we shift the conversation to advocacy, access and action in line with the needs of the industry. With more options than ever before, we look forward to welcoming you.

Jamie White Health Science Strategy and Relationship Lead at the Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Lucy is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Boston office. Lucy has over 15 years of experience advising CEOs and top teams of leading pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies worldwide on growth strategy, innovation, sustainability and organizational change.

Lucy co-leads McKinsey’s ESG practice and McKinsey’s All-In DEI effort in North America. She also sponsors the Hispanic Latino Network at McKinsey and leads our health care research efforts.

Innovations That Will Change Health Care In The 2020s

Lucy co-leads McKinsey’s ESG practice and McKinsey’s All-In DEI effort in North America. She also sponsors the Hispanic Latino Network at McKinsey and leads our health care research efforts.

Spread over two days and with a focus on early-stage funding and later-stage funding, 24 finalists of startups selected by our selection committee will highlight their innovations, highlight their achievements and become known in the sector.

This year we are offering prize packages for both winners, as well as an intimate drinks reception for all nominees attending the summit.

Apply to present your innovative research focused on areas other than primarily affecting women’s health. During this session, 5 academic posters will be presented to our audience of potential partners, funders and accelerators.

Centre For Research In Women’s Health

“I was happy to be part of WHIS. It’s the best place for a women’s health start-up”

“I loved the energy and willingness to collaborate and share insights. Compared to the inaugural event in 2019, this conference has grown in depth and breadth.

“I left the Women’s Health Innovation Summit feeling empowered not only as a professional in the health sector, but as a woman in general. Even with how much work we still have to do, I’m already looking forward to the future year to come back.”

“There is no other event that guarantees a comprehensive insight into the innovations that have been discussed and adopted in the field of women’s health. Especially at a time when women’s health is threatened, this event has provided a lot of inspiration.”

Announcing Partnership With Women’s Health Innovation Summit Europe 2023!

Organon (NYSE: OGN) is a global healthcare company formed by a spin-off from Merck and known outside the US and Canada as MSD to focus on improving the health of women throughout their lives. Here for their health, the company has a portfolio of more than 60 medicines and products in a variety of therapeutic areas. Organon’s products lead the reproductive health portfolio along with an expanding biosimilars business and a well-established drug franchise, generating strong cash flows that will support investments in future growth opportunities in women’s health, including business development. In addition, Organon is seeking opportunities to collaborate with biopharmaceutical innovators interested in commercializing its products, leveraging its scale and presence in fast-growing international markets. Organon has a global footprint with significant size and geographic reach, world-class commercial capabilities and approximately 9,000 employees headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.

GSK is focused on maximizing patient survival through transformational drugs. Our oncology pipeline focuses on immuno-oncology, cell therapy, tumor cell targeting therapies and synthetic lethality. Our goal is to achieve a continuous flow of new treatments based on a diverse portfolio of research medical products.

Gynecological cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. In 2020, almost 1.4 million people were diagnosed with cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vaginal or vulvar cancer; However, awareness of these cancers and their symptoms remains low. At GSK, we are committed to supporting continued innovation in gynecological cancer, putting the patient’s voice at the heart of our mission and building a pipeline of new programs to meet their needs. For more information about our work in oncology visit: https://www.gsk.com/en-gb/

There was a time when economic growth, sustainability and inclusion were seen as trade-offs, but leaders today must achieve all three. This new growth paradigm will be more sustainable, drive innovation and reduce environmental impact. It will also be more inclusive, allowing people around the world to access opportunities.

National Summit On The Health Of Women

This is no easy task, but McKinsey & Company’s goal is to help organizations and their leaders make it happen. They combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to help organizations sustainably innovate, achieve lasting performance gains, and build a workforce that will thrive for this generation and the next.

We strive to redefine care for women and men through purposeful science, empowering medicine and transformative advocacy.

Our purpose is driven and driven by the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of women and men, many of whom are affected by disease in their prime. Despite the significant burden of widespread diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis and prostate cancer, many women and men do not have the opportunities they deserve and need.

Products of Watkins County, Inc. It is a founder and owner of Platform Women’s Healthcare and a product design company focused on developing innovative medical devices at a reasonable price for the consumer.

Using Technology To Address Unmet Needs And Health Inequities In Women’s Care

The company’s flagship product is a non-invasive solution for women’s stress urinary incontinence. The problem affects an estimated one in three women worldwide. The disruptive, patented product offers multiple recurring revenue streams. Watkins-Conti has other products in the pipeline to improve the consumer experience, particularly for health issues facing women that are often viewed as shameful or taboo.

Celanese works closely with you as a strategic partner to develop innovative controlled-release dosage forms for biologics and small molecules to achieve the goals of patient-centered therapies, improved medicine and better health economics. The VitalDose® EVA copolymer drug delivery platform is a technology that enables transdermal implants, inserts and drug-delivery films. The platform is flexible and adaptable to address a variety of formulation challenges when it comes to adjusting the release rate of your drug.

Our scientists and engineers are at your service from concept to commercialization, providing development services, supply of GMP materials and regulatory support.

PRIA Healthcare offers solutions for patients to return medical devices. We believe patients should have access to—and coverage for—the most innovative and proven medical devices, treatments and procedures so they can receive the care their health and well-being depend on.

From Dynamic Island On Iphone 14 To Focus On Women’s Health, Apple Sets The Innovation Bar High

At the Reproductive Health Innovation Summit, industry veterans and experts from PRIA Healthcare will discuss the importance of early consultative engagement for innovative treatments and navigating the strategic reimbursement landscape, market and patient access solutions. Join an insightful discussion on how to drive maximum uptake of your treatment from conception to patient access to ensure advanced reproductive health treatments reach their full potential at an accelerated rate.

The Sheppard Mullin Women in Healthcare Leadership Collaborative (WHLC) is an exclusive national leadership initiative dedicated to empowering professionals or advancing to leadership positions in the healthcare and life sciences.

WHLC was formed in response to significant and persistent systemic gaps in institutional leadership in the healthcare and life sciences. Although they make up the vast majority of the workforce, women still hold a small minority of these positions.

Drawing on Shepherd Mullin’s nationally recognized healthcare practice and the law firm’s leadership in diversity and inclusion, WHLC aims to reverse this trend by providing women

Innovations In Healthcare: Women’s Health

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