Women’s Health Innovation

Women’s Health Innovation – The Women’s Health Innovation Series is a leading network connecting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, innovators, investors, payers, researchers and HCPs to drive innovation in health communication and technology.

In addition to addressing the growing problems of women (such as contraception, pregnancy, breast cancer, women’s health and reproduction), other topics that affect women more or where there is a lack of coordination in research on disease incidence or diagnosis. ; Oncology, depression and anxiety, sexual health and wellness, heart disease, bone health and more.

Women’s Health Innovation

Women’s health today makes little use of new technology and medical science. This lucrative market is hampered by outdated systems and ignored by big players. Bringing the entire community together to change mindsets and America. And it is important to create a road map for health care around the world.

Women’s Health Innovation Series: Reproductive Health Innovation Summit Event

Backed by our premium flagship suite, we also offer our network additional opportunities to connect and learn through our webinars, virtual events, roundtables and show startups.

Understanding the market changes that are most important to the business drives our business forward and this understanding allows us to identify and secure leaders with the right “vision”. This is just a small sampling of some of the visionaries who are helping to shape the future of women’s health.

From market-leading global healthcare, FemTech, invested companies to respected CEOs, founders, presidents, investors, our strategic partners continue to play a critical role in how we help shape the future of women’s health. For more information on how to be a good partner, please email us at [email protected].

Women’s Health Innovation is your global, multi-channel partner to reach, connect with the most passionate and important people around the world about women’s health.

Swhr Ceo Reflects On Reproductive Health Innovation Summit

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Reflections On Women’s Health Innovation Summit Europe, In Basel And A Proposal

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WHIS Asia 2023 Post Report Coming Soon! Find out who was in the room, showcases, our FemTech award winners and more.

Nowhere do we witness more femtech and women’s health tech than in Asia, so we’re excited to bring our list to you!

Women In Health, Entrepreneurship And Innovation

The Women’s Health New Asia Conference focused on key challenges faced by each sector of women’s health, with areas related to menstrual care, reproductive health, reproductive health, menopause care and more.

Our conference brought together key leaders building the women’s ecosystem in Asia. Including startups and femtech, investors, foundations and large companies, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, government policy makers, large pharmaceutical and medical device companies, insurance companies, organizations and public platforms.

It was amazing to see our chamber of industry leaders advancing the needs of women in Asia through sharing, networking and driving innovation!

Free to register, Asia’s Women’s Health Innovation showcase will showcase the best in femtech and women’s health from across the region.

Announcing Partnership With Women’s Health Innovation Summit Europe 2023!

Eight startups will be selected by our nominating committee to pitch in front of an audience of over 150 key partners and investors.

Through high-speed demonstrations, these pioneers will demonstrate their vision for women’s health innovations and how their products and technologies are helping to improve women’s health in Asia.

This year, for the first time, WHIS and FAA partnered to host the awards night, celebrating inspiring leaders, great innovations and impressive advances in the femtech and women’s health industries. It was a night of celebration and fun at a venue in Singapore.

Organon (NYSE: OGN) is a global healthcare company formed by Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, focused on improving women’s health across the lifespan. Here for its health, the company has a portfolio of more than 60 drugs and medicines across various medical fields. Driven by a history of reproductive health and the growing business of biosimilars and the sustainability of traditional medicines, Organon’s products generate strong revenues that help sustain growth opportunities in women’s health, including business development. In addition, Organon is looking for opportunities to collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies that want to market their products based on its size and availability in fast-growing global markets. Organon has a global presence with significant growth and location, global marketing capabilities and approximately 9,000 employees with headquarters in Jersey City, N.J.

Ge Empowered Women’s Health

As a privately held, biopharma company, Ferring focuses on developing life-changing products that help people live better lives. Thanks to our 70-year commitment to science and research, we are relentless in our search for therapeutic solutions that help people build families, stay healthy and fight disease.

We are committed to being the world’s leading, trusted healthcare company in the fields of medical and women’s health and a leader in the specialty fields of gastroenterology and orthopedics. With this ambition in mind, we are committed to engaging in science, conducting thorough research and going where others won’t, meaning people will always be at the forefront.

Since establishing our US operations in 1980, Ferring has continued to develop, innovate and expand our services. Today, through our innovative research and innovation, we are working to achieve today’s “ones”: unlocking the potential of the human microbiome, finding new ways to help people start and build families, and tackling some of the toughest challenges. Debilitating diseases and conditions of our time.

There was a time when economic growth, sustainability and inclusion were seen as compromises, but today’s leaders must achieve both. This new growth paradigm will be sustainable, drive innovation and reduce environmental impact. It will also be inclusive, creating opportunities for people around the world.

How We Can Rethink Healthcare Through Female Centered Design

This is no easy task, but McKinsey & Company aims to help organizations and their leaders achieve it. They combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to help organizations innovate, achieve lasting value in operations and build a thriving workforce for this generation and the next.

GSK focuses on patient survival through transformative medicine. Our oncology pipeline focuses on immuno-oncology, cell therapy, tumor cell-targeted therapy and synthetic lethality. Our goal is to develop new treatments based on various investigational drugs.

Gynecological cancer is the most common cancer in women. Approximately 1.4 million people will be diagnosed with cervical, endometrial, ovarian, anal or vulvar cancer in 2020; However, awareness of this cancer and its symptoms is low. At GSK, we are committed to helping advance the practice of gynecological cancer by putting the patient’s voice at the heart of our work and developing new programs to meet their needs. To learn more about our work in oncology, please visit: https://www.gsk.com/en-gb/

We want to redefine maternal and paternal care through purpose-driven science, empowering medicine and transformative advocacy.

Women’s Health Innovation Summit 2023

Our mission is informed and motivated by the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of women and men, many of whom are affected by illness during their most productive years. Despite the high burden of common diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, prostate cancer, many women and men do not have the options they deserve and need.

Bayer is a recognized leader in women’s healthcare, with a long-term commitment to providing science for better lives by advancing new medical treatments. Bayer offers a wide range of short- and long-acting contraceptives as well as menopausal and gynecological treatments. Bayer is also exploring new ways to address the medical needs of women around the world. Today, Bayer’s research and development focuses on discovering new ways to treat menopause and gynecological disorders and includes a number of products in various areas of medicine and medical development. Together, these projects reflect the company’s strategy

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