Skydiving Life Insurance

Skydiving Life Insurance – When participating in an extreme and high-risk sport like skydiving, it is important to consider skydiving life insurance coverage, critical illness coverage, and income protection. Consider coverage for peace of mind so that you, your family and your home are protected against any eventuality during your skydiving activities.

Talk to a sports specialist at Sports Financial Services to find out what life insurance options are available for skydiving. Generally, a life insurance policy provides a lump sum to help and support your beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s death. Calculation of life insurance premium depends on several factors, such as:

Skydiving Life Insurance

There are other factors to consider in determining your skydiving life insurance premium, for example:

Your Life Insurance Rate & You: The Risk Takers

Applying for skydiving critical illness coverage is the same verification process as skydiving life insurance coverage. Insurance companies need answers to a number of questions about your skydiving activities so they can assess how much risk you pose. If your insurance company rates you as high risk, this may add premium loading as well as exclusions to your policy. Your personal advisor at Sports Financial Services will discuss the options available to you.

In addition to skydiving life insurance and critical illness coverage, we also offer skydiving income protection. When submitting an application for skydiving income protection, we will be asked about your participation in skydiving, health, occupation and lifestyle. We will use this information to assess the financial protection options available to you and if there are associated premium loadings or exclusions. Underwriters will also want to know if your skydiving activities have caused you to take time off work in the past.

Here at Sports Financial Services, we offer Skydiving Life Insurance Cover, Skydiving Critical Illness Cover and Skydiving Income Protection. We have many years of experience in providing protection to people participating in high-risk hobbies and occupations. You will always be assisted by our expert advisors who will provide you with a unique quote as per your needs and circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a personalized quote or call us on 0345 565 0935.

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If your skydive is a one-off, it’s unlikely to affect your life insurance so you’ll usually be covered. However, if you fall frequently, either as a hobby or as a career, this is where your insurance will affect you. How this affects you depends entirely on the type of insurance you need.

I highly recommend Tom to use this service throughout the process of setting up my life insurance. Very knowledgeable and really ‘on it’ to bring me the best product available.

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How To Buy Term Life Insurance

If you crash regularly, insurance companies are likely to add a top-up to your premium. This loading depends on how regularly you skydive, the more often you do, the more risk you present to insurance companies and hence the higher the burden on your premium.

As a result you should be expected to answer questions about how many skydives you complete each year within a certain time frame. They also want to know your reason for skydiving, whether it is your business or a hobby. It is unlikely that you will be denied coverage for a regular skydive, but you should expect to pay more for your coverage.

If you get skydiving critical illness cover, it is similar to skydiving life insurance. Insurance companies need to know how often you sky dive to determine how much risk you pose to them. As a result they may increase your premium charge; They may also include exclusions in your policy ranging from total permanent disability to skydiving exclusions.

It is unlikely that your application for skydiving critical illness cover will be refused, but it is also unlikely that you will be able to get full critical illness cover without any exclusions; Especially if you sky dive regularly.

Life Insurance For Skydivers

Skydiving income protection is similar to skydiving critical illness coverage. Based on the regularity of your skies, insurance companies will assess how much of a risk you present to them, so your premium will be charged or excluded from your policy. With skydiving income protection, they are more likely to exclude skydiving from your policy altogether because it carries more risks for them.

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Different companies have different underwriting standards, and as a skydiver, Chris Southworth made it his mission to understand them inside out. Why would they be happy if you jump 100 static lines a year and then load your policy as soon as you free fall? Call 01924 823437 if you’d like to chat

Rather than just applying, we consider your individual circumstances and understand where you fit with the criteria of various companies and then recommend a policy that suits your needs. Membership of the British Parachute Association*, taking part in a canopy course and using an AAD are some of the things that will reduce your premium.

*These programs have no cash value at any time and will close at the end of the term. If the premium is not maintained, the coverage will lapse.

We may also consider license type, jump number and whether you are on an accredited canopy course when searching for the most suitable product for you. Here are some examples:

Ifly Indoor Skydiving

* By clicking on any link on this page, you will exit Vision Mortgage’s regulated site. Neither Vision Mortgages nor TenetLime Ltd is responsible for the accuracy of information contained on unsupervised websites. From flexing abs to spinning pinwheels, skydiving can bring a variety of fun experiences regardless of your level of participation.

Regardless of your skydiving experience, talk to us about cover availability for a wide range of activities such as skydiving, static line, skydiving or tandem skydiving.

As an extreme sports specialist we work with you to research what cover is available to suit your needs.

There are obvious risks associated with skydiving. These risks can arise from skill level, equipment, weather (weather) and mechanical factors (aircraft).

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In addition, the frequency of your participation in sports is something that will be discussed with you to identify whether the activity is a one-off, a hobby, or a professional career.

In order to include your skydiving activities in a life insurance policy, underwriters will need to understand and appreciate your level of participation. Let’s take a look at it

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