Shaker Gardens Nursing Home

Shaker Gardens Nursing Home – Medicare awards credits based on staff hours for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), licensed practical nurses (LVNs), and nursing assistants. . More stars mean better staff for residents.

Federal law requires all nursing homes to have enough staff to keep residents safe. However, there are currently no federal guidelines for optimal nursing staffing standards. Staffing classifications are based on differences in the level of care needs of residents in each nursing home. For example, a nursing home with multiple health problems is expected to have more nursing staff than a nursing home with people with special health care needs.

Shaker Gardens Nursing Home

Accredited nursing homes must meet federal standards to protect residents. Examples of these criteria are:

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State health inspectors conduct health inspections on behalf of the federal government once a year and may visit nursing homes more frequently if conditions are poor. The health inspection team consists of trained inspectors including a registered nurse.

Using national standards, the team examines many aspects of life in a nursing home, including, but not limited to:

Medicare assigns a score based on a set of clinical records. More stars mean better care.

Long-term care facilities have a star rating system that gives each facility a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Nursing Star Ratings are from:

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compiles data from surveys and calculates star ratings and overall classification for each of these 3 sources.

Not all geriatric nurses have star signs. For services such as nursing homes or health care facilities, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regularly monitors these services and assigns stars based on their results. New York, NYLos Angeles, Chicago, ILHouston, TXDallas, TX Philadelphia, PAMIami, FLAtlanta, GBoston, MASan Jose, Caphoenix, AZSeattle, WAMinneapolis, MNSan Diego, CADenver, CO

Shaker Gardens Retirement Community offers a continuum of care based on the level of support and services our residents need. Our community offers a variety of lifestyle, services and care options, including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care. These opportunities are combined with recovery and support services. Our campus is located in the heart of Shaker Heights and offers extensive testing, restaurant-style dining, health and wellness, scheduled transportation, and programs and activities.

Assisted living facilities provide housing and care for older adults who may need assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and administering medications.

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*Price mentioned is monthly payment and given by village. Actual prices may vary due to one-time payment, setup and maintenance. Talk to your senior advisor to learn more.

From the beginning we wanted to remove him from the smell alone, for us but he was mentally ill and he refused the short story. In fact, my mother’s death was quite a shock, which was not consistent with her blood and other things. But when residents complain of stomach problems. Do not leave the occupant facing the fan. When they found my mother dead. Staff may have broken into his room looking for valuables, rummaged through his furniture, and stolen a bag he left in his dresser. My mother is a weird person, but when we got to our wardrobe she threw it away and opened the drawers and came out. We complained and called many times to whoever was actually responsible but the calls were not returned and it left us with a helpless feeling knowing that our mother was also taken advantage of by death. The place is unprofessional and dirty beyond words

We are very sorry for your loss. Please contact our customer service immediately so that your issues can be resolved in a proactive manner. To anyone concerned about this review: Please contact our customer service today at 216-752-5600 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Worst staff I have ever seen patients walk/run like zombies. Please don’t come only for money, not happy people, no one wears clothes, not even heads and nails, sick people come but not outside. Nurses have qualities. If you ask us, you have to wait for a long time, the doctor comes once a week. Food unknown. That’s good luck. People hanging on the stairs like a corner block, many walk on staff but no one does anything.

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Two terrible words, when I went to that round, the head nurse sent me to another person, that was a sign, I should go to the right. Upper management will no longer invite or accept you as new social workers. Understaffed, most nurses don’t care about patients. A ghost town on weekends or holidays. The food is not good, it doesn’t help when eating, the furniture looks like you want to take it out. This site should not be commercialized. They only take old man’s money. My mother died after giving her something to calm her down.

Take it from the residents, but this place is not a good place for you or your loved ones. The food is terrible, and often lacks the foundation of good food. The best employees are the most inefficient, and the worst are none at all. The cafeteria has only one small elevator to transport people to the three floors of assisted living. The elevator broke down while I was there and we were given a second elevator in another area that was only used when we were eating. The food, care and general attitude of the staff leaves a lot to be desired.. Please don’t take anyone for this.

It’s a place where you take people you don’t care about, my mom was there on Friday, I took her on Saturday. They think they will take care of everything themselves. I had to go out and change him. It’s not the staff that lied to you, it’s the management. Please do not send loved ones there until new arrangements are made

This organization is dangerous and not what we are looking for. It can be observed that the water is polluted and the hall is dark. The patient appears still and uncommunicative. This is not the environment we are looking for.

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I’ll start by telling anyone mom or dad who wants to go to Shaker Garden to be careful, be warned, don’t bring your loved ones anywhere near Shaker Garden, they ignored my grandmother and died, they ran her over. He was left there at the last minute to be taken to Cleveland Clinic South Point, swollen, heart failure, breathing, pneumonia, the nurses had crutches, they were never trained, my mother told me. A lot of people. Sometimes during the quarantine, they treated him as a liar and they treated him badly, and I wanted to take him out of there, I knew that before the quarantine, they did not allow me to take him out, I beat myself. Too bad because they said to send me out, take me out, when she was in quarantine they treated my mother as a liar every time she was there, my sister and I recorded everything that happened to her, especially to me. Before covid 19 when my old lady was sick I went to the nurse and said you can check her and take her outside the hospital, we never thought he would go there, he was alone there. For her rehab to learn to walk, the only staff rehab nursing skills unit at Shaker Gardens did a great job, I taught my mom to walk again, but tables when she couldn’t walk anymore. It turned. , I don’t know what happened, we were going to get him out of there, then he couldn’t walk, who knows what they did to him to stop him, to put him in they stopped him because he wasn’t walking again. Paid to walk, after he could walk they found out he was out of there, my mom said they put a needle in his leg and the whole problem started again I won’t give them?? 6 It was necessary to arrest me to record what happened to him and he is still alive today because all the time

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