Protective Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form

Protective Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form – Submit Protection Life Distribution Form 3771 gen 06 by e-mail. by post, link or fax. You can also download, export or print.

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Protective Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form

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Protective Life Insurance Beneficiary Change Form

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(BUSINESS WIRE) — Protective Life Corporation (Protective), a subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. company in the USA. (TSE: 8750), announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Revola Group of Companies.

An annuity is a long-term investment by an insurance company designed to protect you against the risk of outliving your income. With an annuity, purchase payments (your contribution) are converted into periodic payments that can last a lifetime.

Protection offers for accidental death, child life, income assurance, terminal illness and premium waivers for most whole and term life policies.

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Life insurance company “Defender” in 1907 founded by Alabama Governor William Dorsey Jelks. Until 1932 he had more than $65 million in insurance, and in 1957 that figure has grown to $1 billion.

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An annuity is a series of payments made at regular intervals. Examples of annuities include regular savings account deposits, monthly home mortgage payments, monthly insurance premiums, and pensions. Annuities can be classified according to the frequency of payment periods.

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How an annuity works. An annuity is a contract between an individual and an insurance company. The investor deposits a certain amount of money up front or as a payment over time, and the insurance company promises to pay him a steady stream of income. With an immediate annuity, that income starts right away.

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Vs Will

This site uses cookies to improve site navigation and customize your experience. By using this page, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our privacy notice. You can change your preferences by logging into our cookies and advertising messages… Read more… LIFE PROTECTION COMPANY [ Daily Applications at: 2801 Highway 280 South, Birmingham, Alabama 35223 US Mail: P. O. Box 10648, Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama 35202 – 0648 (800) 456-6330 ] INDIVIDUAL VARIABLE ANNUITY CONTRACT # Select Product: [ X Schwab Genesis Advisory Variable Annuity ] Holder 1 (If the mailing address is a PO Box, re-enter the physical address in the “”. ) Name: Male, Female, Address: Date of Birth: __ City: State: Zip Code: SSN / Tax Code: Email Mailing Address: Phone: Owner 2 (if applicable) Name: Male, Female Address: Date of Birth: City: State: Zip Code: SSN / Tax Code: Email Mailing Address: Phone: Annuity Payer Same as Owner 1 Same as Owner 2 (If you are not Owner 1 or 2, please complete.) Name: Male, Female Address: Date of Birth: City: Country: Zip Code Code: SSN / Tax Code : Email mailing address: Phone: Beneficiary If there is no living owner, use Administrative Form [LAD-1225] to name or change a beneficiary at any time before the owner’s death. Initial Purchase Payment: $ [ (Minimum: $10,000) ] Funding Source: Cash Qualified 1035 Exchange CD/Uninsured Exchange Direct Transfer Direct Transfer Indirect Transfer Plan Type: Non-Qualified IRA Roth IRA Other: If includes IRA and new contributions Expires: $ a) (tax year) $(amount) (tax year) Exchange: Do you currently have an annuity or life insurance policy? Yes No

An annuity contract is not a deposit or obligation of a bank or financial institution and does not guarantee it. It is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency and involves investment risks, including loss of principal. THE CONTENTS OF THE AGREEMENT ARE SUBJECT TO VARIABLE, INCREASE OR DECREASE AND NO FIXED DOLLAR AMOUNT WARRANTY. ICC17-VDA-P-1007 Page 1 of 4 [ 5/20 ] Does this annuity replace or replace an existing annuity contract or life insurance policy? Yes No (If yes, please include company name and contract or policy number below.) Company contract or policy 1 # Company contract or policy 2 # Company contract or policy 3 #

INDIVIDUAL VARIABLE ANNUITY APPLICATION AGREEMENT # PROTECTIVE LIFE SCCOMPANY ICC17-VDA-P-1007 2 Page 4 [ 5/20 ] ALLOCATION OF PURCHASE PAYMENTS Assignment instructions remain in effect until changed. Use all percentages. The total percentage of input tax and DCA distribution must equal 100%. If you are using a sample portfolio, assign only one guaranteed account and one sample portfolio. [If you purchase a Protected Lifetime Income Premium, the contract distribution is limited to one of the four options below. 100% in the conservative sub-account of the Janus/Clayton Street Protective Life Dynamic Allocation Series. 100% Janus/Clayton Street Protective Life Dynamic Allocation Series Normal Sub Account. 100% in one of the three allowed model portfolios (conservative growth; balanced growth and income; or balanced growth). Build your portfolio with: at least 40% allocation between category 1 (conservative) sub-accounts; no more than 60% of the distribution between category 2 (average) sub-accounts; and (aggressive) must not exceed 25% of the distribution between category 3 sub-accounts. Category 4 sub-accounts cannot be used in this portfolio. One of these distributions from a DCA account is allowable dollar cost averaging. ] Guaranteed Lifetime Account Purchase Payment Investment Option [ %Not available if you purchase a Guaranteed Account Guaranteed Lifetime Income ] %DCA Account Make DCA transfers from month 1 (3 6) to month (1/28). %DCA Account 2 Make DCA transfers per day (1/28) months (7-12 months). Protection Variable Annuity Separate Account Sub-Accounts [ Category 1 Conservative PurchaseDCA Tax Allocation Manager Investment Option E [ % % U.S. Funds Bonds % % U.S. FundsU.S. Government/AAA Par % % Fidelity Management & Research Investment Grade Bonds % % % Goldman Sachs Asset Management Core Fixed Income % % % Great Western Bond Index % % % Invesco Advisors Government Funds % % % % JanusClayton Street Protective Life Dynamic Allocation Series Conservative % Open Monowpi. % %PIMCOSTShort % % PIMCOTotal Income % % SchwabPublic Money Market Portfolio ] Category 2 Average [ % %US Funds Asset Allocation %%US Funds Equity Income Generator % % Franklin Templeton InvestmentsFranklin Templeton%InvestmentsFranklin Templeton%InvestmentsFranklin Templeton%InvestmentsFranklin TempletonTrankinTrank. % % Goldman Sachs Asset Management Global Trend Allocation % % Invesco Advisers Balanced Risk Allocation % % Invesco Advisers Equity & Income % % JanusClayton Street Protective Life Dynamic Allocation Series Average % % Lord Abbett Bond Debt % % PIMCOAll Asset %lo %PIMCOG All % lo %PIMCCO All % Bol % PIMCOG All % Love USG % % PIMCOReal Return ] SchwabBalanced Schwab Balanced with Growth

PRIVATE VARIABLE ANNUITY APPLICATION AGREEMENT no. PROTECTIVE LIFE SCPANY ICC17-VDA-P-1007 Page 3/4 [ 5/20 ] Protective Variable Annuity Distributed Account Sub-Accounts (Continued) [All Investment Fee Manager %US Growth % IncomeBlue US Funds Global Growth % % US Funds Global Growth & Income % % US Fund Growth % % US Fund Growth & Income % % % Fidelity Management & Research Mid Caps % % Franklin Templeton Investments Franklin Mutual Global Discovery Franklin Investments Franklin Investments Equity % Franklin Templeton Investments Franklin Investments Franklin Sachs Asset Management Strategic Growth % Invesco Advisers Communications % % Invesco Advisors Growth & Income % % Invesco Advisors International Growth % % % JanusClayton Street Protective Life % Lordquendtcation % Dynamic Ebrowendtho % % OppenheimerFundsMain Street % Updated & Protection % Schwab50b Class not available if you buy [ % American Funds Global Small Cap %% American Funds International American Funds International American Funds New Rating G InvestmentF Caplin New. % Franklin Templeton Investments Franklin Small-Cap % Franklin Templeton Investments Franklin Small-Cap Growth % Franklin Templeton Investments Templeton Emerging Markets MasonClearBridge Mid Cap % % Legg MasonClearBridge Small-Cap Growth % % Lord Abbett Growth Opportunities % % OppenheimerFundsGlobal % % Royce & AssociatesSmall-Cap Cap ] Buy Protective Life Model Portfolios %DCAPurcase Pay % Allservation DCApurtho. Balanced Growth and % of Income Focused on Growth – Not available if you are purchasing annuity from Protected Income ] Transfer Allow Allow

Protective Life Annuity Distribution Request Form: Fill Out & Sign Online

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