Palm Beach Gardens Home Watch Services

Palm Beach Gardens Home Watch Services – Our Palm Beach home inspection services include weekly inspections by our fully licensed, bonded and insured professionals.

Your second home in Palm Beach should be a beautiful haven away from stress. Leave your worries behind by making sure they’re taken care of while you’re gone with Garden’s Home Management Services.

Palm Beach Gardens Home Watch Services

Home inspection services ensure that your second home is protected and maintained with a home inspection checklist along with regular inspections by a professional team. Palm Beach Gardens home inspection services include a weekly inspection of your home by our licensed, bonded and insured home inspection professionals who will email a completed home inspection report to your home.

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Our internal inspections include leaks, insect or pest problems, security system alerts, plumbing and electrical systems, and visible maintenance needs.

Our exterior inspections include air conditioning, pool and spa equipment, signs of storm damage, visible signs of mold and more.

GHMS provides monthly invoicing to club members with access to various services. Houses may require affordable maintenance and basic services, but apartments may require more maintenance and expenses depending on the size of the home. Additional services and in-home concierge services may be more expensive, but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Get a free consultation before you decide.

When it comes to Home Watch Florida, we have a team of professionals – fully licensed and certified – you can be sure that your second home will be thoroughly inspected with the utmost care every time. Our team of experts has a combined experience of 150 years, with an average experience of more than 18 years.

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Excellent service. The Gardens Home Management team is very thorough and responsive. Manage what you need efficiently and professionally (Google review)

“I want to thank you for two years of excellent service. Gardens House Management Services have done an excellent job looking after our property at the Ibis. We always feel like we are in good hands when we are at home in New York. Even though we called at the last minute, you accommodated all our requests and did a great job.

The handyman will only look after your property, but will not be involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the home. They increase your utility bills and cause wear and tear. Home watch services not only take care of your home but also provide maintenance and repairs.

Our vacation home monitoring service will check your home for signs of intrusion and provide emergency security response 365 days a year.

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Yes. Our handymen are licensed, bonded and insured to perform general home inspections and maintenance and handle all your home improvement needs. More details here.

Our janitorial and cleaning services come fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured. When you request our home monitoring services, communication is key! We guarantee that our customers will find any service done in their home. An email is sent to the customer for service monitoring. Our 24/7 live chat ensures that you can reach us in case of an emergency. Take full control of your home, even when you’re away! Palm Beach Gardens leading watch for over 16 years! Bonded Home Watch is a home viewing and troubleshooting service.

Why choose our home monitoring service? Leaving your home soon? Call us for peace of mind!

Leaving the house unattended for too long? Things can go wrong even when no one is home. Leaks, storms, fires, thefts, mold, and water damage can happen when you’re not home. We can provide regular home visits to ensure that none of this happens. Plan ahead and don’t be left in the dark if you’re away for a long time. Leave the responsibility of monitoring your home to us. Enjoy your trip without worry.

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Visual inspection to prevent and solve problems in the home We inspect every inch of the house to prevent and solve problems. A connected home clock provides a visual overview of the home and outside. These studies help solve and prevent problems! We know what to look for and follow the checklist carefully and diligently.

Do you have a special service request? Let us know! We will try to help as much as we can. Feel free to chat 24/7!

We’ll let you know if we find anything wrong or need a fix/adjustment! Your home is safe with us!

We’ll let you know if something goes wrong or if an emergency service is needed! Always know that your home is in good condition!

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We’ll let you know if we find anything wrong or need a fix/adjustment! First, observe the palm garden on the beach. Advanced Property Management Services’ home monitoring division is for residents who only live part of the year in Southwest Florida. We help protect and keep your home safe while you’re gone. Our staff is well trained, licensed and insured. Our clients who only live in their homes part-time can enjoy peace of mind when our company takes care of it for you. Let us take over the responsibility of monitoring your home while you are away.

In addition, Advanced Property Management Services provides property management services for condominium associations, home owner associations and marinas. We also offer maintenance/handyman services in addition to home monitoring services when repairs are needed.

Our home inspection service includes as many inspections as you need per month. We have a price to fit every need and budget. Our basic service package includes:

In the event of a hurricane, storm, or emergency, we will inspect the building, windows, doors, shutters, and screens for damage for an additional fee. Additional home visits are available at an additional cost for pest control, furniture delivery, carpet installation and concierge services tailored to your specific needs.

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A. Do you want your neighbor to be responsible for this? Do you want them to review your stuff? Will they be on the regular schedule? What if there is damage to their observation? Friendships can be destroyed. Neighbors are unprepared and certainly not insured. If they are busy or on vacation, your home may not be a priority for them.

A. Your air conditioner may be frozen or the condensate may be blocked. Also, your roof can leak during a storm, or your upstairs air conditioners can freeze or their condensate drains can clog and damage the units below. Unless you can prove negligence under Florida law, the damage to your device is on you. A small water leak can cause serious damage. Mold spreads quickly and can lead to thousands of dollars in costs and serious health problems. Let us help you catch it at the right time.

A. If you are away from your seasonal home for weeks or months and there is damage, your insurance company will ask for proof that your property was protected. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you can’t provide evidence, your claim may be dismissed as negligent. A water leak can quickly destroy your home and everything inside, and it can be very expensive.

A. Are they a reputable home monitoring service provider? What is the evidence that they are? Will you be notified immediately of the damage? Do they use your home or car when you’re away? How much will your insurance pay for a claim if you exceed the amount due for no immediate contact? Check your home inspector’s credentials.

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C. I turned on the A/C and it was just serviced. Why should I care?

A. It is not heat. It’s moisture. If the humidity is high, the fungus will begin to grow within 72 hours. If you move out in May and your air conditioner breaks down soon, your home will most likely be infested with mold. Insurance companies often deny print requests or the cost may be higher than what you are insured for.

Someone lied about their credentials. They see home hours as “easy money”. They do not expose or abuse your property. Are they willing to stay in your home after the hurricane and have access to reputable vendors in the event of an emergency? A true professional knows what to look for and has the resources to handle any situation. Home watches are not objects, so decisions should not be made based on price. Real home viewers have a support system.

Advanced property management services to give you peace of mind! We are licensed, insured and give you access to expertise.

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