Old Surety Life Insurance Provider Portal

Old Surety Life Insurance Provider Portal – After you reach five referrals, you earn $250 for each unlisted case and $50 for each open case.

Earn $100 for unsolicited posts and $50 for unsolicited posts. Unlimited earning potential. Be eligible for three policies issued in a month. Salaries are paid in October, November and December.

Old Surety Life Insurance Provider Portal

Sell ​​10-19 policies and earn $100 per unenrolled policy and $50 per open enrollment/birthday policy. Buy 20-29 and earn $150 for enrollment and $75 for open enrollment/birthday rule. Sell ​​30+ and earn $200 per signup and $100 per open signup/birthday rule. Plus, add a DVH Allstate Health Solutions plan and earn an extra $50!

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If you write $250,000 in eligible gifts between October 1 and December 31, 2022, your loyalty payment will be based on the special “Earm More” payment plan for Q4.

Earn up to $3000 bonus and double conference credit! Earn $100 from a minimum reward of $5,000; Earn $200 with a minimum deposit of $10,000; $20,000 to $450; $750 and $30,000; $1,200 and $40,000; $1,700 and $50,000; $2,300 with $60,000; and $70,000 to $3,000. There are at least five situations to become a partner.

Earn up to $3000 bonus and double conference credit! Earn $500,000 – $750,000 in total annual sales; $1,000, $750,000 – $1,000,000; $1,500 to $1,000,000 to $1,250,000; $1,250,000 – $2,250 – $1,500,000; and $3,000 is $150,000,000 + – $1,750,000. At least three times per entry.

Earn $20 for every private dental appointment you transfer your premium to via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Earn $10 for every in-person dental appointment you make using your premium credit card. Plus, you earn $5 for every personal view.

Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance

Get Paid Fast – Bonuses are processed and paid with commissions! Get $160 for an eCommerce app. Florida has left the stimulus. See Florida specific incentives.

Get Paid Fast – Bonuses are processed and paid with commissions! Get $100 in e-enrollment jobs. Advertising in Florida only.

Earn rewards for verified and paid referrals. Get $50 per claim for hospital, short-term care, cancer and life benefits. At least five applications.

Earn $100 for every application you write for F, G, or N Licensed Healthcare Plans and find 1,000 targeted customers with our direct mail campaign for every fourth F, G, or N plan. Plus, earn 25 $25 for each application you make for complementary health products and $25 for each flexible selection of dental, vision and hearing applications.

Deluxe Health Group

Earn $150 for every healthcare job completed. Plus, earn an extra $30 with DVH. That’s up to $180 per policy written!

Select each additional request submitted. Submit 10-24 requests of the above products and earn $25 per request; Submit 25-34 surveys and earn $50 per survey; and refer 35+ and earn $60 per referral.

Unexpected work earns $325 for a particular policy; open enrollment companies earn $150 per policy issued in CA, GA, IA, IL, LA, MI, MS, NC, NE, NJ, PA and TX. Unexpected work earns $325 for a particular policy; Open Underwriting offers $325 per policy issued in AR, AZ, IN, KY, OH, SC, TN and WI.

Submit five to nine bids and earn $200 per bid submitted; 10-19, earn $220 per referral; 20-29, earn $240 per referral; and refer 30+ earn $260 per referral.

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Get $175 off urgent care or save $200 when combined with Gold and Platinum Dental. Save $25 on Med Supp or $50 when you combine gold and platinum teeth for a guaranteed issue. Save $25 on Med Supp Open Enrollment or $50 when you combine gold and platinum teeth.

Earn $150 to $250 on a no-claims policy and $30 on an open enrollment policy. After at least five policies for Plans F, G and N.

Submit six cases and earn $1,200 through Mutual Trust’s new e-application platform, Easy@pp. If you have three paid apps, you will receive $600; after three additional paid claims, you will receive $600. Applications must be valid until February 17, 2023.

Make five dental sales and receive $10 per sale if paid by EFT; get $5 for every sale paid by credit card; Receive $2 for every NCD security sold by MetLife; and earn $2 for every VSP Vision sale. Make 10 dental sales and get $20 per sale if paid via EFT; get $10 for every sale paid by credit card; Receive $5 for every NCD sold by MetLife; and earn $5 for every VSP Vision sale.

Old Surety Life Insurance Company

Extended! Earn $100 per $10,000 in total withdrawals. Plus, get a 50% bonus on total winnings of $50,000 – $90,000 or a 50% bonus on winnings of $100,000 or more!

Earn up to 1.5% compensation for your annual work. The first quarter 2022 degree is based on the degree you earned in 2021.

Earn $100 for every Med Supp deal you write. Plus lifetime, tiered commissions. Interest in Colorado and Nebraska only.

Get 2% Bonus! Earn up to 1% on fixed Oxford Life indexed annuities. Add a GLWB rider and earn an extra 1%!

Old Surety Life Insurance Co

Receive a $150 marketing bonus for every plan listed with F, G or N. No minimum program for a limited time.

In addition to the $275 cash prize above, earn an additional $500 for every 20 referrals you send! $295 per referral from Med Supp!

Teton, Denali and Vega are all FIA eligible. Total winnings between $300,000 and $599,999 will earn 0.50% and 1% of $600,000!

Safe Deposit Elite 2 and Elite 5 prizes of $250,000-499,999 earn you .25%, $500,000-749,000 earn you .50% and $750,000+ earn you .775%!

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Apply for $5,000 in annual premiums written and paid for any combination of Standard Life and Accident health products and earn $300! Plus, earn an additional $50 when expert-level apps are submitted through ExpertApp.

Earn $25 for each additional SureBridge product when you refer five premium policies. View the list to see all 12 eligible products.

Shield Series products to choose from: Short Term Home Health Shield, Hospital Reimbursement Shield, Nursing Shield, Dental/Vision Shield, Cancer Shield and Cancer 2.0. Submit 10-24 requests of the above products and earn $25 per request; Submit 25-34 surveys and earn $50 per survey; and refer 35+ and earn $60 per referral.

Earn $750 for five referrals. After five eligible proposals are submitted in a month, they will pay $150 for each additional writing proposal submitted that month.

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