Nku Health Innovation Center

Nku Health Innovation Center – Several spaces are available at the Institute for Health Innovation for internal and external events. From informal receptions to conferences; Consider using HIC for your next event.

Faculty and staff may reserve space in the HIC for internal (officially sponsored) campus events. For more information on how to book a place at the Center for Health Innovation, please use the link below. Please read the Care and Use Policy before all events.

Nku Health Innovation Center

All outside (unofficially sponsored) events on campus must be processed and contracted by conference management. For more information on conference management services, contact Leah Koch atkochl3@

Reserve The Hic: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region

As a gathering place for students and events, the Forum is an excellent venue for receptions. More photos have been added. The venue has stadium seating and carpeted seating. The Forum hosts Au Bon Pain on the mezzanine, which also includes a couple of bistros.

The intermediate terrace can be used for informal events with limited picnic seating or in conjunction with the outdoor and indoor forum.

HE 102/104 are classrooms with extensive technology and banquette seating on the first floor. The rooms can be separate or combined.

The atrium is constant; It is located on the first floor near the forum and the movement laboratory with a sculpture booth. An ideal place for an informal reception.

Nku Health Innovations Center

Eva G. and Oakley B. The Ferris Collaboration Room, also known as the Co-Lab, is designed for campus and community collaboration. Book a standard conference for up to 16 people or a banquet for up to 32 people.

Mainstreet is open on weekends. Reservations can be made after 5pm on Sundays and during the week for events and receptions. The space can also be used in conjunction with a co-laboratory to create a larger space.

The Eva G. and Oakley B. Ferris Rooftop Patio is a relaxing setting with built-in patio furniture and picnic tables. Attach to the roof for extra room and dining space.

The roof corridor and adjacent roof terrace are the main interior spaces used for catering and events. HIGHLAND HEIGHTS – Northern Kentucky University will unveil its new Healthcare Innovation Center (HIC) during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday.

How Did Umi Die? Nku Technology May Help Get Answers

Gov. Matt Bevin and other officials are expected to attend the dedication. HIC is home to the College of Information in Griffin Hall, which was built on the NKU campus and is the first new academic building since Griffin Hall, which opened in October 2011.

“The Center for Health Innovation is changing the way we educate and train the next generation of health professionals to meet the health challenges of our population,” said NKU President Ashish Vaidya.

The $105 million project is home to NKU’s College of Health Professions and the Institute for Health Innovation. The Kentucky General Assembly appropriated $97 million to build the center.

Governor Bevin said the project will strengthen the state’s future workforce and have a positive impact on the health of Northern Kentucky residents.

New Grant Promises Healthier Future For Innovations

St. Elizabeth invested $8 million to build and equip a two-story simulation center. Saint Elizabeth invested in supporting the position of executive director of the Institute for Innovation in Healthcare.

“St. Elizabeth’s is proud to partner with NKU on the Health Innovation Center simulation lab,” said St. Elizabeth’s President. Elizabeth’s Garen Colvin. New for students building exceptional leaders and healthcare providers for the future. It’s a learning experience on the job.”

The project lasted three years. In addition to the Institute for Healthcare Innovation and the College of Health Professions; The building houses the Departments of Political Science and Criminal Justice and Institutional Leadership; Honors College; Center for health education and training; It is home to the Department and Institute of Integrated Studies. Student research and creative activity. By: Lauren Coles CO Architects partnered with GBBN on their mission to provide Northern Kentucky University with interdisciplinary educational facilities that train…

CO Architects partnered with GBBN to support Northern Kentucky University in its mission to provide multiple educational facilities that will train the healthcare professionals of the future. Cancer Heart Disease These practices are trained to address specific Kentucky health care challenges, including drug overdoses and respiratory illnesses. The addition of the Center for Health Innovation and the adjacent renovation of Founders Hall will provide education and create a seamless collaborative and practice complex. a total of 195,000-sf of classrooms, offices, laboratories and radiology; Combined with an examination room, OR and a full range of nursing beds. The goal of this program’s interdisciplinary approach is to educate future healthcare providers through collaboration between traditionally separate disciplines.

Children’s National Pediatric Innovation Campus

But how can architecture promote this pedagogy? Academic departments can exist in silos; They are isolated from each other. The goal of the project is to unite the schools and create a modern facility that meets the needs of individual departments. In addition to collaborative research on allied health programs; The key to design is to create multiple transparent collaboration areas of different dimensions. Therefore, the entrance podium offers ample seating and dining space where students can mingle and listen to open lectures, while more intimate seating near the classrooms provides some space to socialize before or after class. Renovations and additions capture the architectural moment and create a floating seating element and space for reflection and exploration.

The Health Innovation Center uses a variety of learning technologies and spatial layouts. Active learning classrooms with group seating and modern technology were implemented. The medical simulation center spans two floors and offers mock exams, surgical nurses provide respiratory care and X-ray equipment. All locations are equipped with the latest technology, including dummies that simulate real-life medical emergencies.

Another challenge faced by the design team was the drastic change in level of the site from the existing parking lot to the upper level of the campus. provide uniform access throughout the project and the city; The team created a solution to correct the sudden change in position and restore the landscape to its original state. The program revitalized a quiet and disjointed campus program by providing a mezzanine cafeteria with a changed landscape. The design captures the moment with high ceilings and shaded seating.

The design team is responsible for programming; Its goal is to create a facility that enhances learning through performance and architecture. Through these unique solutions, NKU’s Center for Health Innovation and Founders Hall will train the health care providers of the future who can come together to meet the health needs of the community. The role of a higher education institution is to educate students with the goal of becoming stewards of society through engagement, innovation and impact. Northern Kentucky University is proud to be recognized for its innovation and contributions to the greater Kentucky region and Commonwealth.

Nku Ranks Among Top 100 Innovating Universities In The World, Report Says

Highland Heights, which NKU ranks 78th in its top 100 in the world; Ky. It is one of the most innovative universities in the world, based on a new university ranking by World Universities with Real Impact. In addition, NKU is ranked 17th.

Both were ranked higher than any organization in the Commonwealth of Kentucky or the wider region – in the global entrepreneurship category.

This outstanding recognition would not have been possible without the strong foundation of values ​​reflected in the work done at Highland Heights. Being a global leader in innovation is at the heart of NKU: a locally engaged, student-centered university that prepares graduates to make a lasting impact in their communities.

Northern Kentucky University has left a broad footprint as the region’s leading university for innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to boasting an accredited business school, NKU is also home to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Programs at CIE inspire student entrepreneurship and foster innovation on campus and in the community, fueling their aspirations with resources and education.

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NKU is also home to the INCUBATOR program, an internationally ranked 12-week intensive business accelerator program that bridges the gap between idea and business between students and companies. according to the program; Graduates turn their entrepreneurial concepts and ideas into successful businesses. This cross-campus initiative allows students and alumni from diverse backgrounds to come together and start businesses.

Housed in the state-of-the-art Center for Health Innovation, NKU’s Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) is developing solutions to many of the health problems facing the region. IHI promotes change that directly addresses urgent health needs. A recent example is the use of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant to expand telehealth and telemedicine access and resources to rural communities in Northern Kentucky.

The Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs (GSE) is held annually on the NKU campus. GSE brings students from all over Kentucky and immerses them in a creative space, equipping them with the tools they need to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the Commonwealth. During the program, teams of high school students develop a business model, design a prototype and present their startup to a large audience and jury. Opportunities for GSE to acquire a business; They learn the benefits and risks.

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