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With new Magic: The Gathering Streets of New Capenna on the horizon, we’re excited to reveal the full decklist for the pre-built Operation Commander Obscura deck. In addition to an official first look at all of the deck’s new cards, I spoke with Wizards of the Coast Senior Designer Gavin Verhey to discuss the subversion-focused deck, the appearance of the Treasure Token in Commander, and one of the deck’s breakout cards.

As well as five new Capanna Commander decks, each based on one of its five diabolical crime families, Operation Obscura contains 17 new Magic cards. It’s a white-blue-black deck, with Kamis, Obscura Oculus, and a strategy centered around using creatures that trigger abilities when they hit opponents — often called “saboteurs.”

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Browse the gallery below to see all the new cards along with a full deck list, and read on below to hear Verhey talk about the deck and the growing prevalence of treasure in that format.

According to Verhey, this precone has undergone the most changes and modifications of the five from New Capanna. “What we really wanted to capture was the feel of the Obscura,” Verhey told me, “The Obscura in New Capenna can walk into any locked door, know all the secrets, and are perfect for saboteurs.” That means you sneak past your opponent’s defenses, often in the form of playing cards, to steal knowledge for yourself.

Verhey said that a subversive-themed precon is something WOTC has never done before. “We do a lot of Commander decks every year, and one of the things we have to do to make this work is try different themes and find new and different ones.” Verhey explained that in sets like the new Capenna with more than two precons, they try to “slam dunk” at least one deck that people already know and like about color combinations or strategy, but they also . At least one deck for “a bit out there” is good for keeping things fresh and finding new terrain to return to later.

But while Operation Obscura may be a bit off the bottom of Precon, one card stands out to me and is one we probably should have seen coming: the Smuggling faction. This White Enchantment (which can be seen in the gallery above) continues the recent WOTC venture of being very revealing, trying to draw better cards, and offering a mana ramp option in white – traditionally the color in the Commander format. Verhey says the smuggler’s share is his own map, and I think it’s something we look at a lot.

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“For commanders, we still have to figure out how [white] can get card advantage and get some mana ramps all white, and one of the ways white can do that is to adjust the rules.'” Verhey explained. To that end, Smuggler’s Piece won’t draw you a card until your opponent comes up, and it won’t draw you treasure tokens unless your opponent plays a lot of land himself (or a rift land). Still, Verhey says, “I think this card has a chance.” too big to shine,” compared to the main items of the tithe treasure—though it was “far better” than the tithe, by Verhey’s own admission.

The push to help white is clear, but instead of embracing more strategic specifics, WOTC has also expressed a desire to make new commander cards generally less powerful so they don’t automatically standardize the format. The Smuggler’s part struck me as a stronger Dez, which Verhey says was intentional (though it depends on what deck you’re playing). “We wanted to try to make cards that were narrow and specifically targeted in a sense – the only place we bent a bit was for white because the white brackets have been missing for a long time and that’s what was needed in Commander so it made a lot of sense to upgrade it a bit.

Speaking of Smuggler faction and smothering tithes, a recent topic of discussion among Commander players is the power and prevalence of treasure tokens in the format—”something we’re definitely talking about and evaluating,” Verhey insists. Originally introduced in Ixalan in 2017, these artifact tokens, which can be tapped and sacrificed for a single mana of any color, have become a common mechanic in any set (and appear often). While both big cards are a great way to boost and improve your mana more easily, some players worry that they are too powerful now that they are mass produced.

Command Zone’s Josh Lee Kwai recently tweeted that perhaps all treasures should follow New Capenna’s two cards into the game, so I asked Verhey for his opinion on the idea and general concerns. “[Treasures] are generally pretty fun, and in my opinion, a small increase in mana is good, so I don’t mind having treasures go unused very often. I think the most dangerous thing is creating an explosion of treasures where cards come into play that aren’t used.

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“I can definitely see a world in the future trying to make a big explosion out of the treasure.”

Most seasoned Commander players won’t be surprised to hear the example of Verhey: Dockside Extortionist, a 2019 Commander creature that can generate boatloads of treasure, poetically pushing its price to over $60USD on the secondary market. Write. . “I can definitely see a world in the future where we try to kick in a lot of treasure and then kick in slow or unused drops.”

Another lesson Verhi says they’ve learned is to be careful with things that reward you just for having possessions, because “it’s great to already have treasures, so really strong treasure generosity is dangerous.” A good example of this might be Revel in Riches, a black charm that easily wins the game if you start your turn with at least 10 treasures – a task that has become much easier since its creation in 2017.

All that said, Verhey pointed out that treasure also plays an important role in Streets of New Capenna’s Limited format, which revolves around tricolor archetypes. “It’s a great way to help inject a third or fourth color into some decks if you want, so Treasure has an added bonus on Street in New Capenna, which is very relevant.” The constant angles may be part of why the greens are worth more from this formation – but ultimately, Cardmaker’s backlog has left some members of the community ready for more treasure blasts around the Commander’s table.

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Streets of New Capanna will be released officially on April 28th and physically on April 29th, with five Commander precons also available. You can check

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