Louisville Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home West Obituaries

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Louisville Memorial Gardens was originally named Louisville Memorial Park. In the 1950s the name was legally changed to Louisville Memorial Gardens. The company that owns the cemetery also owns Louisville Memorial Gardens East, and after its opening, the cemetery became known as Louisville Memorial Gardens West, although the legal name is still Louisville Memorial Gardens. Originally, the Memorial Parks Association hired landscape architect Max Golden Fuller and chief engineer Clyde Albert Sievers to design and plan the cemetery.

Louisville Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home West Obituaries

It is a fairly large and growing necropolis with 18 sections and five mausoleums. To request a grave photo, you must enter the plot field so that the volunteer taking the photo can find the grave.

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Most of the graves in this cemetery are marked with flat bronze markers at ground level. In recent years, memorial benches have also been recognized as memorial signs.

Louisville Memorial Gardens are a resting place for many families who trace their heritage to or near Shively, Kentucky. Many of the families buried here originated in Louisville’s West End and moved to the area during the 1950s and 1960s or from Louisville’s white collar districts to find work in manufacturing, distilling, tobacco, or Louisville’s skilled crafts. The descendants of German immigrants who settled in Shefley, Kentucky are buried in this cemetery, as are the parishes of the following local Catholic churches: St. Helena, St. Denis, St. Lawrence, Mary Queen of Peace, St. Matthias, and St. … Simon and Judd, among others.

Mausoleum Building #1 (a fine example of mid-century modern mausoleum architecture), the funeral home and office of the Louisville Memorial Gardens in the center and two new modern mausoleums to the right of the photo. The image is from section 2.

US Armed Forces Veterans Memorial. It is located in the Veterans section of the cemetery. Mausoleum Building 1 is in the background on the right.

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At Louisville Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home West, we understand that the process of making funeral arrangements can seem overwhelming. That’s why we offer our Louisville, KY clients access to helpful funeral planning guides and resources. Learn more about cremation and cremation services here.

Saying goodbye to your loved one is never easy. The role of a good funeral home is to give families incentive to grieve and take care of all the logistics so that you and your loved ones can grieve together. At Louisville Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home West, we are here to listen, offer words of comfort, and ensure that funeral services are tailored to the wishes of your loved one.

We are also available to discuss cremation services; We have extensive experience conducting dignified military funerals and funerals for veterans. We can guide you through pre-funeral planning, helping you express your wishes and have peace of mind.

A Look — And Listen — Inside The Louisville Gardens

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The souls of those who preceded us are preserved in the memory of the living. We are committed to celebrating the spirits and preserving the memories of the families we serve. To help you memorialize your loved one, we offer a variety of cremation and cremation options, including traditional earth burial, mausoleum, trench and burial.

We also offer a wide range of memorial options including bronze and granite monuments, vaulted and specialty plaques, granite benches, vertical monuments and private estates. Our memorials are specifically designed to be a lasting tribute to you and your loved ones. Check out a consultant today to learn more!

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