Lilah Better Homes And Gardens

Lilah Better Homes And Gardens – The box has been opened and may be damaged. It does not refer to the state of production.

The box was previously opened and is still damaged. It does not refer to the state of production.

Lilah Better Homes And Gardens

Instead, this is your maximum price and the price will increase in subsequent increments as other bids are submitted.

New House Patio Styling

There is no personal inspection at this auction. Please purchase with this in mind – as always, no return policies apply.

Please be prepared to take your box with you. Any boxes or trash left behind will be charged $25.

There is a 15% buyer’s fee that is automatically added to your total price. If your bid is $100, you will be paid $115.

Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. We do not offer refunds for defective/missing or damaged items. We cannot test the performance of our products. Note: Paying arrears will result in a lifetime ban from our platform.

Lilah Ln, Pensacola, Fl 32526

Refusal during customer pickup or home delivery will result in a full refund of your purchase price plus a 25% restocking fee.

Each bid is a promise that you will honor all terms of the bid and auction. Check your bid details and amount carefully before submitting.

We do our best with titles and information, but make no claims or guarantees as to their accuracy. The buyer is solely responsible for determining the condition and identity of the items.

The higher price will increase the price according to our promotion. Please double check before the auction ends to see if anyone has placed a higher price than your bid amount.

Better Homes & Gardens Lilah 4 Piece Outdoor Wicker Stationary Conversation Set And Neutral Geometric Rug

Please do not bid above your credit limit. If there is an error in the process of your payment, it will be given to the next highest bidder. No payment is accepted.

We may require additional verification for larger purchases to ensure our customers are protected from fraudulent transactions.

If you do not pick up your items on the day of pick up, your items will be confiscated and sold at a future auction without your card being returned. Please contact us at invoice@ for any questions.

Our staff will deliver your item to our door for storage but cannot put it in your car. Please have your tools and equipment ready to remove your purchases on time. If you use a third party delivery provider, such as GoShare, you must pick up your items on our pick up day.

Better Homes & Gardens Acadia 2 Chairs And Table Set Patio Set

We are happy to work with any third party at your own risk. We recommend GoShare as a provider. Their prices start at $39.99. It will not be refunded through any third party service.

This auction is conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 2328 of the Corporate Code, Section 535 of the Penal Code, and the California Advertising Code.

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