Life Insurance Testimonials

Life Insurance Testimonials – Our mission is to help enterprise service providers put the customer and employee experience at the center of their growth strategy. And we have the privilege of working with insurance companies for 8 years.

This year, I’m pleased to announce that the team launched “Best of Insurance” – an annual awards program that recognizes industry leaders in customer and employee satisfaction!

Life Insurance Testimonials

Best of Insurance is an impartial and transparent industry award, where customer satisfaction and service ratings are the only factors that determine whether a company deserves the Best of Insurance designation.

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Participating companies solicit feedback and service ratings from their customers (and, if soliciting employee satisfaction awards, from their internal employees) using the survey-based Net Promoter® Score (“NPS”). This online survey provides the basis for the rankings that determine whether a company wins an award, as well as critical information about the health of its customer relationships.

After meeting the minimum response requirement, your company’s Net Promoter Score is a factor in determining whether you get the best insurance.

Our goal with this program is to raise the bar: winning companies must achieve at least 50% NPS (considered an “excellent” service rating) to receive Best of Insurance. When it comes to verifying survey responses and satisfaction ratings, the ‘J’s survey team acts as a third party to calculate and verify all user feedback.

All customer and employee feedback is available to participating companies in real time. This way, you have Net Promoter® points so that you can follow your progress and find out, at the end of your research program, whether you have won the best insurance premiums.

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In February 2022, Best of Insurance will publish the inaugural list of awardees! Our product team provides winners with a robust marketing toolkit to help them make the most of their win, including a variety of award logos and a press release template with industry- and company-specific metrics. Service rating helps you to say the most attractive. shivering. Our marketing team also makes every effort to ensure that the list of Best Insurance winners is publicly displayed through a dedicated press release and email and social media announcements from our partner organizations.

Like all other industry awards programs, Best of Insurance is much more than just a model of excellence. We designed this program to function as a platform for customer information, a reputation engine, a marketing and business development tool, and a rewards program – all in one.

In addition to the Best of Insurance Award competition, companies that survey their customers are also eligible for:

The past 18 months have been marked by major disruptions, unprecedented uncertainty and growing risk aversion in the corporate world. I am extremely proud that the team has been able to focus our efforts on bringing the best insurance to life at a time when our insurance customers need more ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide reliable proof of service to customers and potential customers.

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I hope you’ll consider joining us as we kick off this big insurance year! You can find more information about the program at:

Eric is the CEO and founder of Gregg, a leading provider of customer satisfaction surveys for B2B companies. A renowned thought leader in the B2B service quality space, Eric fills his marketing team with over-the-top clip art and lengthy personal stories. Here are my clients’ recommendations for my financial services. Having been a financial advisor for over 12 years, I am truly honored by the trust and appreciation of my clients who have taken the time to share their thoughts and feelings about my insurance and financial planning service. Here are some of my customer experiences.

Meng recommended it to me when I was looking for a reliable financial advisor. He gives the most honest and thoughtful advice, regardless of work or personal matters. Meng is not a smooth-talking adviser. It helps me identify my blind spots as a customer and as a friend. And I believe him. – Mrs. Lee Si Hui – Customer Manager

Meet Mr. Chan many years ago when he was still a young agent. I had taken out my son’s health insurance with him, but my life insurance came back with a premium due to my pre-existing conditions, particularly my weight, so I didn’t join the plan. Over the years, Mr. Chan diligently communicated with me every year. Over the years, I gained weight, which made it difficult to get any insurance with standard terms. Mr. Chan is very patient and friendly. He always reminds me to take care of my health and watch my diet to improve my health. He also shares some healthy diet plans with me and reminds me to exercise regularly. Thanks to the doctor’s advice and the constant encouragement of Mr. Chan, I am much healthier and more energetic than before and I have reached my ideal weight. I will continue to rely on Mr. Chan and insuring my family for his care because he is sincere, honest, open and straightforward. – Anthony Teo – IT Manager

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I’m glad I followed Mr. Chan about getting health insurance for my parents. He’s not a hard sell. It offers concepts that are easy to understand, honest and open. Without the health insurance that Mr. Chan recommended, my sister and I would definitely be financially burdened with medical bills and medical expenses like chemotherapy. In these crucial moments, Mr. Chan is also kind enough to contact us regularly. Sometimes we just need a listening ear. Sadly, my father did not survive the illness. And years later, my mom needed foot surgery, and her health insurance gave us peace of mind. With the help of Mr. Chan, your surgery, hospitalization, pre and post appointments went off without a hitch and she kept us moving. I will continue my life insurance and Mr. Chan, as well as my sister. We are delighted to have you as our financial advisor. – Wang Soon Meng – Senior Executive

More than 9 years of excellent, reliable, reliable service and good friends. – Anthony Khai – mechanical engineer

Honestly, I know I’m not an easy customer because I don’t believe everything about insurance. I keep money in my pocket or in a bank where I can see it. If my brother had not nominated Mr. Chan for me, I wouldn’t want to meet him because he’s an insurance agent. But I met my brother and I met Mr. Chan. I remember when I first met him many years ago. He was very patient and professional. He didn’t convince me, but he taught me about the importance of insurance and financial planning. I ended up getting health and life insurance from him. He continues to do the annual review and follow up with me, although I no longer have his services. One day, my father had a serious accident while riding his motorcycle. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive the crash. That’s when I really understood that anything can happen at any time. After that, I took out accident insurance with Mr. Chan. He is a sincere financial advisor, open, direct and easy to talk to. I would recommend it to anyone. – Mr. Jeffrey Wang – Director of Sales

Meng is one of the kindest, most caring, honest, direct and approachable people I know and the most experienced financial advisor I have ever worked with. Their customer service is excellent and second to none. His positive and professional attitude helped me turn stressful situations into easy solutions because he doesn’t just care about his work, but his clients as well. Before I met Meng, my previous advisers did not follow me and carefully updated my investment portfolio. I met Meng through a friend. And Meng followed and diligently updated me on my investment portfolio and market conditions. Even when the market is down and my investment portfolio is not doing well, he updates me honestly and without hiding anything. Compared to the previous advisors, they all disappeared when I invested in them. I am very happy to know Meng as a person and as my financial advisor. He is very helpful and friendly. I really appreciate the exceptional service he provided me.

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