Life Insurance Police

Life Insurance Police – The Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) has ordered One Insurance to stop selling new non-life insurance policies, effective December 1, and to speed up claim payments to existing customers.

The regulator ordered the company to quickly resolve its financial situation within a certain period, not to accept new customers and to pay the claims of existing customers, OIC Secretary General Sutipol Tavichikaran said.

Life Insurance Police

The order came after the regulator found that One Insurance was in an unsustainable financial position, with more liabilities than assets; Insufficient reserves of legally mandated assets; Sufficient cash for claims; and a lower equity ratio.

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The company also has a large number of pending claims that affect its financial condition and operations.

The Office of the Commissioner also found that someone has no intention of reviewing their financial situation. Therefore, the regulator cannot be sure that the company is able to pay its debts in accordance with its obligations to the insurer or the public.

The law deals with non-compliance or non-compliance with the notice, rules, procedures and deadlines of the Department of Commerce regarding the late payment of compensation or the reimbursement of an insurance premium.

The OCI Board of Directors has ordered The One Insurance to temporarily suspend the sale of non-life insurance policies, improve its financial position and maintain adequate capital ratios, as required by law , within 15 days from December 15.

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The company must prepare a summary report detailing the insurance policies and the amount of compensation determined, and submit the report to the OCI each working day.

The regulator has ordered OCI officers across the country to inspect branches and representative offices of The One Insurance and ensure that the sale of new policies is stopped.

If the OCI finds that the company has failed to meet these conditions, the regulator will take strict legal action as the next step, Stipol said.

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The Forward Party (MFP) says its policy to end conscription has won broad public support, citing a poll. Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki (second from left); Chief, Police Training College, Ogida, ACP Jonathan Moody (left), inspects a procession in the march of the dead of 877 volunteer constables as part of the Community Policing Project, at the Police Training College, Ogida, Saturday, November 14, Benin City In, 2020.

The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaski, has said that the special constables will benefit from state government health and life insurance under the Nigerian Police community policing scheme in the state.

Obaseki revealed this during the march of 877 volunteer gendarmes as part of the community policing project at the police training school, Ogida, Benin City.

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He said security was his first challenge immediately after being sworn in for a second term and so he was proud to be present at the parade of special constables who will assist and collaborate with the Nigeria Police Force in community policing.

Obaseki added that the 877 volunteer constables are part of the first batch of 2,000 constables trained in community policing in Edo State in conjunction with the Nigerian Police.

“The idea of ​​community policing is not new to us as an administration. The concept that led to the recruitment, training and graduation of special constables was an idea that I discussed with the current Inspector General of Police, Adam Muhammad, when he was Deputy Inspector General (AIG) of Police Zone 5. In Benin City, many years ago,” he said .

Obaseki continued, “Today’s departure march of 877 staff legitimizes a structure that began in Edo. You are employed to undertake policing activities in your communities. You will join the Edo State government and work for the people of Edo. We are not the boss but here to serve Ado people.

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“As a government, we will invest more in security because we are working with the federal government in this regard. We will work with the Nigeria Police on these facilities. These facilities will be very busy for us as we will use them to train all the executives who will contribute to our security structure. We will cooperate with the Nigeria Police to rehabilitate the facilities and commit more resources to train more security personnel.

Obaseki said his administration will continue to train security personnel every year to update them on new security models and improve their skills to help secure the state and its people.

The state government is interested in your business and your development. One way to show this is to provide you all with free health insurance. We will also provide life insurance for all of you.

“Working with the department, we will ensure that the information you collect, working with law enforcement, is used effectively to control crime in the state. You are graduating today in a security challenged society. Your first responsibility is to join us and other federal security agencies in apprehending every inmate who has escaped from our correctional facilities.

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A representative of Edo State Inspector General of Police and Commissioner of Police Johnson Kokomo commended the governor for embracing the concept of community policing to protect lives and property in the state .

“As you go out into society today, you must work with local law enforcement authorities and monitor your area of ​​responsibility as your respective communities where you will be assigned.”

He urged the Kokomo volunteer gendarmes to make good use of their training and respect the basic rights of citizens.

Head of Police Training School, Ogada, ACP Jonathan Modi said the 877 graduates have been trained in the basic principles and core values ​​of community policing which are key tenets of policing democratic.

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“Course content covers community policing, police community relations, general duties of the Nigerian police, constitution, human rights, intelligence based policing, disciplinary procedures, practical tasks of the police and the rules of engagement in police operations, among others. . . . ” he said.

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Politics Vote PDP for peace to return to Ubi, Atiku tells his supporters By Nigerian Observer February 09, 2023 at 03:52 am, 2021 at 8:25 pm Life insurance can help protect your loved ones from financial stress, but it’s is also a big investment. Over a period of years, lower premiums can generate huge savings. When pricing life insurance policies, you need to consider key factors that insurers use to calculate the cost of your premiums.

Some of the factors considered when purchasing life insurance are beyond your control, such as your age. However, there are other ways to reduce your life insurance premium, such as changing your lifestyle and improving your health.

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The main factor that affects the cost of a life insurance premium is your age. Life insurance policies are cheaper for young people, who have longer life expectancies and are less likely to get sick. In some cases, you may not even qualify for life insurance if you are over a certain age.

In general, the cost of a life insurance premium increases on average by 8 to 10% for each year of age. With term life insurance, your premium remains the same each year. With whole life insurance, it increases with age. Applied medical exams are also likely to become more difficult as you get older.

Gender is also an important factor in the cost of life insurance. assurance

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