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Life insurance may seem like something you don’t need to think about right now, however, it is just as important as any other insurance you have. Your family is your number one priority and if something happens to you, you want to know that they are completely safe. At Harris Insurance, we have all the life insurance answers you’re looking for.

Life Insurance Jacksonville

When is the right time to buy life insurance? Is it true for me? Should I wait or buy life insurance now? Life insurance agents in Jacksonville hear questions like this every day.

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Life insurance protects your family in the event of your untimely death. Life is not guaranteed to anyone. Accidents, illnesses, diseases and natural disasters strike people every day. Losing a loved one is a devastating event and no one wants to experience it, but almost everyone. To be prepared, it is important to contact our Jacksonville agents about life insurance.

Life insurance pays for death expenses and we all know how expensive it is. Funeral costs have risen over the past decade, and life insurance is a good hedge against these rising costs. Life insurance does more than that. It provides a way to support your family, pay the mortgage, see your kids through college, and be happy where you are now.

Whether you are married with a family or still single, now is the time to buy life insurance. You may want to wait until you get married or start a family, but the sooner you buy life insurance, the better. In fact, the younger you are, the better life insurance you can get.

This is called your insurability and it decreases as you get older. Insurance companies will pay you more if they know you have taken certain medications or have had health problems over the years.

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Buying life insurance is a good way. In fact, you may want to buy a little of what you need. If, in the future, you want to reduce this life insurance benefit, it is easier than trying to increase your life insurance when you are old.

There are many riders and options that can be included in a life policy, discuss your needs and concerns with our Florida licensed professionals today.

Whole life insurance is what is known as permanent life insurance that locks in benefits for your end-of-life expenses and provides protection for your family. It’s also a good idea to have some cash that you can use in an emergency. Acceptance is usually guaranteed between the ages of 45-85.

Term life insurance is good for anyone looking for a long term life insurance plan. You decide how long you have the policy. Your payment is the same every month and you are always protected.

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If your life insurance policy expires, you are given the opportunity to renew it. You can have life insurance up to age 95. The mandatory age is between 18-80 and you can exchange term life insurance for permanent life insurance.

With a universal life insurance plan, premiums and benefits are flexible and you can change your policy later in life if your needs change. With universal life insurance, you have the ability to build cash value on a cash basis.

At Harris Insurance, our life insurance experts in Jacksonville are here to help. We are happy to help all our customers with:

When looking for Jacksonville life insurance companies, look no further than Harris Insurance. We offer all our customers the best life insurance options every day – policies tailored for you and your family to give you the financial protection you want’ capable Our licensed professionals will answer all your questions about the life insurance policy that is best for you.

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We want you to feel confident about the policies you buy from us. We offer a full line of insurance for our customers including auto, home owner, business, boat, flood and more. If you live in Jacksonville, request a quote from us or contact us today to get the life insurance you’ve been putting off. Tell us how we can help you.

Digital knowledge helps the environment, which lowers costs and, in some cases, lowers your expenses. Talk to us today to see how much money you can save!

Legal notice: This is a general description of the insurance policy. This information does not amend, replace or supplement any policy of insurance. The information described here or elsewhere on this website is not intended to indicate the insurance policy you may purchase or the insurance coverage. it may or may not be available to you through an insurance company that provides coverage. Always read your policy for information, disclosures, conditions and disclaimers that may apply to you. More than 70 members of the Jacksonville Historical Society and other guests gathered on January 23 at Old St. Andrew in downtown Jacksonville. Rise and fall of city insurance companies. Ortega’s guest speaker, J.F. Brian IV serves on the company’s board of directors and is a third-generation executive of Independent Life Insurance, founded by his grandfather J.F. Bryan II and six others were awarded $10,000 in 1920 by life insurance agents. in the Chapter.

Dr. Alan Bliss, Executive Director of JHS, and JF Bryan IV, guest speaker and former chairman of Independent Life Insurance

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Brian recalls that in the early 1980s there were 16 insurance companies headquartered in Jacksonville, but after a series of mergers, acquisitions and mergers, most the headquarters were moved to other cities. Florida Blue – created with Blue Cross founded in 1944 and Blue Shield in 1946 – is the only major insurance company headquartered in Jacksonville, in the Brooklyn-Riverside area. He said:

Jacob F. History of the Insurance Industry in Jacksonville Florida presented to the Jacksonville Historical Society on January 23, 2020 by Bryan, IV

Around 1981 my father offered to write a history of insurance in our community to be presented at Jacksonville University. At the time I was the Vice President and Marketing Director of Independent Life with a heavy schedule and little time to be a historian, even though it was my best thing in college.

As I researched the subject, I quickly discovered the fact that Jacksonville was known as the Hartford of the South for good reason. About 16 insurance companies have offices in our community and most are owned and operated. In addition, Jacksonville’s national companies have five major regional offices here. Unfortunately, with the exception of Blue Cross, we don’t have office building insurance companies here today. As we have seen, many of our regional offices or their importance have been reduced.

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The organization that started all this was called the “Corporation for the Relief of Poor and Suffering Presbyterian Services and Poor and Suffering Widows and Children of Presbyterian Services” established in Pennsylvania.

Today, the two largest, the Metropolitan and the Prudential, were organized in 1868 and 1873, one hundred years after poor and downtrodden Presbyterian ministers found their company.

Interestingly, a new type of insurance was introduced in the United States at that time. It was brought from England which was called business insurance because it was sold to employees, people who could not pay up front each year.

By selling this insurance every week most companies except Metropolitan and Prudential made the most. Under the weekly bonus system, the agent not only received a commission on the new contracts he wrote, but was also paid for collecting contracts on his way. Once the income tax appeared in 1913, life insurance, with its tax benefits, became a commodity for the wealthy.

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At that time insurance companies were divided into two categories: fire and accident. Life and health.

Metropolitan and Prudential and other old insurance companies were united – their policyholders.

Jacksonville insurance companies, on the other hand, are traditional retail companies – able to compete with affiliates and still make a profit.

In 1900 the city directory listed fourteen insurance companies, mostly fire and casualty, represented here, none of which were headquartered in Jacksonville.

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In fact, there are two contenders for the title of Jacksonville and Florida’s first and oldest insurance company. They are, in alphabetical order: Afro-American Industrial and Benevolent Association of the United States

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