Life Insurance For Runners

Life Insurance For Runners – KLCC Runners Group, Malaysia’s largest community, today announced a partnership with PolicyStreet, an innovative new insurance company based in Malaysia and Singapore.

The partnership will launch an affordable life insurance program specifically for the KLCC Runners Group community, which currently has over 27,000 strong members. The ‘Runners Life’ club, with a monthly special offer of only RM 1 when you join, will give priority to VIP members, special offers on membership, special offers on merchandise and events, including insurance policy lifetime of RM100,000.

Life Insurance For Runners

Matthew Barsing, founder of the KLCC Runners Group, commented: “Our team was founded to promote health and fitness and inspire people to live healthier lives. Our mission is to help people change their lives through running and a healthy lifestyle. accept whether you are a senior, a beginner, a seasoned athlete or an international athlete. And we have a community platform where people are driven by the support of their community.”

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“Together with our partner PolicyStreet, we are launching a ‘Runner Life’ club, where members will enjoy a variety of rewards, including special events and offers, including RM100,000 for life.” PolicyStreet Director Wilson Beh added, “We will be closely linking Matthew’s Life and Runner’s Life with our programs through the KLCC Runners Community to encourage more. Many Malaysians are sporty and active. And we aim to do that, step by step. step by step, kilometer by kilometer.

Runners Life will be launched this Sunday December 17 at the KLCC Runners Mega community run during the KL Car Free Morning, which is expected to attract up to 1,000 runners. Event link:

With over 27,000 members, KLCC Runners has become Malaysia’s fastest growing running community with robust social media and weekly running events and free training programs. The group is run by a management committee led by Matthew Barsing, an avid runner and Australian who has lived in Malaysia for over 17 years. They also have a free app that can be downloaded from app stores, which acts as a social hub and event calendar, connecting running communities from all over Malaysia. Group events and workshops

All free, supported by volunteers and sponsors and open to everyone, people of all backgrounds and races, from elite runners to beginners and others are just there to keep having fun.

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PolicyStreet is an insurance technology company that promotes inclusive insurance in Southeast Asia. It is the marketing and technology partner of insurance providers and manages the most valuable insurance products for its target audience. PolicyStreet acts as an intermediary between consumers and insurers, ultimately providing balanced risk and regulated insurance.

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