Life Insurance For Kidney Patients

Life Insurance For Kidney Patients – Your client’s life insurance case has been submitted and the underwriting process is almost complete! The client’s insurance review has been completed, but it is now learned that the insurer’s medical proposal has changed from PREFERRED to ASKED and includes a request for two additional urine samples. What about now?

You’ve said it all along… Not properly preparing your client for the life insurance exam can have disastrous consequences leading to delays and higher premiums! While not all abnormal lab results can be prevented, proper life insurance exam preparation can help avoid these last-minute hiccups in the process.

Life Insurance For Kidney Patients

Our focus for this ONEIdea is on the abnormal level of protein in the urine, which is called: PROTEINURIA. Protein is one of the most common abnormal findings in urine test results.

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We have all kinds of proteins in our body, the main protein is albumin. They play an important role in regulating water levels in our bodies, building bones and muscles, transporting hormones, vitamins and nutrients, and preventing infections. Your KIDNEYS are responsible for removing waste and excess water from your body. In healthy people, the protein passes through this filtration process and is recirculated through the bloodstream, only a small amount being excreted in the urine.

Proteinuria (or albuminuria) is simply a higher than normal level of protein found in the urine. This is an indication that the kidneys are not filtering properly and may indicate disease. Kidney. Subscribers cannot ignore these findings and should investigate further.

Kidney damage or disease can be caused by many reasons. In life insurance, the most common causes we see are uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic or familial kidney disease.

The diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is determined by the high level of protein in the urine, the glomerular filtration rate, and the underlying condition being managed (for example, blood pressure control or diabetes). Clinically, kidney disease is STAGES from level 1 to 5 (stage 5 represents end-stage kidney disease).

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If your client has chronic kidney disease, no amount of “insurance prep” will significantly change their test results. However, he tries to make sure that you and your client understand the possible causes of defects in the insurance exam and how your client can avoid them.

It is very important to tell your client to drink plenty of water and avoid vigorous exercise for 48 hours before the insurance exam. If your client is or has been ill recently, you should reschedule the exam. The exam should be scheduled in the morning, especially if your client must be fasting; This will help reduce stress levels in the body.

Do your best to involve your customers in the signing process. Remember that the results of the insurance exam help determine your rate class and the amount of insurance you will have to pay. Share insurance preparation tips that can be found on the website or watch our quick 2-minute preparation video. Both are listed on your advisor dashboard under the subscription drop-down menu. Then have your client REMEMBER their lab results as a “report card” to see how well they did.

Mrs. Thomas is a healthy, active 40-year-old woman who applied for a $2,000,000 Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy with Company A. She has no known medical impairments and appears to be in the best of health. possible. Ms. Thomas completed the reassurance exam and the test results revealed a high level of protein in the urine (protein) but no clinical explanation for the abnormality. Insurer A has approved your case with the non-smoking fee on Schedule B using the credit. Our so-called best class case was converted to schedule B because of only protein in the client’s urine at the time of testing.

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Again notify the manufacturer of the proposed and recommended urine test and reinforce the importance of effective preparation according to our test preparation instructions. Ms. Thomas completed a repeat urinalysis with her primary care physician and the results were within normal limits; No protein!

We sent the results of the second urine test for review to Carrier A, but they were reluctant to improve the proposal of Table B. More specialized lab tests to fix any problems. Oh really?

The signing team remains confident that a favorable offer can be obtained elsewhere without the need for additional medical intervention. Did we mention that the patient’s own doctor did not consider it prudent to perform additional tests?

We have forwarded the case to two other providers for informal review Carrier B offers schedule A, while Carrier C, agreeing that the test results seem abnormal, offers BEST CLASS from the start! A formal request is made and the case is placed in the best class, as the client deserves. At last!

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We have no doubt that Mrs. Thomas is a healthy person without conditions, but this situation shows the importance of preparing for the life insurance exam and the life insurance process. Abnormal results can spoil the whole case, even in the best health of the client!

Even in the most difficult underwriting situations, the Underwriting team is available with strong experience and knowledge to ensure that all your cases are placed with the right company at the best price available.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Singaporean who wants to know what MediShield Life is, how to use it and what its limitations are. To keep it simple, MediShield Life is a universal healthcare scheme in Singapore administered by the Central Provident Fund. As long as you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, you will be covered by MediShield Life.

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MediShield Life is a basic insurance plan that replaces the old MediShield scheme and has been around since November 2015. It is a scheme that aims to help Singaporeans with hospital bills, focusing on providing basic, intermediate and minimal care. Reasonable price.

MediShield Life can help pay for more expensive healthcare, such as cancer chemotherapy and blood tests, and is structured to reduce out-of-pocket costs if such treatment is needed. However, keep in mind that there are strict limits to what MediShield Life can cover, which we’ll come to in the next section.

All Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) are automatically enrolled in MediShield Life based on their Singapore citizenship status. This means you won’t have to apply and can use MediShield Life benefits when needed.

A common question about MediShield Life is whether we can withdraw. Unfortunately, because MediShield Life is an international program designed to cover all Singaporeans, the only way to opt out is to renounce your citizenship.

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The main objective of MediShield Life is to ensure that the health needs of Singaporeans and PRs of the lower and middle class are met. While MediShield Life provides coverage to all classes of wards, including private hospitals, its benefits are designed based on B2/C billing in public hospitals. It will also support outpatient treatment or surgery in public hospitals.

If you choose to “upgrade” to an A/B1/B2+ class ward or seek treatment at a private hospital, MediShield Life will cover a portion of those bills. You will therefore need to pay the rest of the bill through MediSave, cash or your private insurance. Please note that there is a claim limit of $150,000 per year.

These are the details of what is covered by MediShield Life, obtained from the Ministry of Health on 14 February 2023. These benefits are applicable for admission or treatment received on or after 1 October 2022.

Deductibles are defined as the amount you have to pay out of pocket before MediShield Life takes effect. You will only need to make one installment per calendar year and it can be paid in cash or through your MediSave.

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ยน Subsidized patients will follow the class C discount and unsubsidized patients will follow the class B2 discount for community hospitals, inpatient hospitals, short stays and continuation of autologous bone marrow transplants for Multiple Myeloma.

For this part of the medical bill, you can refer to the chart in the section above entitled MediShield Life Benefits: What is MediShield Life Cover? Please note that bills for ward A/B1/B2+, private hospitals and non-subsidized treatments as well as for permanent residents will be prorated.

The coinsurance portion of the bill is the percentage you will pay to complete MediShield Life. MediShield Life co-insurance starts at 10% and decreases as the bill increases. This helps to ensure a lot

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