Life Insurance For Athletes

Life Insurance For Athletes – At Health IQ, our mission is to celebrate health literacy. While we strive to do this every day by rewarding our customers’ healthy lifestyles with the lowest life insurance rates, we also like to celebrate our customers as heroes in every ad.

We love the passion and commitment of the runners, cyclists, strength athletes, swimmers, well-controlled diabetics and general health people who trust us. So with our latest ad campaign, we want to keep their passion for health front and center.

Life Insurance For Athletes

That’s why in every ad we always highlight each person’s individual strengths and ask, “What’s your mail time?” Try starting the conversation with open-ended questions or “How many pull-ups can you do?”

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But a healthy lifestyle is not only obtained in the gym or on the track. That’s why, starting with our first campaign in 2015, we tried to recognize the hard work of our friends in the vegan and vegetarian community in our advertising. We soon branched out into healthy lifestyles like running, biking, swimming and rowing. , high intensity interval training, weight lifting and yoga.

Since then, endurance sports like running and cycling have become our most popular healthy lifestyle. “Can you run an 8 minute mile?” Besides lines like “Ride 50+ miles per week?” Here at Health IQ, it became our rallying cry for health consciousness and we never looked back. Here are a few selected ads from our early days, in no particular order. Please contact us and let us know what you think! ax Life Insurance has launched the second largest ESG fund in the Indian life insurance sector, helping to increase its exposure to a niche customer segment.

In an interview with, Ax Life Insurance Deputy Managing Director V. Viswanand TPS products, processes and partnerships with the life insurance company, a joint venture between Axis India Ltd and Axis Bank. Their brand identity was chosen to differentiate them from a saturated archetype.

It is important to understand how even after two decades of privatization, insurance and especially the life insurance segment has remained traditional without changing its product line. -Raise or tap unserved customers.

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However, the move towards digitization in customer services, the creation of digital-native brands and a customer culture transformed by the penetration of smartphones, email and social media, although those responding quickly traditional sectors such as banking and insurance. Changing customer needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Ontu offers a do-it-yourself (DIY) bouquet of products tailored to individual needs.

Navigating this field of technology-driven innovation is Ax Life Insurance’s three-piece playbook. The Deputy Managing Director shared how the company is challenging the current status quo in the life insurance market, which used to sell an endowment and a return. V. Viswananda explains how Kotli Life started

Another key reform step is taking steps to improve onboarding and customer service.

Consistent with this approach is the effort to listen to “consumer insights” from a cross-section of respondents, including internal surveys such as the India Protection Quotient or India Retiree Index studies conducted annually year. To reverse trends. While protection remains the primary factor that motivates a consumer to sign up for a life insurance product, retirement planning has become the biggest driver of demand.

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This trend also coincides with a large and growing segment of millennials, who are turning to investors to ensure effective retirement planning no matter how hard they work, party, and retire early.

When rising and fast millennials are trying to build a retirement corpus, a boring, traditional or straight jacket product like a 20-year policy or a 10-year private policy doesn’t hold much appeal. Kotali Life Insurance’s ‘Sort Wealth Advantage Guarantee Plan’ – or Apt Acroni SWAG – allows flexibility and affordability and their combination of 90 variants supports this technologically oriented and well-informed customer base. .

The merchants are a sect that has hitherto been neglected and neglected in history. 45% of India’s population is urban, however, a large number of urban dwellers are not part of the forest economy or the country’s labor force, so they do not earn wages or file their Income Tax Return (ITR). . Conditions for insurance customers. Addressing this gap, Ax Life Insurance provides independent net protection to the peddler, who traditionally relies on his wife’s insurance coverage, half of it at best. One step towards enabling hawkers is to remove this dependency. In the long term, insurance companies can tap into this segment to see growth opportunities and pave the way for in-situ and entry into the life insurance sector.

He also shared how Ax Life Insurance worked in the Fixed Deposit (FD) segment. FD is affected by complex taxes; A customer is taxed on his return, so generally, apart from tax deducted at source (TDS), a customer is more burdened to pay tax on his ITR, resulting in lower net income. To address this, Ax Life Sart launches Fixed Return Digital Plan (SFRD), a new-age life savings plan that offers guaranteed tax-free returns and life cover protection.

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Ax Life SFRD Plan is designed with three variants for the new age investment needs as a simple savings plan so that customers can easily carry their life investments and plan ahead to achieve their financial goals.

The financial services sector is reinventing products and services in a wave of technological disruption, especially with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (L) and robotics. Indeed, new products and services are aimed at the new-age consumer, who is digitally savvy and prefers precision, creativity and customization at every step.

Research shows that V. As Vishwananda highlighted, following the process itself at this time, a customer does not hesitate to contact a call center executive because they want to connect with the primary contact.

“So, one-third of our online shopping journey is done entirely by a human, enabled by technology. As a result, we realize that chatbots are a very interesting innovation as human beings. They prefer chatbots to communicate with because they feel in control and feel a chatbot can provide unbiased advice.

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On the front end, the company found that consumers are looking for a ‘buy now, pay later’ twist. So, Ax Life has started to address this dilemma by paying rupees upfront and underwriting the policy where the customer can navigate the entire academic and financial spectrum.

V. Vishwanand informed that Kotali Life Insurance achieves top Google rankings in search engine optimization (SEO) keyword searches for life insurance and term insurance, and it promotes new and disruptive digital-native fintech company in the gay market. . How to continuously educate customers by focusing and creating awareness on the front end.

The company has also implemented an ED-Check fraud prevention program using an AI model to scan Odeal centers, which consistently captures 3-4% of fraud assessment centers.

In addition, features like Quon Dialer, which ensures fewer calls to customers, continuous script follow-up, and voice-to-text speech analytics ensure better conversion- to-data ratio, which increases customer satisfaction. And take advantage of technology to deliver happiness.

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Partner Ecosystem and ESG Agenda Giving an example of the SWAG product, V. Viswanand recalled how it was created using the insights of a bank partner; The ‘Buy Now Later’ odel is built on insights gleaned from the casual licks of a web aggregator as insurance is still the only product category where the consumer has to pay first and the company has the right to collect it from someone else opportunity. . Life or denial.

Reducing the burden of Goods and Services Tax (GST) will help increase the penetration of life insurance in India. This is because the rates offered in India are huge and untapped ICRO, SAL and ADU are targeting the rich salaried segment while leaving out the Enterprises (SE) population, who often make lower incomes with lower taxes . To get the bracket.

Another important factor is the restoration of the annual tax in full or at least on the principal part and tax only on the interest part as is done in developed Western economies with high access to insurance.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards have influenced everything from logistics to infrastructure to office transactions to digital, X life insurance policy making, thereby reducing carbon footprints. V. Vishwanand pointed out how steps have been taken to ensure more than 14,000 employees in the company.

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