Life Insurance Exposed Book

Life Insurance Exposed Book – “Get ready for twists, action, and the best books of the year” (Mystery & Suspense Magazine) in a new hit series from #1 New York Times bestseller Janet Evanovich that combines wild adventure, captivating characters, and rich humor.

Is something missing? Gabriella Rose knows how to get him back. As a recovery agent, she is hired to search for lost treasure, stolen artifacts, or lost property. She is reliable, cool under pressure and skilled with all kinds of weapons. But if Gabriela’s latest crush isn’t for a sleazy billionaire, her own family can’t bring in a lot of money soon enough, their house is going to be wiped off the map.

Life Insurance Exposed Book

Inspired by an old family legend, Gabriela travels to the jungles of Peru in search of the Ring of Solomon and the lost treasure of Lima. But this particular job has a big problem attached to it – Gabriel’s ex-husband Rafer. Maybe Rafer is the one with the map pointing to the treasure, and he won’t let Gabriella find it without it.

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Rafi is as comfortable as Gabriella is gone and he experiences getting under his ex-wife’s skin. But when they’re not bickering about old times, the two make a strong team, and it takes the team to take down a brutal drug lord who’s after the fairy ring. A drug lord who doesn’t mind giving up a big body counts on his back to get it.

“An exciting adventure and a great start to a new series” (Booklist, starred review), Recovery Agent will have you rooting for more screams and the unstoppable Gabriella Rose on every page.

Gabriela Rose was standing on a small platform that led to a rope and plank footbridge. A narrow bridge spans a hundred feet deep and nearly as wide at one end. The rapids roared over the rocks at the bottom of the mountain, but Gabriela could not see the river because it was raining and visibility was limited.

It was deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest. His long dark brown hair was tucked under an Australian safari hat, the brim shielding his brown eyes from the rain. She was a martial artist. He used to run five kilometers every morning. She hugged and hugged. None of these skills cut him dry. She was talking through her La Perla pants. His camo cargo pants and Innov-8 Bear-Grip hiking boots are muddy. She carries a Glock .38 in a zippered pouch in her hip pocket. In the other pockets were his passport, folding pocket knife and moisturizing lip gloss. His backpack includes a waterproof poncho, a protein bar, a Ziploc bag for his cell phone, and various bushwalk essentials.

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She was accompanied by two local guides, George and Coco. She estimated they were in their forties to sixties, and she was sure they thought she was an idiot.

George nodded again and muttered something in Spanish that Gabriela was sure translated to “Chicken Lady.”

Slide, Gabriella thought. Sometimes they give you the benefit of the doubt. If things got ugly, she was sure to kick their ass. And if that doesn’t work, he can shoot her. Nothing is fatal. He can remove a foot.

When I arrived in Quito two days ago, it was raining. It was still raining when he took the twenty-five-minute flight to Keiko and boarded the Napo River ferry to Nuevo Rocafort. Later that morning, she met her guides, boarded their speedboat, and began a six-hour journey down an uncharted, narrow, flowing river in heavy rain. A little before noon, they set out for a campsite hidden in the woods. They immediately left the river and took a path through the dense vegetation. And it was still raining.

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Gabriela’s business card bore the title “Insurance Fraud Investigator” and earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in the field. As an independent contractor, he had the luxury of taking jobs that didn’t involve insurance fraud, whether they paid well or for fun. His current job ticks both boxes.

He is hired to find Henry Dodge and recover the amulet he wears. He didn’t know much about amulets or thieves. Just because he couldn’t get out of work and ask someone to get the amulet. This seems logical since Dodge was an archaeologist researching a lost civilization in a previously unknown part of the Amazon rainforest. The pay was a big purse for Gabriela, but it wasn’t what convinced her to take the job.

She was probably a descendant of the famous pirate Blackbeard and was inspired by 17th and 18th century pirates and the civilizations they touched. The prospect of visiting the lost city was irresistible. It was also his thirtieth birthday. What better way to get married than to get married

After 20 minutes, Gabriela came to the excavation site. He was on other foods and he didn’t expect it. Traces of what might once have been a wall were partially exposed. Two tables with chairs under the table. The kitchen area was also under a tarp. A bag of wooden boxes. An elongated area suggests that it has recently been used as a site for several tents. Currently, only a small tent stands.

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There was no one to be seen, except a man who had gone into the water and was suffocating, lying on the ground in the mud and sitting on a camp chair. The first is obviously dead. Both looked at him as they approached.

“It’s not good,” said George. “One of them is very dead, and something has eaten away his leg.”

“Pinder,” said the man in the chair. “You can hear them walking around your tent at night. This site is a hell hole. Did you go for a walk in the rain?”

“This morning he dug in the rain and fell off the wall and hit his head on the rocks. Then a panther came and ate his leg. After that, everyone took it. A lot of bad things happen here. “

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“They couldn’t do it all in one trip. I’m left with the rest of the box and the bodies. Cameron said he’d be back with help before dark.”

“Usually on a neck chain,” said the man. “It felt like a very safe place. Now it seems that he has got hold of it. You can see the chain hanging and some gold pieces.

Gabriella looked at the dead man’s hand. He was very fat and sweet. Amulets were rarely seen.

Gabriella rolled up her sleeve a hundred spikes. She knows that rain, dust, bugs, extreme heat are all part of the Ecuadorian experience. The Red Hand was not a dead man. Now the question is, how much do you want this amulet? The Lost Cities site was a mess, but there was still a payoff associated with the amulet. And the answer to the question is that she wants the worst amulet. Without amulet, there will be no big purse. She has been well respected throughout her career, but big bucks don’t come around every day.

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“I’ve come this far,” he said. “I will not go back without the amulet.” He looked at the man in the chair. “I need to open Dodge’s hand. I need gloves and a bag. Archaeological sites usually have them.”

The man went up to apologize. “They were all packed. We were actually off before Henry happened. Henry was caught. He found the amulet and thought there was more. The rest of us didn’t care.

“We have to go now,” George said. “It is bad to be in this forest after sunset. It is difficult to find a path, and panthers can hunt at night. We probably have about five hours of daylight left.

The cuckoo took out his beak and touched it! He cut off Henry Dodge’s hand at the wrist.

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“I think this is the way forward,” Gabriella said. I would rather try first.

He reached out his hand with a swollen groin, grabbing Gabrielle’s back and letting it fall.

“It’s about the night wood,” said the man in the chair. “If you’re going back the way you came, you don’t want to go alone.” And you don’t have to be sidelined either.

“They took a path behind the wall,” said the man. “Go forty-five minutes and the river will shorten the trip.”

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