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Our agents offer a wide range of insurance options, including core products from Bankers Life and Casualty Company and Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, as well as other options/products offered by our partner carriers, including Aetna, Anthem, Humana, UnitedHealthcare® and Good. care about.

Life Insurance Brooklyn Ny

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Life insurance that pays benefits for as long as you live? In addition to covering funeral expenses, some Bankers Life policies offer living benefits that can be used to replace lost income or other needs.

Imagine a career as an insurance agent at Bankers Life. During your visit, you’ll learn about work-life balance, community involvement, helping…

Imagine a career as an insurance agent at Bankers Life. During your visit, you can experience work-life balance, community involvement, helping others, and the opportunity to achieve whatever success you desire.

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Universal life insurance can play an important role in your retirement strategy. Providing long-term, sustainable life insurance and more!

Learn how life insurance can be an important aspect of retirement planning. Learn about the different types of life insurance and why life insurance…

Learn how life insurance can be an important aspect of retirement planning. Learn about the different types of life insurance and why life insurance is important for everyone, regardless of age.

With a history dating back to 1879, Bankers Life offers a variety of life and health insurance products designed specifically for Americans approaching or reaching retirement. With more than 250 offices nationwide, our 4,000 insurance agents/producers live and work in the communities they serve. Our agents/producers at our local Bankers Life office in Brooklyn, New York take the time to get to know you as a client, listen to your needs and values, and help you achieve your goals for a secure retirement. Get to know Bankers Life – and find out why 1.4 million customers trust us to protect their financial future and ensure a healthy and rewarding retirement. The Bankers Life brand is owned by CNO Financial Group, Inc. Its companies offer insurance solutions that help protect the health and retirement needs of working and retired Americans. °N 73.98556°W / 40.74278; -73.98556 Coordinates: 40°44’34″N 73°59’08″W  /  40.74278°N 73.98556°W / 40.74278; -73.98556

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The New York Life Building is the headquarters of Life Insurance Company of New York, located at 51 Madison Avenue in the Rose Hill and NoMad neighborhoods of Manhattan, New York. Designed by Cass Gilbert, the building sits near Madison Square Park and occupies a city block bounded by Madison Avenue, South Park Avenue, and 26th and 27th Streets.

The New York Life Building was designed with Gothic Revival details reminiscent of Gilbert’s earlier commissions, including 90 West Street and the Woolworth Building. The tower is 40 stories high and consists of 34 floors of offices, topped by a six-story pyramidal, golden roof. At the time of the building’s construction, many of the structures were built in the Art Deco style, so Gilbert’s design retained earlier Gothic Revival details while incorporating Art Deco influences into its massing. The Life Building in New York stands out from the sky with its golden roof.

The New York Life Building was built in 1927-1928 on the site of Madison Square Garden. After completion, the New York Life building operated like a “small town.” After World War II, New York Life became more profitable and built a northern annex between 1960 and 1962. In addition, New York Life hosted a series of tours of the original building in the late 20th century. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark in 1978 and was designated a City Landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2000.

The New York Life Building was Gilbert’s last major building in Manhattan. The New York Life Building was also the last insurance company “house” built in New York and is one such structure remaining in the city.

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Gilbert said he was also inspired by some of his earlier commissions, such as 90 West Street and the Woolworth Building. The building was designed for a New York life insurance company for three reasons: to provide space for expansion, as an investment, and as a landmark.

The New York Life Building is 615 feet (187 m) tall and has 34 floors, although it is technically 40 stories tall.

In addition to retail space on the first floor, there are five floors in the basement, a mezzanine on the first floor, 33 upper floors of offices and six mechanical floors on the roof.

The structure is described as one of the brightest buildings in the city with a total output of 30,000 watts.

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The New York Life building is a complex with beautiful Gothic details and a very modern design. The mass meeting contained several of the shortcomings identified in the 1916 Territorial Resolution.

The damaged ones are on the 5th, 14th, 26th, 30th, 31st, 34th and 35th floors, and the roof is rising from the 35th floor.

The mass does not fill the belt area of ​​the tire, but the openness of the upper floors allowed the use of fewer elevators, thus freeing up additional space in the lower floors.

The bottom four floors, including the mezzanine, form the base, while the fifth through 13th floors make up the building’s nine-story “center segment.” The “tower” part of the 21-story building rises from the 14th to the 34th floor.

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Most of the windows are single-pane windows of one of four types of sides, although there are single-pane windows replacing louvered or louvered openings at this level on the 34th floor.

There are several ventilation holes on the side of the building. The artificial hole first entered the basement and ended through the pthouse. The building features many signs, including bronze corporate signs on the corners, subway signs on the east facade, and shop entrances.

At ground floor level, it has double-arched porticoes facing the first floor and ground floor on all four sides. On the first floor there are display cases with brass window frames above the granite walls, with optional transoms. Several of the showcases have revolving doors. Some store fronts have been changed.

The main trans arch faces Madison Avenue west, flanked by smaller arches on either side. There is also a smaller trans from Park Avue South. Between the windows of each floor are decorative panels from the second to the fourth floor.

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The central part of the building covers floors 5-13. The windows on each floor are separated by decorative balustrades, and each bay is separated by projecting piers. There are other decorative elements such as a gargoyle and parapet on the 13th floor and a flagpole on the 14th floor.

The square tower rises from the 14th floor and consists of five bays on both sides. There are three bays on either side of the west and east wings, which rise to the 25th floor. The west and east walls between the 14th and 25th stories of the tower are largely concealed by “wings”, each with windows on the north and south flanking the respective wings. It is missing on the 30th and 31st floors. As in the Ctral section, there are projecting piers dividing each bay, as well as other decorative elements.

The 35th floor is a bit further than the 34th floor. It has arched windows, finials between each window and the parapet.

The ceiling itself consists of 25,000 terracotta tiles dipped in 22 carat gold leaf by Ludovici.

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The roof was originally gold leaf based on copper, but the roof was later replaced in 1967 and 1995 due to corrosion of the copper.

Inside the New York Life building is a grand lobby that stretches 400 feet (120 m) from west to east, the length of the perimeter of the building. The foyer is designed like a cathedral.

Travertine walls, a painted coffin ceiling with barrels 38 feet (12 m) high, and decorative brass grilles on the doors and elevators.

Perpendicular to the lobby are a pair of crosswalks running north and south to 27th and 26th Streets, providing six transits from the surrounding streets.

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The east side of the first level of the base contains the ecstasy of the central platform of the New York subway.

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