Killing For Life Insurance

Killing For Life Insurance – Alex Murdaugh said he hired a man to kill him so his son could get insurance.

A lawyer hired a man to kill him so his son could get insurance money, police said

Killing For Life Insurance

This Colleton County Jail filing photo shows Curtis Edward Smith Tuesday. Smith, was charged with aiding and abetting suicide, insurance fraud and various other charges on Sept. 4 shot by Alex Murdaugh. Colleton County Jail / AP Anonymous

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This Colleton County Jail filing photo shows Curtis Edward Smith Tuesday. Smith, was charged with aiding and abetting suicide, insurance fraud and various other charges on Sept. 4 shot by Alex Murdaugh.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A prominent South Carolina attorney who found the bodies of his wife and son three months ago tried to arrange his own death earlier this month so his son could receive a $10 million life insurance settlement. , but the plan is fatal. The gunshot wound was to the head, state police said Tuesday.

The shooter, Curtis Edward Smith, was charged with attempted suicide, insurance fraud and various other counts on Sept. 4 shooting of Alex Murdaugh on a freeway in Hampton County, the Department of Law Enforcement said in a statement.

Murdaugh gave Smith a gun to kill and he followed Murdaugh to Old Salkehatchie Road and shot a law enforcement officer as he stood in the street, the official said in a statement.

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But the bullet only hit Murdaugh in the head and was able to call 911 for help, authorities said. Murdaugh’s attorney said last week that the bullet fractured his skull.

Murdaugh wanted Smith killed so his son could live and get a $10 million life insurance policy, state officials said.

State officials said Murdaugh admitted to trying to arrange his own death on Monday. Murdaugh’s attorney, Jim Griffin, did not return a text message late Tuesday night.

Murdaugh said last week through a family spokesman that he pulled over after the Mercedes SUV’s tire lights went out. A man passing by in a truck asked if he had car trouble and shot him.

South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Wife, Son

Deputies said Smith, 61, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of aiding and abetting suicide, aggravated assault and battery, displaying and discharging a firearm, insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, distribution of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. wii.

It was not immediately known if he had an attorney to represent him. Court records from Colleton County show Murdaugh was Smith’s attorney in the 2013 speeding trial.

Still unsolved are the June 7 murders of 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh and her 22-year-old son Paul Murdaugh. Alex Murdaugh discovered the bodies of his wife and son in their home in Colleton County. Both have been shot multiple times.

Murdaugh announced two days after the shooting that he was entering treatment for drug addiction. He apologized to his family and said he was leaving his law firm.

Us Lawyer Arranged His Murder So Son Would Receive Life Insurance, Say Police

“The killing of my wife and my son caused a difficult time in my life. I made a lot of decisions that I really regret,” Murdaugh said without going into details.

A few hours later, the PMPED Law Firm announced that Murdaugh had taken money from the firm and fired him. The amount was not disclosed.

Along with the murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh and the murder of Alex Murdaugh, the state legislature is also investigating the missing money, but everyone tried to block the investigation of the 2019 boat disaster, which Paul Murdaugh later accused in July. 2015 killing spree in Hampton County.

Murdaugh’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather each held the office of county attorney for more than 80 years and other members of the family were prominent county attorneys in the county. GRAND HAVEN, MI – Maryann Castorena, convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend to collect $1.5 million in life insurance payouts, was sentenced Monday, May 22.

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Castorena conspired with Anthony Delagarza, 20, to kill Jose Patrcio Hernandez, 40, outside his home at Amberwood Apartments, off Ottawa Beach Road in Park Township.

Ottawa County Circuit Judge Edward Post sentenced Castorena to two life sentences for first degree murder and attempted murder. He sentenced Delagarza to 20 to 40 years in prison. Delagarza, who carried out the fatal shooting near the victim’s car, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and pleaded guilty to Castorena as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. .

Hernandez was found paralyzed on a bitter winter night on January 6, next to a speeding car. Delagarza hid behind another car and attacked Hernandez with a used car repair ball. He hit the person on the head several times.

Hernandez was on his way to his night shift when he was killed. He allowed Delagarza to stay in his house.

Man Gets Life Without Parole For Killing Son For Insurance

Delagarza confirmed that Castorena wrote the notes for the murder. Castorena gave several conflicting explanations for the letter, which was later discovered by the police.

Castorena and Hernandez dated once, but they married in secret when they moved to California. When they returned, Hernandez, not knowing about their marriage, hoped that the two would live together.

“We have a homicide investigation list and what appears to be blood on the victim’s car (Castorena) was driving,” he said.

If you purchase a product or sign up for an account through a link on our site, we may receive a refund. MANASSAS, Va. – Joaquin Shadow Rams planned to kill his son almost as soon as he was born, and ended his life at 15 months old when the opportunity presented itself, a Virginia judge ruled Thursday .

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Rams was convicted of manslaughter in the 2012 death of Prince McLeod Rams and was sentenced to life in prison.

The decision by Judge Randy Bellows described a nearly five-year legal saga in which Rams claims he was falsely accused of having his son die after suffering a fever. Witnesses gave conflicting medical testimony about the possibility that the chief died of natural causes.

But in a 62-page statement he read from the bench for more than two hours, Bellows categorically rejected suggestions the chief died of any cause. Bellows concluded that Rams planned to kill his son because he took out a life insurance policy for more than $500,000 in September 2011, when Prince was only 2 months old.

In the summer of 2012, a local judge granted unsupervised visitation to Rams due to the complaint of his mother Hera McLeod, who feared for the boy’s safety. Then, in September 2012, Rams learned that his son had epilepsy.

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The attack “gives the defendant an alibi, his way to prove how Prince died in his care,” Bellows said.

On Oct. 20, 2012, on only his fourth visit with his son, Rams called 911 and reported that his son was seizing and had stopped breathing. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, and it was said that he died the next day.

Prince’s death coincides with a similar fate that has befallen those close to the Rams. His ex-girlfriend, Shawn Mason, was shot and killed in 2003. Rams’ mother, Alma Collins, died in 2008 in what authorities initially ruled a suicide. With Mason’s death, the Rams tried to collect on the life insurance policy. In Collins’ death, the Rams collected more than $150,000.

Attorney Paul Ebert said Rams is a suspect in both cases, and authorities will decide whether to press charges.

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Ram showed no visible reaction when the decision was announced. His lawyers said they plan to file a lawsuit but declined to comment further.

Hera McLeod expressed relief after the verdict, but said “it’s unfortunate that my son will be the one to lose.”

He said that Rams should have been locked up after Mason’s death, and that the judge should not have allowed him and Prince unsupervised visitation after he presented evidence that Rams could be a threat to the suspect’s death. Mason.

Ebert said the case was difficult because the medical evidence was “complex.” The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy concluded that Prins had drowned. But his boss at the time, Virginia Medical Examiner William Gormley, reversed the diagnosis a year later and changed the cause of death to “unexplained.”

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Defense experts said the fact that Prince was suffering from heatstroke was very important, but medical experts for the lawyers said that febrile seizures usually occur at a young age. non-toxic. Ballows and his decision agreed with the legal experts, saying that the medical evidence was overwhelming.

Ballows agreed to the Rams’ conviction because the defense waived its right to a jury trial in exchange for the prosecutor’s promise not to seek the death penalty. Because Rams was convicted of capital murder and the death penalty was off the table, the only option under Virginia law at Rams’ sentencing in June was life in prison.

If prosecutors decide to sue Collins or

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