Kaizen Life Insurance

Kaizen Life Insurance – If you’re like most people, you can afford only a fraction of the benefits you really need. KAI-ZEN can be the best answer to increasing your retirement income through affordable permanent life insurance while providing financial protection in case of critical illness or injury. Without collateral you and the bank jointly finance the loan document outside the rules to sign the Kai-Zen plan. This bank provides around 60-75% of the total contribution to the financial system, which is much more than the cost and increases the benefit that can only be achieved with your help. Example: 50 men in normal health with a death benefit of 1.5 million. Buy IUL on credit through KAI-ZEN: $219,351 Buy IUL with your own money: $628,265 for QUTE

The Kai-Zen plan is one of the best answers to using your current cash flow to allow you to purchase the amount of life insurance you really need.

Kaizen Life Insurance

The Kai-Zen plan is designed for business owners, managers, professionals, doctors, lawyers or similar key employees. To qualify, you must be able to earn a standard or high-risk rating with a career, be 65 years of age or younger, and have an annual income of at least $100,000.

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Each participant in the Kai-Zen plan has a personal belief, which in turn becomes their policy. You contribute to your trust from the premium every year for 5 years. Your consent and bond are the only assets of the loan.

* The loan documents are at the level of the trust, which is the borrower of the bank finance. ** An additional plan administration fee will apply.

The most common financial fear Americans have is that they don’t have enough resources to protect themselves against them. Kai-Zen gives you the security you need to overcome those fears and the extra retirement income you want.

1 Payment of immediate benefits reduces the monetary value and death benefits otherwise payable under the policy. Use of emergency benefits may be a taxable event and may affect participation in public assistance programs. Please consult your personal tax advisor to determine the tax status of benefits paid to social service providers under this rider and how the receipt of such payments will affect you. Access to the death benefit is available through optional accelerated care riders for ineligible terminal, chronic or critical illness. Riders are additional benefits that can be added to life insurance and are not relevant unless you need life insurance. Rides are optional, may require additional fees, and may not be available in all states or on all products. This is not a specific insurance policy application. Living allowances may not be available to all providers.

Does Kai Zen Work When Interest Rates Are Rising?

2 Policy loans and withdrawals reduce the cash value of the policy and the death benefit and may be a taxable event. Refunds and subsequent loans up to the amount specified in the agreement will not be immediately taxable

There may be incidental but significant tax implications from contract termination or cancellation. Surrender fees can reduce the policy’s cash value in the early years.

* The financing of life insurance premiums involves certain inherent risks, including interest rate volatility, financial market performance, credit availability, insurance company ratings and stability. Watch this video to find out all the details and how to apply for term life insurance with no medical questions and no warranty. approval

If you have already been rejected 1, 2, 3 or more times; No problem! Previous rejections are accepted without question. If your health improves, we will be happy to help you take out separate or additional life insurance in the future.

Insurance & Tax Solutions

Protection Plus does not require a Social Security number in the application. People who do not have a social security number will be approved for this policy.

Individuals can choose a membership option that suits their needs and budget. Available program options include 5-year renewable and variable term life from $10,000 to $50,000. Affordable monthly expenses are the age groups in which death benefits are assessed after one and two years.

The policy is renewable up to the age of 80 and includes many free non-insurance services and amenities. Term cover is issued and underwritten by Life Shield National Insurance Company.

Since there are no health problems and all are approved, the death benefit is reduced in years 1 and 2 if the death is not accidental.

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Find your age and coverage level at the top of the left column in the chart above:

The interest rate will not change for 5 years. At the time of renewal, you must pay the fee as per your renewal age in the table above. If you are in the same interest rate band at the time of renewal, the rate will remain unchanged for another 5 years.

Fees are paid by major credit card (Visa, MC, Amex or Discover). Debit cards work if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

The first premium and a $25 application fee are charged on the day of admission. Future fees will be charged on the 5th or 20th of the month based on the table below:

Life Pro+ Advantage Fixed Index Universal Life

We offer this life insurance through our membership in the Wellness Association of America (WAOA). There is no additional fee for WAOA membership. The fees listed in the table above cover both membership and life insurance.

Wellness America is a comprehensive membership designed to meet your daily health and wellness needs. This program was designed to help our members make lifestyle changes for long-term health, with free, ongoing services and health benefits.

What makes The Wellness Association unique is that we provide access to our highly trained wellness professionals while you’re on the path to good health and wellness…for life.

If you need coverage over $50,000, we also offer other guaranteed life insurance options. However, you should be at least 40 years old for one policy and at least 50 years old for the other 2 options.

Kai Zen Leveraged Life Insurance

Learn more about guaranteed whole life insurance options here. It is not a problem to combine multiple policies to get a higher death benefit.

Additionally, you can take accidental death insurance. It works if you are over 18 years old. As with this Protection Plus policy, accidental death insurance is no medical problem and you will be approved.

Accidental death insurance pays the death benefit if the death is caused by an accident. Go here to view accidental death insurance rates and options.

As a group of independent life insurance agents, we work for you. Our goal is to find affordable life insurance protection for every family in need. And if it’s part of a program that seems to keep you healthy, too? That’s a big bonus.

Understanding Kaizen Methods

We have families too. No matter what happens, we know how important it is to take care of our loved ones, even when someone dies.

If you have questions, call one of our friendly agents at (858) 703-6178 to find out if Protection Plus Life Insurance is right for your family. We are happy to help and there is no obligation to buy.

Are you a life insurance agent helping your customers access Protection Plus Life Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

We help other agents to start the program. You can help your insurance customers finally get coverage by getting your contract here. Question? Call us at 858-703-6178.

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I am a life insurance and retirement planning professional. My goal is to help my clients create wealth and save time and money when purchasing insurance. Learn wealth building strategies with low risk, taxes and fees. Read our customer reviews to find out what it’s like to work with us. My team is licensed in all 50 states and represents over 70 insurance companies. If you have been denied coverage, have a special need or have questions; contact us. We have creative solutions for almost every situation. People ask if the Kaizen insurance strategy (indexed universal life insurance + leverage) will work when interest rates rise.

Rising interest rates are a risk with these types of profitable wealth building strategies. We cover how interest rates affect investing, what banks are looking for, and how Kaizen holds up to stress tests.

Kai-Zen allows high earners to use premium financing to enhance their otherwise traditional retirement plan while minimizing the significant tax impact. Interest rate increases in the early years of a bond loan can affect future earnings from the cash value.

However, NIW Corporation (creators of Kai-Zen) developed the Kai-Zen strategy to destroy cash accumulation without affording leverage in a high interest rate environment.

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Watch this video for a detailed look at how Kai-Zen can protect your money even in rising interest rates.

Kai-Zen increases your dollar growth (3:1), so you have more money in a tax-free retirement vehicle.

In short: the bank pays 75% of the fee in the first ten years. In the 15th year, the bank will be returned

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