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Innovive Health – At Innovative Health, our mission is to help patients achieve better health through innovation, information and quality home care.

Whether a person has been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, is disabled or has a cognitive impairment, or needs short-term care, we work to keep patients comfortable at home. In fact, our success in achieving the best results for patients makes us the choice of providers and families alike.

Innovive Health

New Life provides a variety of skilled nursing services to vulnerable and underserved communities. Our highly trained staff of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are trained to connect with individual patients and provide the full range of care needed for recovery and wellness where patients need care most: at home. In addition, we recently developed a program to support ongoing care and support for patients with severe COVID-19 infection. Innovation treats many patients who need and are suitable for home care, although we specialize in treating complex and chronic patients with behavioral and physical illnesses.

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Our skilled nursing services promote mental and physical health through clinical assessment, evaluation and intervention. Our dedicated physicians receive state-of-the-art training in home care, to best match recovery support and patient well-being.

We are a leading provider of innovative, compassionate home health care for people with behavioral health issues. Our dedicated team focuses on vulnerable communities every day, providing quality care in the safety and comfort of their homes and communities.

Among the services offered, we also offer special programs to help people with complete home care. Health support programs include the following:

At the intersection of exceptional care, using information, innovation and support with the patient’s health. We believe in suppliers with genuine care, unparalleled technology and a team that loves what they do. By partnering with the patient’s regular medical and community providers, we can create a personalized treatment plan for optimal health at home. The Future Leaders Awards program is presented in partnership with the PointClickCare Program and aims to recognize members of the next decade’s industry in senior living, skilled nursing, home health, and hospice care. To view Future Leaders, visit

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Nicholas D’Addabo, vice president of new health strategy, has been named a 2022 future leader by Home Health News.

To become a future leader, one is chosen by one’s peers. The candidate must be a hard-working employee aged 40 or over, an enthusiastic employee who knows how to create a vision, and advocate for adults and committed people. Technically they have to protect their lives.

D’Addabbo sat down with HHCN to discuss the future of home health care, underutilization and the journey that took him to space.

D’Addabbo: Home health care was a black box for me at first. I began my professional medical career working in the back of an ambulance as an EMT in urban and rural areas of the United States. I love the opportunity to deal with how to treat a patient in a matter of minutes.

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However, one thing has become clear: Treating patients with behavioral health disorders often occurs in the context of behavioral assessment, leading to undertreatment.

When I found my current employer, New Health, I realized that by managing patients with complex and simple physical and behavioral diagnoses at home, we were able to build a working relationship with patients who were living independently, not in an emergency setting. and barriers to clinical outcomes are identified and addressed in detail.

It showed me how the different pieces of the health care puzzle fit together and how home care – when possible – not only results in better medical outcomes, but also more satisfied patients.

Home remedies are a widely used tool. It is important to note that the use of services, such as skilled home care, can reduce costs and reduce the unnecessary use of expensive medical care.

Future Leader: Nicholas D’addabbo, Vice President Of Strategy, Innovive Health

It is necessary that any level can make decisions about the total cost of treatment when setting up a benefit package to identify services that notify the patient or their referral when technical assistance is indicated. After the ambulatory visit.

If you could change one thing about the future of home care, what would it be?

Rethink the administrative burden of home care and remove red tape and barriers to access to personalized home care.

Many guidelines are outdated and fail to account for the paradigm shift in which care is and can be provided.

The Value Proposition Is Clear’: How Innovive’s Home Care Model Keeps Smi Patients Out Of The Hospital

It is time to rethink and think: what the patient wants; technological advances; In general, the aging population creates over-the-counter health care problems; and labor shortages.

Two things: I think health care organizations in general need to review how we deliver care and how we recruit new and permanent employees. More patients than ever want to change where their care is delivered.

Although there is an undoubted improvement in conventional medicine, I also think that the Covid-19 epidemic has shown us that there is a great value in developing face-to-face relationships with providers in order to manage the long-term health of patients, and therefore do not see a decrease in the need for care in the environment.

I do think that patients who continue to receive care need to consider their options, though, and bill payers consider the cost. This is where the home care industry needs to continue to innovate and create jobs that home care services can provide and where regulations need to change to support this.

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2023 will be — hopefully — an exciting year in medicine as we emerge from the turmoil caused by COVID-19 and it’s time to bring positive change to the industry. Working at home.

If you could look back at your early days in the industry and give one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

I would say to myself that the changes in the world will force innovation in the near future and that organizations will be more receptive to technology in order to inform medical and clinical processes, facilitate the exchange of information between patient care teams, and reduce costs in general. . .

Teach leaders and generations of students who will follow you, but most importantly and above all, listen and learn.

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Listen to other people’s opinions, listen to your employees, listen to your patients, listen to smarter people. Good ideas or keys to success are all around you, and listening with intent will help you find them. We are a leading provider of home care services for people with mental health issues. Our dedicated team focuses on vulnerable communities every day, providing quality care in the safety and comfort of their homes and communities.

We are committed to delivering better outcomes for our patients while using data to improve efficiency in care and reduce costs for the health system. We understand the dynamics of today’s development of the healthcare market and embrace the latest technology available while building strong partnerships with leading healthcare organizations to provide the most advanced healthcare at home.

We are always here for our patients, our partners, our employees and our community. Through our unparalleled commitment to adults diagnosed with complex mental health problems, we are changing lives, helping communities and shaping the future of home care. We accept delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A leading provider of innovative home care solutions that address critical mental health issues for older adults, Inovive’s mission is to keep our patients in the hospital and in their own homes where data is used to deliver the best results at the lowest cost.

Innovive Health Mission, Vision & Values

New Life is revolutionizing healthcare with new patient-centered, data-driven, comprehensive home care services. Through our unparalleled commitment to our patients, we change lives, support communities and shape the future of healthcare.

Founder and CEO Joe is an entrepreneur, innovator and leader who has transformed home life with over 25 years of experience in family care and leading organizations. After graduating from Yale University with a Master of Science in Nursing, she took her passion for community health and combined it with a commitment to focus on the most vulnerable patient populations in Massachusetts. – people struggling with serious mental health and medical issues Joe founded New Life in 2000, now a leading home health center

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