Innovative Urgent Care And Family Health Clinic

Innovative Urgent Care And Family Health Clinic – A busy hospital emergency room is not the best place to treat minor injuries or illnesses. Fortunately, if you live in San Antonio, there is a high-quality alternative – Innovative and Urgent Care and Family Hospital. Here we offer emergency family services for people of all ages, without an appointment! Patients requiring minor care can often be located much faster, more personally and more manually than traditional hospital emergency services.

If you cannot reach your doctor, contact our polyclinic. We have now extended our opening hours to accommodate more appointments. Furthermore, if you have a serious but not urgent medical problem, we can save you a small amount of money that you would spend on urgent care. If you need emergency care in San Antonio, remember us!

Innovative Urgent Care And Family Health Clinic

Our team of family care professionals includes board-certified emergency physicians, specially trained nurses and paramedics, as well as X-ray and laboratory technicians. Our hospital is unique in that it employs medical staff. Our doctors and staff work closely together. Many of our patients return to us again and again because of the excellent care we provide.

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The Shineleg emergency room and family hospital has been newly renovated. We have dozens of beds and the latest medical equipment and technology. We always have licensed doctors and nurses trained in first aid. The innovative emergency and family clinic is truly innovative. We offer great emergency services at very affordable rates and have payment plans for those with high deductibles or the uninsured!

For privacy and efficiency, patients are examined in our clinic using an advanced biometric palm scanner that links them to their health records. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best experience and service to every patient, from registration to the doctor’s office.

The state-of-the-art acute care and family center has earned a reputation for providing high-quality care in a compassionate, family-centered environment. Try us today!

In addition to first-class medical care, our innovative urgent care and family practice benefits from partnerships with other top physicians, surgeons and hospitals in San Antonio. This means we work not only with each other, but with the San Antonio healthcare community to provide the best possible care for each patient!

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We have a whole range of doctors available, from cardiologists to gastroenterologists to ophthalmologists. Consider innovative urgent care, convenient patient- and family-centered care in family practice. When you visit our innovative urgent care and family practice, you know you and your family will receive the personalized care and attention you deserve.

I am passionate about the success of my patients. I love seeing them succeed; The greatest achievement is the health, well-being and happiness of my patients.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. “If you love what you do, you will be successful.” ~ Schweiter

Born and raised outside of Corpus Christi, Texas, John has lived in Helotes for over 14 years, but still considers Bourne his home. He has been married for 26 years and has two children who also support him a lot in his work. For the past 10 years, he has been a physician in various emergency rooms in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, but has also worked in emergency rooms and clinics. However, her passion is health care and the professional rewards she provides her patients as they progress in their health.

Innovative Urgent Care And Family Health Clinic

Prior to becoming a nurse, John owned and operated 7 outpatient physical therapy clinics in South Texas for over 10 years. As an impractical owner, missing the challenge and motivation of direct patient care, she sold her business in 2009 and enrolled in school with the goal of becoming a nurse and opening her own practice.

Not only is he dedicated to keeping his patients happy and healthy, but he also enjoys reading, golfing, snow skiing, and traveling with his family. John works with family physician Jeffrey Johnson.

Huynh (pronounced “wynn”) was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013. He has over 18 years of experience at the University of Texas Health at East Texas. Qualifications include midwifery, telemetry, medicine/surgery and paediatrics. During her tenure at The University of Texas at East Texas, her roles ranged from volunteer nurse to registered nurse, registered nurse, and nurse practitioner. She graduated from Purdue Global University in 2019 with a Master of Nursing degree in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Huynh and her husband moved to the San Antonio area in 2017. As of 2020, she works as a family nurse practitioner at a private and family hospital in the county. Hui’s husband and two children moved to He was born in 2020. he returned to a small town and felt very loved.

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When he is not working, Huynh enjoys spending time with his family visiting friends and family, traveling, exploring and trying new foods that the Texas Hill Country has to offer. As the eldest of four siblings, Huyong was raised to take care of others; a feature that he has retained in his work to this day.

Born and raised in College Station, Texas, Stephanie graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Public Health. After graduation, he did clinical research in endocrinology in San Antonio and moved to Harlingen, PA, where he entered PA school. She received her master’s degree in physician assistant from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Stephanie has a background in family practice and is passionate about providing quality patient-centered care. She is excited to serve the San Antonio area at Innovative Urgent Care and Family Health Center.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson is a primary care physician with over 30 years of experience in Texas medicine. dr. Johnson received his medical degree from the University of North Texas. He also completed his residency in family medicine in the Corpus Christi area. He received the University of North Texas Chancellor’s Award for his leadership, research and achievement.

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Dr. Johnson is sensitive to the uniqueness of each patient and tailors his advice and treatment options to each individual’s needs and concerns.

Dr. Reyes attended and completed postgraduate studies at Baylor College of Medicine and affiliated hospitals. He completed his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Cardiology and works with many local hospitals as he strives to stay abreast of revolutionary cardiovascular technology.

Dr. Reyes has expanded his knowledge base by writing articles throughout his career. His bilingual skills increase his value among colleagues and patients.

For the nurse, care in the health-illness continuum is a dynamic process that includes immediate primary and emergency care in all situations. NPs are members of independent health systems in many areas, including family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, geriatrics, and women’s health. NPs are prepared to diagnose and treat patients with undiagnosed symptoms and confirmed diagnoses.

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Primary and acute care NPs provide primary, ongoing, and comprehensive care, including taking a comprehensive history, physical exam, other medical exams and tests, and diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with acute or chronic diseases and conditions. This includes ordering, performing, reviewing and interpreting laboratory and imaging studies; prescription of drugs and permanent medical aids; and give appropriate recommendations to patients and family members.

Clinical health care includes health promotion, disease prevention, health education, counseling, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. Registered nurses are prepared to serve as primary care and emergency nurses with special education and separate certification processes based on a national consensus.

Like doctors, nurses are involved in more than just direct patient care. Many are involved in education, research, and legislation to improve the quality of health care in the United States.

ENPs are certified advanced practice nurses (APRNs) who treat patients of all ages in the emergency department (ED) or acute care setting in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team. ENPs practice primary care in the community, trauma centers, critical care hospitals, and emergency departments. These practice settings require ENPs to work long hours and shift work, including night shifts, weekends, and holidays.

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Because most patients seen in intensive care are treated and discharged with minor health problems, they must be prepared to provide essential services such as treatment of patients with chronic conditions, obstetrics and gynecology care, and newborn care. and young children, who make up a significant portion of all ED patients. However, ENPs must be prepared to care for high-profile emergency patients

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