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Innovative Men’s Health Bellevue

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Bellevue Group is an independent Swiss financial boutique specializing in wealth management. Founded in 1993 and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the independent asset management company employs approximately 100 people and focuses on a diverse, award-winning range of investment solutions in three areas: specialized healthcare strategies, alternative investment strategies and traditional investment strategies.

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The objective of the fund is to achieve capital growth in the long term. The BB Adamant Asia Pacific Healthcare Fund invests in shares of healthcare companies that are based in or do most of their business in the Asia Pacific healthcare markets. The investment environment consists of generic drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical technology and services companies. Experienced industry specialists focus on profitable companies with an established product portfolio. Investments are made based on fundamental research analysis. Stocks are selected only from the bottom up, independent of the reference weight.

The objective of the fund is to achieve capital growth in the long term. The fund invests worldwide in companies active in the field of medical technology and medical services. It aims to offer investors an attractive healthcare fund solution by investing in healthcare around the world without drug manufacturers. Experienced industry professionals focus on profitable, liquid mid-cap and large-cap companies with an established product portfolio, as well as fast-growing small-cap companies with innovative technology offerings. Stock selection is based on a fundamental analysis of the company, with particular emphasis on medical benefits and potential savings to the health care system, and the expected market potential of the company’s products and services. Portfolio companies are selected entirely from the bottom up, independent of reference scales.

The fund aims for a consistent annual absolute return of 5-7%. With annual volatility of around 5-7% in any market environment. The fund actively invests globally in multiple asset classes with the ability to gain long and short exposure while maintaining a constant level of risk over time. The patented global macro screening engine supports an experienced team of specialists to express their market insights and determine the most effective top-down strategies. Risk is an integral part of the entire investment process. By defining clear risk levels on a daily basis, the risk profile is maintained over time. The portfolio is mainly invested in cash, the fund offers daily liquidity.

The objective of the fund is to achieve capital growth in the long term. The fund invests at least two-thirds of its portfolio in companies around the world whose business activities pay great attention to digitalization.

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