Innovative Health Solutions Lawsuit

Innovative Health Solutions Lawsuit – IHelp Technology Portable Healthcare Solution Featured on Cengal Madin TV News Program as Innovative Solution for Assisted Living at Home

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA // 2021 April 19 / Wearable Health Solutions Inc. (“WHSI” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: WHSI) (, WHSI announced today that their iHelp technology and related services are being featured on The Morning Blend, the popular Milwaukee TV news program as new home life support technology. Reporters reviewed various aspects of iHelp and its applications, as well as potential integration into assisted living programs offered by local service providers. The program also cites “a recent AARP study that found 86% of people over 65 want to age in or at home.” Also featured is Silver Maple Solutions Inc., one of the company’s largest distributors in North America.

Innovative Health Solutions Lawsuit

WHSI is a manufacturer, developer and distributor of Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) technology-focused mobile alert devices for emergency medical and occupational safety companies worldwide, with a focus on the North American market.

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Wearable Health Solutions is a manufacturer of personal protection systems and/or personal emergency response systems (PERS) or medical alarm devices. Our products are designed, marketed and sold to hospital, home health care and home security retailers, as well as employee-only programs so that workers who work alone or alone can call for help if their health or safety is at risk.

The company is launching a new product called iHelp MAX. This device is a cellular medical alert system that operates on a 4G network. The iHelp MAX device has features and functions such as fall detection and geo-fencing (the ability to locate and notify loved ones if the device user enters or leaves a pre-defined zone). The iHelp Max 4G will be telehealth ready and will connect to multiple devices for remote monitoring and collection of vital signs data in real-time and with historical references using Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi technologies. WHSI sees many wearable technologies (such as body sensors that monitor and transmit biological data for health purposes) as partners in this effort.

Our management team has over 30 years of business experience. With expertise in manufacturing and technology, WHSI is a leader in equipment manufacturing and distribution, health services and health information communication.

Silver Maple Solutions (SMS) launched to help the elderly and the circle of care with “LAST MILA” with white gloves, invitations handed out.

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