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Innovation Behavioral Health Solutions – In 2023 February 13 – Groundbreaking UCSF study: California’s ambitious behavioral health transformation program must be accompanied by bold workforce investments

Sacramento, CA – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) today released a major survey of Public Safety Net workers who care for the mental health and needs of Medi-Cal clients across the state of California.

Innovation Behavioral Health Solutions

A report by two researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Health Center, “Building the Behavioral Health Workforce of the Future: A Needs Assessment,” reveals a workforce crisis affecting the delivery of vital behavioral health services to keep California safe. network clients. as well as implementing new broad behavioral health initiatives that the state has launched in recent years. A clear message from the report is that California must increase investment and adopt new strategies to enable counties and their community partner organizations to recruit and retain many more behavioral health professionals who reflect California’s diversity and promote diverse new approaches to mental health drinking and alcohol use. . psychoactive substance. anti-riot initiatives that the country has launched in recent years.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) released this statement from Executive Director Michelle Doty Cabrera regarding Governor Newsom’s signing of SB 1338, a new CARE court program that will begin in seven counties in 2023. and later. throughout the country. in 2024.

“With Governor Newsom’s signing of SB 1338, state and county behavioral health departments will work together to create a new way for people to access the county’s mental health network.” Californians look to our success with this initiative as part of the state’s broader efforts to combat homelessness. Success will depend largely on the commitment of our state partners to improve housing access for mental health clients in the county, address the mental health workforce crisis, and invest new resources to keep the CARE court operating without depleting hundreds of thousands of county funds. clients who already trust our core behavioral health and substance abuse services.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) released this statement from Executive Director Michelle Doty Cabrera regarding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling

“District behavioral health directors are deeply troubled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a decision that has profoundly damaging effects on mental health and deepens trauma, discrimination and inequality. , we are particularly concerned that this decision will have the greatest impact on low-income people, the majority of whom are black, and will exacerbate existing unacceptable health disparities.

State Health Information Guidance (shig)

In 2022 March 3 – California needs to truly prioritize people with serious mental illness by fully funding behavioral treatment and priority housing.

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CBA) released the following statement from Executive Director Michelle Doty Cabrera regarding Governor Newsom’s Oversight Court proposal:

“County behavioral health departments appreciate Governor Newsom’s compassion for Californians with behavioral health issues. We are particularly pleased with the administration’s commitment to additional community treatment infrastructure with significant one-time funding in last year’s budget, and the Governor’s January budget proposal to invest $1.5 billion. $ for housing for individuals with serious behavioral health needs.

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) released the following statement from Executive Director Michelle Doty Cabrera regarding the 2022-2023 term for Governor Newsom. budget proposal:

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“County behavioral health departments face many of the same challenges facing the rest of the country: individuals and communities suffering from behavioral health crises triggered by a devastating global pandemic; due to the unrelenting increase in cases of COVID-19, our customers and employees are sick; and labor attrition, driven by competition and rising wages in the private sector. The resilience we will need to combat the opioid epidemic, homelessness and public health crises will require strong state and county behavioral health partnerships.

In 2021 November 8 – The Association of District Behavioral Health Directors has announced Gail Gronert as the new Director of Strategic Initiatives

Sacramento, CA – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors () announced that Gail Gronert has joined the team as Director of Strategic Initiatives. In this role, Gronert will help manage the budget and advance Advanced’s mission. She will be part of the association’s senior management team.

In 2021 July 8 – Behavioral health leaders applaud Governor Newsom’s historic investment in behavioral health with the 2021-2022 budget.

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Sacramento, CA – The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA) and the Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) applaud the Legislature and Governor for prioritizing the state’s recovery from the tsunami of behavioral health needs caused by COVID-19. -19 pandemic. with a spending plan that calls for more than $5 billion in new investments in behavioral health.

In 2021 May 14 — The governor’s May budget review includes the largest state general fund investment in behavioral health in California history

Sacramento, California. In addition to the workforce and individual proposals announced today, the Newsom administration has nearly doubled its investment in strengthening the capacity of the Community Behavioral Health Network.

In 2021 May 12 – welcomes the Governor’s proposed unprecedented investment in the county’s child, youth and family behavioral health infrastructure

Increasing Access To Behavioral Healthcare In The Face Of Covid 19

SACRAMENTO – The Association of County Behavioral Health Directors applauds Gov. Gavin Newsom and the administration for recognizing the youth behavioral health crisis with today’s announcement of $4 billion.

In 2021 April 20 – A statement from county behavioral health directors regarding the verdicts in the George Floyd murder trial

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) announced this Dr. Veronica A. Kelly, president and director of the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health, on the sentencing of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd.

Sacramento, California. Organizations representing California’s mental health, social services, public health and public hospital systems today issued a powerful unified statement recognizing the “historic and ongoing harms of systemic racism” and committing to addressing those harms through clients and communities. purposeful action and responsibility.

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In 2021 February 17 – Upcoming ‘Body Brokers’ movie needs ‘disclaimer,’ say substance abuse experts and recovery advocates

Los Angeles, California. California behavioral health directors and substance abuse advocates are deeply concerned that the upcoming movie “Body Brokers” could increase the stigma of substance abuse and discourage people with addictions from seeking help.

In 2021 February 12 – County behavioral health directors confirm that Californians with behavioral health conditions have priority access to vaccines

Sacramento, California. Following the state of California’s announcement of new priority recommendations for vaccination against COVID-19, the California Association of County Behavioral Health Directors (CABE) today released the following Dr. Veronica Kelly, San Bernardino president and director of behavioral health and member. Public Vaccine Advisory Committee. The pace of change in mental and behavioral health has accelerated due to COVID-19 and related crises. Can healthcare players seize the opportunity to create business value, improve health and build stronger and more resilient societies?

Behavioral Biases In Healthcare

The global COVID-19 pandemic, its economic consequences, and the accompanying global confrontation with social justice issues have combined to put enormous pressure on the mental and behavioral health of people around the world. Anxiety, depression and other behavioral health problems have increased as people grapple with the complexities of the present moment. The increase is a continuation of a long-running global behavioral health crisis. But change is coming. We already have a shared vision for the future of health, and the future of behavioral health is a central aspect of that shared vision.

Today’s global challenges have made clear the need for innovation to better meet the behavioral health needs of people around the world, including but not limited to private and public insurers, healthcare providers, employers and government policy makers. . This can not only solve a pressing social problem, but also improve health outcomes; reduce health care costs; and create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Disruptions from cultural change, advances in science and technology, increased access to care, data sharing, interoperability, and consumer empowerment are creating opportunities across sectors to create a new future for behavioral health. Illustrative options include:

Today’s players in the behavioral health ecosystem can take advantage of these trends and opportunities to solve many of today’s behavioral health problems and make a profound difference in people’s lives. It will improve health and well-being, create business value and build stronger and more resilient societies around the world.

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These challenges create enormous social and economic burdens for societies around the world. One study estimated that the Great Depression alone cost the world economy $210.5 billion annually.

The direct and indirect costs associated with behavioral disorders are estimated to be up to 4% of global gross domestic product (GDP).

Another study predicts a $16 trillion negative impact on the global economy between 2020 and 2030 if the world does not adequately address behavioral health issues.

All these studies are even more worrying

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