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Innov Health – UMP Healthcare Innov Center kicks off the grand opening event, Hong Kong’s permanent platform to showcase the latest Medical Technologies.

UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited (UMP as a Group, stock code: 722.HK) is pleased to announce the UMP Healthcare Innov Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center), established by the Group to develop in advanced technologies for medical applications to support. and clinical experts to exchange research knowledge and experience, is open today (1). The center is Hong Kong’s longest-running technology center dedicated to promoting high-quality medical equipment, clinical solutions and supporting the development of related technologies.

Innov Health

The center is located on the 14th floor of the Central Wing On Group building, Des Voeux Road, Central, and covers an area of ​​2,000 square feet. Supported by various players in the advanced medical industry and medical technology developers, the center brings together advanced medical technologies in various fields, including AI, IoT, rehabilitation and robotics, rapid detection technologies , and more. (See link for suitable products and solutions). With the knowledge and services of the company’s professionals, the Center is a source for business to help commercialize related R&D projects.

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Discover the new medical services of the future. In the future, the Group will establish a “15-minute circle of health care services”: more community health centers will provide private health care services at low prices, especially quality and simplicity. The center will act as a leading hub for exploring new healthcare technology application opportunities for the company and business development, including regular business discussions with medical professionals.

Dr. SUN Yiu Kwong, director of UMP, said: “We would like to express our gratitude for the company’s support in establishing the center. By focusing on the company’s professional medical team, UMP will play a role pioneering position. the power of the industry. , the Center will find more opportunities for innovation and advances in future medical services and will bring the fields of imaging technology and preventive medicine to research technology and integrate resources to improve the level of health care in Hong Kong The SAR government intends to promote the development of medical technology through a number of measures such as the widespread use of telehealth -services and will allocate $ 10 billion to strengthen it. life and health technology technology chain. We believe that the achievements of the Center are compatible with the government’s policy to promote the concept of ‘ Life sciences’ and related technologies.

On the same day, UMP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industry Association (the “Association”), which is the business partner of the Innov Center and will provide advice on to the life science product and start-up to the Innov Center. Martha Hao, director of the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Industry Association, said: “By establishing the first Innovation Center in Hong Kong, UMP is taking a hands-on approach to promote the development of life science in Hong Kong. is happy to see the success of this initiative and will work with UMP to bring Hong Kong’s promising life science products to the stage and promote the medical industry, related industry players and including investors.

Ronnie Li, the director of technology and planning of the UMP, said: “The Innov Center is located in a large commercial center, which makes it easy for the business and the surrounding areas to learn and exchange ideas about the latest in medical technology. The center is one of the Group’s strategic projects to expand medical services in the Greater Bay Area and other surrounding areas. such as medical facilities, benefiting the industry and the the development of MedTech and HealthTech in Hong Kong by providing a great clinical experience of the company.

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Using the AI ​​method: cooperation with the top university in the development of personal health care software Innov Center to start signing the research and development agreement with the University of Science and Technology (HKUST) of Hong Kong to develop artificial intelligence (AI) In nursing called “WaiWai” It is a mobile application that provides users with high-quality and personalized care. As the Innovation Center’s start-up project began in business and the public, WaiWai combined the company’s clinical expertise with the startup technology of HKUST’s R&D AI team. The team’s health care providers will be informed quickly about the health status of patients with smart data.

Ronnie Li, UMP’s chief technology and strategy officer, said: “Personal AI is a growing trend in the healthcare industry. Organizations and clinical strategies, and provide a new experience for consumers . We are happy to work with HKUST to develop an “AI nurses” that will allow patients to perform simple tests at home and take care of their physical condition, based on the general intelligence of ” prevention. It’s better than healing.”

Professor Gary Chan from HKUST’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, who is leading the joint project, said: “We are honored to partner with UMP to develop this new AI model and system to predict the physical condition of the users checking and knowing with the main drugs. data .. We believe that this project will provide users with appropriate, appropriate and personal care services, which will change the nature of medical services in Hong Kong.

Growing concerns about Hong Kong’s aging population are becoming the elephant in the room. The Government expects that by 2044 the proportion of elderly people aged 65 and over will increase to 33%. of the entire population. Then about one in three people are older. As a result, diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are on the rise among the elderly, and it is expected that they will begin to be diagnosed at an earlier stage. To solve such problems, the AI ​​nurse will target users suffering from diseases such as diabetes and hypertension in the pilot development phase. Users can use wearable smart devices to continuously measure blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate. Personal health indicators along with general medical guidelines help users take better care of their health.

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WaiWai can identify users’ negative data among their health indicators, increasing the patient’s chance to improve the situation. On the other hand, people who lead a healthy life can better control their condition without frequent visits to hospitals by following the instructions of the AI ​​nurse. One of the features of WaiWai is that it can monitor and record personal health data, then predict the health status of users in real time with AI, providing timely recommendations for practices, and instructing users to seek medical attention if necessary.

When the patients of the UMP clinics use the AI ​​nurse, the data will be collected and stored in the company’s cloud and transferred to the internal management system of the clinics by connecting to the result in the result to give direction during medical consultations. which means providing effective and efficient services to patients. medical services.

The launch of a showroom and incubation program for MedTech R&D at the UMP Healthcare Innov Center, the company’s headquarters will include a showroom. The center offers local and international companies a place in the heart of the city to present their advanced products and health systems, and is a platform for cooperation between health partners. and health. Medical professionals can better understand new technologies, perform tests based on market response and practical applications. In addition, the Innov Center will launch incubation programs to support and invest in R&D projects and new products.

Patrick Cheung, Director of Operations and Programs of UMP, said: “As a pioneer of medical technology, UMP is more than a user and service provider – we want to support startups in providing resources, healthy ideas and opportunities for their growth. Ultimately, the market and society will benefit from the results of healthy research and development. Inviting We invite business leaders to visit the Innov Center and join hands with R&D, consulting and business to find mutual cooperation, while creating new value and opportunities to promote the Engineering and Technology in Hong Kong

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