How To Generate Life Insurance Leads On Facebook

How To Generate Life Insurance Leads On Facebook – Talking to a professional agent is always an important factor when buying insurance. Whether it’s life, housing, auto, or health insurance, real-life transactions can happen at some point in a customer’s journey. Because talking to an agent is the best way to get quick answers to personal questions before making a financial commitment to complex services.

As insurance brokers, we need to know that although most insurance companies do their insurance research online, only 25% of purchases are made online. Future dialogue is important in writing new policies. What better way to start a conversation with a digital marketer than to call your representative?

How To Generate Life Insurance Leads On Facebook

There’s a lot you can do, but let’s start with Facebook. After all, Facebook is primarily accessed by smartphone users, making Facebook a great platform for quickly connecting insurance agents and prospects. In this article, we’ll explain how to use Facebook marketing for insurance agents to better communicate with potential customers.

Life Insurance Is Going To Be Costly Now

The first step to driving conversions is showing mobile news ads to smartphone users. Yes, desktop users can make calls using other devices at the same time, but smartphone users can make calls directly.

Any idea who else might be calling? Someone who is interested in your services. Be sure to find customers who contacted you before your website or mobile app. They’ve shown a desire to call – so show them an ad encouraging them to engage with the phone again.

Once you’ve found a targeted strategy that drives calls, expand your reach by targeting new audiences similar to your ideal customers who have contacted you. This is called visible audience in the Facebook world. You can go a step further and try adding these targeting options.

Nearly half of smartphone users want an insurance agent within 5 miles. Localize ad content that geotargets people near your agency or company and include a local address and phone number. Using the “Call Now” button in your local listing is also an easy and effective way to contact agents directly from your listing.

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Prepare coupons to buy different types of insurance. Display specific information to capitalize on what’s going on in your audience’s life. For example, target couples with children with home marketing ads or life insurance extension ads.

Target people who are interested in or like insurance-related pages or have buying behavior who might respond to insurance offers.

The right conversational media solution doesn’t just track which phones generate Facebook ads, but captures insights from phone conversations using AI. Insurance marketers use this insight to replace previous ads with the right ones. For example, if a caller purchased car insurance over the phone and mentioned they were closing, during the closing process, you could target them with an ad promoting homeowners and auto insurance plans for the next 60 days.

Facebook Viewable Audiences help you succeed by finding potential customers with similar characteristics to people who have converted to your ads. Some insurance brokers use call tracking data to build a targeted audience based on the calls they transfer. This is an effective way to attract new policyholders, as 72% of insurance buyers purchase online by contacting a local call center or agent.

Why Your Facebook Ad Is Not Delivering

A/B testing works fine. Are life insurance ads better than home owner insurance ads? It all depends on the variables and what you are trying to learn about your audience. Small changes to your images, layout, text or audience, compared to the original ad, can tell you if you’re targeting the wrong audience or always targeting the wrong people. This is important for your budget as it bases your decisions on real data rather than wild guesses so you can spend with confidence.

How do you get Facebook users to think about insurance? How does advertising work? You won’t know until you try it, but one thing is for sure: the most effective way to get calls from Facebook ads is to get them to visit your website first to contact you. But how do you get people to click on your ad through the Facebook News Feed? Here are some ideas.

One way to reduce the noise is with a good offer or incentive. You can encourage users to click on your landing page and provide additional information to encourage them to call.

Carousel ads are especially useful for capturing attention and creating visual stories. According to Facebook, this format consistently drives higher engagement than single image ads. Show off the unique dimensions of your brand by using a variety of images to convey compelling visuals.

General Life Insurance Leads

It’s important to make sure you use the right strategy throughout the customer journey that follows these typical steps. Let’s use car insurance as an example:

As mentioned above, you can start calling your Facebook audience once they click on your landing page. These tips may seem like a broken record, but it’s important not to ignore them as they will help you increase your conversion rate.

If you don’t have a responsive, mobile-optimized website, you’re losing customers to your insurance company. Make your website easier for smartphone users to navigate with mobile optimization. Don’t force your audience to zoom in on your content.

If you’re targeting Facebook smartphone users who tend to make phone calls, place a click-to-call button on each page or in the middle.

Effective Ways To Generate Insurance Leads Online

If you target local marketers with your Facebook ads, content is local friendly. Send them to a personalized landing page with everything from information to photos to local phone numbers.

When routing insurance calls, use their location and online contacts to automatically route them to the nearest location. Or, if you’re sending a call to a call center, direct the caller to the best agent who can help them based on what you know about them. Call tracking software can assist callers and notify call center agents when a call is placed.

Insurance is a tricky and wise purchase, and J.D. According to Power, only 25% of policyholders buy insurance online. Do you track the online results of your Facebook campaigns, but do you link them to your offline results?

To prove and increase the number of calls driving their Facebook ad landing pages, leading insurance companies use call tracking. The right call tracking solution can show you not only how many calls you make, but how many of those calls become sales prospects and how many people end up becoming policyholders. You can submit this data to Facebook Ads Manager or view it in a special tab. With these insights, you can optimize your Facebook ads and landing pages to drive more new policyholders at a lower CPL.

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Submit data to Facebook Ads Manager to see which sales calls are driving your website and landing pages

Facebook users happen to be on your profile, and you want to set that up in addition to targeted search. Sometimes prospects don’t know what they want until you tell them, and your Facebook page is the best tool for communicating the value insurance can provide. When organic traffic hits your page, your content needs to be able to do the three E’s: Engage, Educate, and Electrify.

To engage, give your audience a reason to click and continue reading. What value do you bring? How do you compare to your competitors? Have a photo they want to like or comment on? These are all questions potential customers want to think about, and if you just answer them with your content it will entice them to dig deeper.

To educate, your content needs to be filled, your audience already knew they needed to be filled, or they didn’t know they needed to be filled, but now they are! Provide numbers, data, competitor comparisons, or anything else that can set you apart that your customers don’t know about.

Find Free Insurance Leads Using Facebook

How can I “Stun” my audience about insurance? OK, so this isn’t the most exciting topic to develop, but it is a place where you can get creative and get excited. If geckos or furry animals can make insurance fun and interesting, what can you do in the same spirit? You can use some catchy jokes, sayings, slogans or mascots to energize your content.

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