Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge

Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge – The 2020 Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) student finalists impressed the judges, with many calling it “the ultimate competition.” ApnoMed won the $15,000 IntuitiveX Award for Innovative Sleep Apnea Treatments, hosted by the Buerk Entrepreneurship Center at UW Foster.

ApnoMed is a UW Foster School of Science Master of Science, part of a group of entrepreneurs creating solutions for jaw problems without long-term side effects for sleep apnea sufferers. Their solution won a $2,500 Medical Device Idea Award from the Herbert B. Jones Foundation.

Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge

A historic moment occurred minutes before the big prize was announced. For the first time, both teams received exactly the same score to the nearest decimal from dozens of judges, including entrepreneurs, investors and healthcare professionals. Buerk Center leaders decided there was only one solution to fulfill the spirit and mission of the competition, and that was two $10,000 WRF Capital 2nd Place Awards! One went to the CatheterX team at the University of Idaho for a solution to reduce urinary tract bacteria. Another was awarded to the Concentric team at UW Bioengineering for a low-cost portable eye testing device.

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The third Herbert B. Jones Foundation award, $5,000, was presented to Spira. A group of computer science students in the Lavin Entrepreneur Program (UW) developed a method for diagnosing respiratory diseases using machine learning. Spira also won the Kent & Lisa Sacia $2,500 Digital Health Award, which is dedicated to a health program that has the potential to make a meaningful impact in a real-world health setting.

Judges Timmy and Jim Hollomon were awarded $2,500 for their Outstanding Health Effects of Electronic Oxygen. UW Chemical Engineering students are developing a sustainable way to produce oxygen from the sun so that hospitals in developing countries can get the oxygen they need.

The ElectroSolar oxygen receiver is a new spin on an old advantage. Over the years, the judges have awarded a $1,000 Judges Really Liked It (JARL) award to a team that did not place in the top three. Previous JARL winners include Nanodropper in 2018 and EpiForAll (now known as MedsForAll) in 2016. Both teams won the HIC Grand Prix the following year.

To celebrate the impact and legacy of these awards, the Buerk Center announced in 2017 that it will permanently honor the Connie Bourassa-Shaw Spark Award, named for a former director of the center who retired. Connie has dedicated her career to helping students find the “spark” and turn their ideas into reality.

Health Innovation Challenge Finalists Selected From Record Pool

The Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Since 1998, more than a thousand student-run companies have left the Buerk Center and raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

You can get this press release and more now at the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship in Foster.

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The Foster School’s Buerk Center serves the UW with unique curriculum and hands-on experiences. Students and professors at the center are closely connected to Seattle’s entrepreneurial community. Jones + Foster Accelerator Home Innovation and Extracurricular Programs Lavin Entrepreneurship Program The Buerk Center hosts several student competitions, including the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge, the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Competition, and the Dempsey Startup Competition. UW Business Plan Competition). Surprised students grow smiles as the winners of the 8th annual Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) are announced by the Buerk Entrepreneurship Center at UW Foster. For some students, breakthroughs appeared at that time – an internal transition from an innovator to an entrepreneur. Validate their ideas, and the impact they hope for starts to go beyond the seat and into the mind. The team that won the $15,000 WRF Capital Grand Prize Endozene proved this perfectly.

A group of engineering, biology and philosophy students at the University of Washington are developing a non-invasive, inexpensive diagnostic tool that can accurately predict whether a patient has endometriosis.

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Pain and trauma affect tens of millions of people worldwide and often require expensive and invasive surgery. Endozen solutions include the innovative use of late-flow analysis to look for microRNAs in menstrual blood, similar to how rapid pregnancy tests or Covid-19 tests work.

Some of the 22 teams that participated in this year’s finals focused on pain relief for patients.

The judge awarded the $10,000 Herbert B. Jones Fund to AMOR (Advanced Multi-Ergen Regeneration). UW mechanical engineering (ME) students are developing a liver support system that removes toxins more efficiently and gives patients more time to recover or receive an organ transplant. And their models are designed to be easy to use by anyone trained to use a washing machine. AMOR represents a unique interactive approach to learning from one department. This group consists of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students studying ME.

Fenwick & West went to OneCourt for the third place prize of $5,000. The team includes UW design business and electrical and computer engineering students, as well as creative technology students from the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) in Bellevue. OneCourt creates hand-held devices that users can easily hold to enable blind and/or vision-impaired fans to experience live sports. The device uses a “haptic” language they developed to control what’s happening in real time. OneCourt previously finished third at the 2022 Dempsey Launch.

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A total of $40,000 went to the students who organized the fair and set up booths for over 100 judges representing healthcare, biotech, investors and entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest.

The judges selected LegUp Prosthetics as Jim & Timmie Hollomon’s Best Idea, with a $2,500 Health and Disparity Award. A team of UW biological engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering students is making below-the-knee prosthetics for low-income children. The awards they receive recognize students’ innovations or interventions that aim to close disparities in health among low-income and vulnerable populations by increasing access to and/or addressing on-the-ground health services. Systemic inequities in the current health care system.

The UW GenePedia team won the $2,500 Kent and Lisa Sasia Best Idea in Digital Health Award, which recognizes innovative digital health programs with high potential for implementation in specific health conditions. Pharmacy, marketing, and MBA students are designing AI-powered assistants for genetic counselors to ease workloads and provide support throughout genetic care.

The 2023 Hollomon Healthcare Innovation Competition introduces a brand new addition to its $2,500 Best Practice Award, focusing on patient safety and supported by the Patient Safety Technology Competition. Judges awarded the prize to UW mechanical engineering students on the SmarTrach team for their device that wirelessly monitors tracheostomy tubes and alerts when airflow is obstructed.

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98 battled it out for IntuitiveX’s $2,500 Best Idea Medical Device Award. Students studying electrical and computer engineering, biology and innovative technology at UW and GIX are developing a low-cost breast cancer prevention kit. It combines innovative hardware design with machine learning algorithms to increase accuracy and global reach. Battle for 98 also won the $1,000 Connie Bourassa-Shaw Spark Award, recognizing in the eyes of the judges that the team had just missed out on one of the top three awards.

The Spark Award is named after the former director of the Buerk Center. The Connie Bourassa-Shaw Spark Award, another $1,000 award, was presented to a piezopulse team representing UW bioengineering. The team aims to extend the battery life of the most advanced accelerators by using innovative materials that can harvest energy from natural heart pressure differences.

Eight different teams won local titles in the tournament, but no one came up empty-handed. All groups participating in the HIC (incl

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