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Hi Health Innovations – Hi HealthInnovations, Minnetonka, Minn., has launched a new hearing aid rebate program for health plans designed to help members purchase hearing aids specifically for high-tech programs. According to a recent announcement by hi HealthInnovations, the program is available nationwide to all health insurance companies, including employer, individual and sponsored Medicare plans.

Many current health plans offer little or no coverage for hearing aids, and are not available through traditional Medicare plans, reports HealthInnovations, so the company hopes the new plans will make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for those with health insurance.

Hi Health Innovations

Hi HealthInnovations explains that once a health plan is enrolled in the program, members of their plan can contact hi HealthInnovations to schedule an appointment with an audiologist, find a hearing care provider on the hi HealthInnovations website, or make an appointment check with your doctor. test. The results of their hearing test (audiogram) are then submitted to hi HealthInnovations, who fit the hearing aids and send them in person or by post.

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Hearing aids can help more than 90% of people with hearing loss, according to hi HealthInnovations, but can cost as much as $8,000 a pair, putting them out of reach for many people.

“Health plans are looking for new ways to make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for their customers without increasing the cost premium,” said Lisa Tseng, MD, CEO of hi HealthInnovations. “Hearing loss makes it difficult for people to communicate effectively and is linked to a variety of medical conditions, including an increased risk of falls, social isolation and even dementia. By offering these new discount programs, wellness programs can help improve the health and to improve the well-being of the people and organizations they serve.

Hi HealthInnovations reports that it also sells hearing aids directly to consumers, and says that discounted hearing aids are readily available to many people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s company-sponsored Medicare and Vision plans. UnitedHealthcare and hi HealthInnovations are UnitedHealth Group companies.

Also covered the company’s hearing aid offering in an article dated July 24, 2013. Hear Review also interviewed Dr. Tseng in October 2011 when the company announced its entry into hearing care. In the first step, a desk study is carried out to provide an independent review of the context of your findings. For example, how your existing innovation will be helpful or disruptive, the stakeholders who will make decisions about your innovation, or the relevant payment structure.

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At this stage, we also help you identify the questions you need to answer and, together with you, we identify which stakeholders can provide the best answers. These stakeholders are invited to participate in the Roundtable discussions. Stakeholder experts will include, for example, patients, medical professionals, insurers, health authorities, regulators, hospital board representatives, CE experts and health technology assessment (HTA) experts, depending on your specific product or service requirements.

The second step is the Round Table session itself. This is a 3-hour meeting where your key stakeholders give their perspective on what it will take to successfully evaluate and implement your innovation. Topics covered include claims and target populations, current lines of care and changes in lines of care needed to accommodate your innovation, evidence needed by various stakeholders, and reimbursement mechanisms. Participants’ perspectives and suggestions for your innovation are discussed, and collective guidance is given on how to successfully develop important innovations.

In the final stage, you will receive a written Discovery Guide that summarizes the results of the literature research and Roundtable discussions. This gives you one comprehensive document that describes the collective recommendations of your key stakeholders, including next steps to guide the further development of your innovation. To ensure that the content of the Design Guide and the guidance provided by stakeholders are clear, we will arrange a phone call to discuss any final questions you may have.

Every entrepreneur should consider the HI-NL Roundtable. As an innovator, you tend to talk to as many of the key players in your field as possible. Without such conversations, you don’t know if your product solves a perceived problem. The HI-NL Round Table service facilitates this through well-organized sessions. All parties sit around the table at the same time and give completely independent advice. I can only recommend others to do this as well.

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HI -NL’s primary focus is on innovative medical devices, including (but not limited to) diagnostics, robotics, software and eHealth. HI-NL provides tailored advice before and after CE marking.

The Round Table Service is aimed at innovators, but packages are also available for investors, venture capitalists, research institutes and other funding organisations. Please contact us if you want to know more about our other Round Table Packages: info@ .

There are a number of grant programs where the costs associated with HI-NL Roundtable services can be covered (in full). Please visit our grant program page for more information. United Healthcare now offers HealthInnovations hearing aids to people enrolled in its various vision benefit plans.

The adjustable and programmable hearing aids (designated BTE) are offered for $649 each, a price that is generally lower than other major brands with similar capabilities.

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Discount programs are already available to people enrolled in many of UnitedHealthcare’s health plans, including company, individual and Medicare-sponsored Medicare Advantage plans, as well as Medicare Part D plans. According to UnitedHealth, some customers of their plans, Medicare does not cover out-of-pocket expenses for their hearing aids.

In 2011, UnitedHealth initially launched hi HealthInnovations with these hearing aids and an online hearing health testing system. However, the self-identification system was eventually shut down by the FDA because the system was not approved by the FDA regulator.

UnitedHealth plan members and consumers interested in purchasing Hi HealthInnovations hearing aids are now required to receive a hearing test from a qualified provider, “including a HealthInnovations primary care physician, audiologist or audiologist,” according to a news release from UnitedHealthcare. The sound is then sent to hi HealthInnovations, which adapts hearing aids to each person’s specific hearing loss. Customers can have the device delivered directly to their door or installed in person.

“Cost is a major barrier for millions of Americans who suffer from hearing loss, and these new discounts will help make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for more people across the country,” said Linda Chous, OD, chief eye care officer, UnitedHealthcare. Vision. . The company also says that every hearing test result and hearing aid order is reviewed by a licensed audiologist to determine fit.

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Hi HealthInnovations audiologists are reported in multiple cities in the United States, offering hearing health seminars in local communities and providing education, testing and support services in person, over the phone, or online. The pace of change in healthcare is increasing. . Medical device innovation contributes to better healthcare in many ways. For example, enabling minimally invasive treatment, early identification of patients, and enabling private/home monitoring. However, presenting useful and relevant innovations to consumers is a challenge.

However, these obligations are often hindered by the very complicated and time-consuming process of obtaining market approval (CE mark). This is partly due to the complexity of the healthcare market and the lack of clarity about what, for example, regulators, payers and consumers demand.

HI-NL’s ambition is to evaluate innovations that have the potential to positively influence the design of sustainable health systems. This is done with the appropriate assessment process being used

HI-NL aims to be the most important partner in the Netherlands for medical innovation, and a portal for Europe and the United States, when support is needed for its evaluation and implementation.

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HI-NL also aims to create a common research agenda that prioritizes activities that can better improve health innovation processes. The new European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which will enter into force in May 2021, gives us an important opportunity to improve the current evaluation and decision-making processes for non-pharmaceutical innovations.

Dutch Health Innovation is open and inclusive, and all stakeholders are welcome. By sharing, they provide valuable feedback and guidance.

The blue circle and green arch symbolize the Round Table – an essential feature of our service – as well as the iris of the human eye. This highlights our belief that stakeholders and innovators have valuable input to share on opportunities to improve healthcare for patients.

Various logo elements can move independently while still maintaining their identity. It symbolizes growth and change. They also form the initials Dutch Health Innovation.

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The color is modern, gives a “clean” and “calm” feeling. The blue color hints at the created ‘image’ of the product, and the vertical lines create a visible flare from a distance – a light that leads to the imagination. Together they create an identity that responds to change, but also well defined, and helps to remove barriers for innovators who want to express and evaluate their idea.

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