Health Innovation Center Nku

Health Innovation Center Nku – The new Health Innovation Center (HIC) and renovated Founders Hall integrate new and existing programs to promote experiential learning…

Transparency and openness connect the interior to the campus landscape Verdant Northern Kentucky University Health Innovation Center Highland Heights, KY

Health Innovation Center Nku

The new Health Innovation Center (HIC) and renovated Founders Hall integrate new and existing programs to promote experiential learning and transdisciplinary research and address critical health needs in the region.

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Space types include adaptable, long-range “lofts” that house clinical skills and simulation labs, interactive classrooms that seat between 35 and 120, and technology-equipped conference rooms.

Open and flexible labs house multiple researchers, makerspaces support special projects, and private offices and open workspaces serve faculty and administrators.

An entrance forum provides a large seating and dining area, while more intimate seating areas near the classrooms provide space for socializing.

An atrium where renovations and additions meet creates an undulating seating element that provides space for both contemplation and observation. CO Architect: Executive Architect and Design; GBBN Architect: Associate Architect.

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Northern Kentucky University has received a three-year, $2.9 million grant from the university’s Center for Economic Development Administration (EDA) program. The grant will support Human Services’ innovative efforts to expand its addictions programs aimed at reducing health disparities in underserved communities.

The three-year, $2.9 million grant will support innovative efforts to expand human and addiction services programs with the goal of reducing health disparities in the communities served.

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Tammy Barrett-Wolcott recalls a Carroll County student who had been using marijuana every day for as long as she could remember — perhaps 10 years. He had very low self-esteem, always kept his head down when he came to class, and refused to participate in group therapy.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is looking to invest $10 million in a new joint research and development lab in Covington, and four local companies are partnering with the city to help advance the effort.

The Institute for Health Innovation makes many spaces in the Health Innovation Center available for internal and external events, from informal receptions to conferences and health field trips. HIC offers a wide range of spaces to host your event with the facilities you need to make your event run smoothly and look amazing. Share your best architectural images with the world and gain worldwide recognition! Register for Vision Awards 2023 → Learn more Search Menu Close Learn more Project Image Brand Product Manufacturer Journal A+Award Vision Award Jobs

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The new Center for Health Innovation supports a transdisciplinary model of education and research. It has multiple programs and spaces that bring together faculty, students, staff, community and global partners for research focused on the patient experience. HIC integrates a range of existing and new programs to develop resources to improve and promote health and wellness. Flexible lofts are programmed for active learning uses, such as specialized clinical skills and simulation spaces, and serve as a flexible canvas for future evolving uses. Bridges and an open staircase connect collaborative spaces from the backlit atrium space to Founders Hall, which houses faculty offices, classrooms, and research labs. CO Architect: Executive Architect and Design; GBBN Architects: Associate Architect. Highland Heights, Ky. Northern Kentucky University’s new academic building, the Northern Kentucky University Health Innovation Center, is a five-story facility that is changing the way the education experience in healthcare is done. The new center and adjacent renovation of Founders Hall create a perfect complex for learning, collaboration and practice. The unified 210,000-square-foot facility includes classrooms, offices, conference rooms, advanced technology and learning centers, laboratories, popular student gathering spaces and a full suite of simulation and clinical skills to train practitioners in the Kentucky Method. Specific health challenges.

Los Angeles-based CO Architects served as the project’s executive architect and design architect; GBBN Architects Inc. The Cincinnati-based project had a local connection. “Both firms worked seamlessly on the project from inception to completion,” said James Simeo, AIA, LEED AP, principal at CO Architects. “CO Architects led the design and documentation phase of the project, and conducted weekly on-site presence during GBBN construction.”

An initial challenge was to seamlessly connect the new Health Innovation Center with the renovated Founders Hall, which was built in 1974. The design also reclaims a local hill that was bulldozed for parking during the original construction of Funds Hall. “Although distinct in appearance, the two buildings together create a cohesive and seamless design that opens up the campus surroundings, focuses on interior, welcoming, light-filled public spaces that bring in nature, they engage the campus community, connect users to cross. , and serves as a metaphor for healing and rebirth,” says Simeo. Turner Construction Co., Cincinnati, was the general contractor for the installation, and Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal, Lexington, Ky., was the installer. The structural architect was THP Limited Inc., Cincinnati.

New Grant Promises Healthier Future For Innovations

The project sought to incorporate metal panels on the building’s facade as a counterpoint to the heavy 1970s brutalist cast-in-place concrete building that currently sits on campus. A large portion of the ground floor facade is made up of large glass panels to bring light into the building. Metal panels enclose the upper ground floor spaces and brighten the building’s material palette by incorporating two different expressions of metal.

IMETCO (Innovative Metals Co. Inc.), Norcross, Georgia, offers two distinct types of exterior metal panel systems. “[We supplied] approximately 17,500 square feet of custom orange perforated solid aluminum Cor-Pan exposed fastener panels and an additional 8,000 square feet of metallic gray Latitude concealed fastener panels; The combination of panel styles created an interesting aesthetic,” said Josh Younger, marketing specialist for IMETCO. “Our engineering team collaborated with other manufacturers involved in the project. Custom details were required to properly fit Cor-Pan Exposed Existing window frame systems allow natural thermal movement of metal panels in custom colors. 0.05 inch aluminum.

To define and draw attention to the volume of the building’s loft space, Simio says the earth tone orange corrugated and perforated panels contrast with the surrounding gray buildings and act as a focal point for the building’s facade. “Flat metal panels in dark and medium gray work perfectly to mediate new additions to existing cast-in-place concrete structures. The earth tones of the metal facade also relate to the surrounding landscape.

“This job had several challenges, from the custom color desired in multiple locations to the challenge of installing the 51% perforated panel and of course the large piece of custom ’10’ Z-belt panel,” said Jeff Piazza, Dept. Manager of Kalkreuth’s Kentucky Roofing and Sheet Metal Division. “The whole system is 10 inches from the wall, and when intersecting panels or around windows, you have to make tight, clean transitions with big, heavy metal. Multiple window positions are fully covered by 51% perforated panels. These areas must transition seamlessly, maintaining external and internal visual characteristics, while allowing for technical functions within all the expansion and contraction requirements of the building envelope.”

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Highlights of the building’s unique design include a grand, glass-enclosed social staircase and a five-story atrium space topped by skylights provided by Imperial Glass Structures, Wheeling, Ill. Rain protection for the installation was provided by Valley Interior Systems Inc., Cincinnati. Cleanable and fixed aluminum blinds were supplied by Building Specialty of Lebanon, NJ.

“A 6,000-square-foot exterior metal roofing system with Shadow Line perimeter trim (from Hunter Douglas Ceiling and Wall Products, a subsidiary of Certainty, Malvern, Pa.) leads you to the pavilion entrance,” says Chad Hudepohl of Valley Interiors, corporate management systems. director

“Complete with two types of torsion spring clamps, holding clamps on each tile, 12-gauge hanger wire support, and lifting frames at 2-inch intervals on center on each side, this complex overcomes

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