Final Expense Life Insurance Leads


Seniors who want to save their family from final expenses often get a permanent life insurance plan for one of three reasons:

Final Expense Life Insurance Leads

This gives the insurance agent the opportunity to meet with seniors to help them compare funeral home insurance plans and choose the one that best fits their budget. To capitalize on this opportunity, agents need a way to consistently get in front of these seniors, and that requires a reliable lead source.

Best Ways To Find Life Insurance Leads

Our American-run international call center is staffed by customer-friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are trained in English language skills, sales experience, and the basics of life insurance and Medicare.

Sales data is cleaned and TCPA compliant and then uploaded to our state-of-the-art CRM survey platform. Our advanced system increases efficiency to maximize leads while keeping agent costs low.

The data is then filtered by the state, county, zip code or cities of your choice. We target demographics to build life insurance customers in the 50-80 age range and income range of $15,000 to $45,000.

Leads are created using a script designed to make it easy for agents to call you back. This allows agents to follow up more efficiently and schedule more appointments. CLICK HERE to see our final telemarketing script.

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After a parent requests more information about final cost options, a recording of the call is sent to management for review. This quality control process ensures that agents are only sent leads who are interested in more information.

The leads are then placed into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet and delivered to the agent within 7 business days of the order being placed. Data can be uploaded to an agent’s CRM or digital software.

Complete the fight for total internet control of 25 agents. You are the only agent taking those leads – period.

Stand in front of more people to introduce final cost life insurance. The more leads you present, the more sales you can close.

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Start receiving telemarketing offers 7 days after subscription (14 days) – sales can be made within a week or two.

An affordable and consistent lead source is the number one key to success in the insurance industry.

Don’t forget to call strangers or buy a list of information to use throughout the day – let them find you so you can focus on selling.

Agents with a solid follow-up process are great at handling these leads – check out our closing blog.

How To Sell Final Expense Insurance

Get a real, personal driver, not the (probably illegal) robot avatar that some sellers offer. Start your customer relationship with honesty.

Setting up your own PPC campaign means understanding ad design, keyword research and competitive pricing compared to the big insurance companies.

Selling a life insurance business and keeping it on the books is difficult; Why increase competition by fighting for generic offers that can then be resold?

Don’t worry about contracts, long-term commitments or cancellation fees; buy only what you need, when you need it

The Mother Of All Lead Systems

Some of the leading companies also work with lead generation agencies – we have no such conflict of interest.

If you have any questions, you will always speak to someone on the phone when you call and your emails will be returned the next day.

Unlike other lead companies, you’ll never see us resell leads – once you have a lead, it’s always 100% yours.

Pay customers using a secure online form – now fax, mail checks or cancel over the phone. Many people understand the importance of final expense insurance. This creates huge opportunities for insurance agents and live transfer advice is a great way to take advantage of this opportunity. However, not all direct mail providers are created equal. Before choosing a leading live streaming partner, learn what to look for. Demand for final cost insurance According to a LIMRA and Life Happens Insurance Barometer survey, 31 percent of consumers said that COVID-19 made them more likely to buy insurance in the next 12 months. Many people remain uninsured, but 59 percent of uninsured consumers say they need life insurance. There are many types of life insurance policies available in the market with different benefit amounts, features and premiums. Consumers who do not need high benefits and associated high premiums may be interested in final expense insurance. Divorce says a traditional funeral in North America costs an average of $7,000 to $10,000, so planning for final expenses is important, and insurance is one way to do that. Delving into the final cost market, Think Advisor said final cost life insurance premiums rose 9 percent between 2019 and 2020, based on data from the Council of Life Insurers. Many people are now interested in purchasing life insurance, including end-of-life insurance. However, selling final cost insurance requires the right timing to close the deal. If you reach out to a customer before they’re ready to buy, you’re wasting time chasing ineffective offers. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you will lose out to your competitors. Consumers should reach out to them when they are ready to buy. Live streaming of final releases allows you to do just that. With Live Broadcast Leads, you can buy calls with qualified leads that have already been called. First, a call center representative interviews a potential customer. If the call is a prospect, the call center representative transfers the prospect’s call to the customer, who takes the call. This system eliminates many of the problems associated with other lead generation methods. You don’t have to waste time calling phone numbers and not getting an answer. You don’t have to worry about your competitors beating you to the finish line. With direct appeals, you know at that moment that the prospect is very interested and available. If that sounds good to you, you’re right – it is. At least it can be. But in practice, not all live stream management partners are the same, so you need to be able to distinguish a good partner from a bad one. Here’s a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Benefits: 100% Contact Rates and Final Offers with Exclusivity The main advantage of Live Leads is that you get access to customers who are ready to buy before your competitors convert. This means exclusivity is important. You should get 100% exclusive offers when you use a leading partner to send the latest releases directly. Another important advantage is the speed of contacts. In general, the level of communication can be low. This is especially true for outgoing calls. Some people changed their phone numbers and others refused to answer the phone. As a result, you will lose a lot of time. You get a 100% contact rate with direct referrals. Cons: Unqualified leads and lack of scale If you use final cost live offers, you should be able to reach qualified customers who are ready to buy. Unfortunately, some leading partners may not provide what they need. In a live system, a call center representative first speaks to a potential customer. This gives the rep the opportunity to warm up to the prospect and qualify them for a lead. But what if the call center representative rushes to redirect every call? This increases call volume, but also leads to more calls that go nowhere, which means you’re wasting your time. This tactic reduces the potential for real-time referrals, so make sure your real-time leads are delivering highly qualified leads. Another issue to consider is scalability. You don’t want to pay for calls. On the other hand, you don’t want to make too few calls. As you grow, you will need to enter more calls or your business will grind to a halt. Getting the right number of leads is critical. When looking at partners for your last costs, make sure you choose a partner that can support you as you grow. The Ugly: Potential for Disagreement Most of the leading partners are great, but there are some less reputable players that you should watch out for. If you’re not careful, one of the less thorough companies can seriously hurt your business. There are many rules to consider in marketing and sales. These include the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Do Not Call Registry. There are also CAN-SPAM laws, copyright regulations, and other laws that may affect what you do and are not allowed to do. If you

Life Insurance Leads

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