Empire Record Label Life Insurance

Empire Record Label Life Insurance – With the passing of many young talented (mostly black) rappers associated with Empire Records, such as King Vaughn, Nipsey Hussle, Bankroll Fresh, Pop Smoke, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Young Delphi, Mo3 and others, ideas abound. there is a connection between the decline of these artists, as many of their deaths seem like unsolved mysteries.

The main link between artists is their record label. Of course, due to the lifestyle of today’s artists, there are general problems with opposition, feuds, beefs and gangs, but many people believe that murders are rampant mainly in the music (rap) industry, and this should only be avoided by the parties controlling the rappers. (plates)

Empire Record Label Life Insurance

The important question that comes to mind is “WHY”. Why would a billion dollar record label butcher its talented artists?

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The answer is “Insurance Policy”. There is no news that record companies get insurance money when an artist dies.

As an example of Empire Records, the papers signed by the artist include an agreement to pay the record company a certain amount, usually millions of dollars, upon the artist’s death.

This gives many people the impression that this opposition, friends, or that artist can interrupt these insurance benefits and place them at a certain time. one conspiracy theory or another.

You’d be surprised at the number of rap lovers who believe that Ghazi Shami (CEO of Empire Records) is killing young rappers. There is no proof that this information is true or false, it is all an accusation.

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Ghazi Shami is one of the most recognizable names in the American music industry. Member of Empire Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc. Before founding the company, he was a music technician, and also obtained a diploma in this field.

Empire has produced music for notable artists such as 50 Cent, XXXTentacion, Benny Butcher, Hayley Kyoko, Nef Pharaoh, Foreign Exchange, Rapper Big Pooh, Kick Da Snack and more. Shami founded the company in 2010 in California, USA.

Of course, there are plenty of artists signed to Empire Records who have stood the test of time and who, according to claims, should have died a long time ago. There are also artists who are dead and have no business with Empire Records.

More precisely, these artists may not be innocent, this equation of action and reaction breaks down, the energy released returns to you, who kills with the sword, dies with the sword. Some of these artists are shooters themselves, and these labels know that many of them are street thugs who are a lot of their competition, and they always have to watch their backs.

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We watch them rap about murder, shootings, and gun violence because it’s 24/7. These labels know their lives are in danger, so they sign and make a name for themselves, then wait for their enemies to catch them.

Maybe that’s a rational way of thinking about things… Again, these are all claims and so far Ghazi Shami or Empire Records or whatever labels have been killing their artists for insurance. In recent years, an increasing number of young rappers have died, leading to life insurance policies for underwriters.

Podcast, the Coke Boyz founder reflected on a history of beefs that have sometimes been so heated that labels and fellow rappers have distanced themselves from him.

“But it’s even crazier now because they’re putting out life insurance on artists,” French said. “At least we didn’t have it then.”

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White interjected and said someone else had told him the same thing. He asked the French if they thought the labels were “realistic”, to which the French replied that they were both realistic and worrying.

“You sacrifice his death,” Montana continued. “You want to make millions from his death… These are realistic and you know you have to get life insurance, but if a publisher does that

During a longer interview with White, French also talked about other rumors among his friends. In 2013, he met J.J. Cole and Diddy’s rumored relationship was shot down, along with Drake and Diddy sneaking into DJ Khaled’s 2014 birthday party.

“I don’t think anything like that happened,” French said of his 6-year feud with Bad Boys founder God. “No, I don’t think so. I think it might have been about a song or something, but I never went into it. Because you’re both like my best friends.”

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Montana continued, “People expect me to protect them, right? I’m losing a lot of friends. So if I’m good with you and I’m good with him and your cattle, I’m going to say both. I’m going to move on because I’m with you and at the same time we met. How could I miss this?” French Montana revealed in an interview on DJ Academics’ “Off the Record” podcast that labels are starting to drop him. life insurance policies for underwriters due to increasing deaths.

“We had a beef. People were like die, this and that. It blocked a lot of money. People didn’t want to touch you,” said Montana, who released his independent album.

Last month “Someone gets shot, his rap buddies stop collecting. Stops adding tags. He’s crazy. “

Hip-hop has been hit by several murders in recent years, including Nipsey Hussle, Drake Hakim, Young Dolph, King Vaughn, and Trump. Due to the increasing number of deaths, the labels took out their own life insurance.

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“It’s even worse now because they take out artist life insurance. At least we didn’t have it then,” added French.

When the academics asked if publishers were taking out artist life insurance, French said it was just another way to make a profit.

But he agreed they were realistic. “You should definitely take out life insurance, but if you have a label, it’s crazy if you don’t.”

In a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” French also talked about his role in the beef between Diddy and Drake. They both showed up for his birthday on the yacht, not knowing the other would be there.

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“They’re both like my best friends, so I was like, ‘I have to kill him,'” he recalled, so when they arrived, they sat down and talked all night. And I’m like, “See? You were best friends.” Preview size: 371 × 599 pixels. Other resolutions: 148 × 240 pixels 297 × 480 pixels.

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Statistics show that 1,731 people die each week in the United States as a result of violence or accidents, and 1,780 people die each day from preventable causes. Think of your close friends who have been injured or killed recently and think that preserving Imperial life would be much better than the state of their families… Dad never told us to play! You know you’re going to die. Such is the life of an empire! However, we are willing to give you thousands of dollars worth of bonds if you pay a few dollars a year. EMPIRE Publishing recently announced a collaboration with star producer Hit-Boy. The deal includes his music group Surf Club, which has three producers who have all worked with influential artists.

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Music distributor EMPIRE has announced a partnership with superstar producer Hit-Boy and his production team, Surf Club. Hit-Boy is the leader of Surf Club, a group of artists, producers and writers. The partnership will allow Hit-Boy and Surf Club to form a larger publishing group with EMPIRE’s analytics, finances and royalties.

EMPIRE has covered the deaths of several rappers such as PnB Rock and Lotta

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