Digital Health Innovation Summit

Digital Health Innovation Summit – On May 27, the Asia Healthcare Innovation Summit will bring together healthcare startups, experts and investors to share their knowledge and experience on the latest healthcare technologies. The conference is a one-day virtual event hosted by Hoppin and is part of the StarmeupHK 2021 festival.

Brink has organized engaging keynotes, discussions, panels, presentations and roundtables from Asia’s top healthcare leaders and practitioners.

Digital Health Innovation Summit

A diverse group of speakers will share their unique perspectives and insights on the latest trends in healthcare innovation.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit East (dhis)

The final of the Future of Health Asia Pitch Competition will be held during the conference. The top two startups will be invited to the Future Health Asia Private Investor Network monthly meeting and have the opportunity to invest up to US$250,000.

Eight finalists will be selected for future healthcare teams. The results will be announced live on the same day.

Earlier this year, Brink announced a partnership with Future Health. The program aims to support startups from seed to Series A, focusing on industries that need more attention in the post-Covid era.

This program supports startups that have a significant customer base in Asia or are looking to enter the Asian market. Startups participating in the three-month accelerator program will receive up to $250,000 in funding and a specialized curriculum to help them navigate industry innovation and reach critical growth milestones. Approved teams will have access to Brink and FutureHealth Asia’s growing network of healthcare partners supporting the program’s critical objectives to help them explore and secure business opportunities with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare providers in the Asia Pacific region. Participating startups will also benefit from Brink’s global network of late-stage investors and receive more than $250,000 in startup benefits.

Ncqa To Host All New Health Innovation Summit

Together, Brinc & Future Health are looking for solutions that are ideally suited to support the innovation needed to transform this industry into a more advanced and connected healthcare ecosystem. Sign up here to be notified when your next cohort application opens.

Brunch is looking forward to opening this year’s StarmeupHK Festival. Special thanks to StarmeupHK and the Hong Kong team for supporting the conference.

Brink is a dedicated platform for venture capital and acceleration. At the heart of their business is the belief that some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs, who they call game changers. Brink believes that technology startups, with the right support, can fundamentally change the way we move, eat, feel and live. That’s why Brink believes they’re here. We support, train and invest in founders and teams around the world to help them grow. Brinch currently runs 12 multidisciplinary accelerator programs in 6 countries and has invested in more than 150. Read more

Brink is a venture capital and accelerator company that helps game changers solve the world’s biggest problems. Medtech refers to medical technologies and tools that help healthcare professionals safely, effectively and accurately diagnose and treat patients. This includes saving lives and improving health outcomes and the patient experience, which are key drivers of long-term economic growth for healthy communities.

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The medical technology industry plays an important role in the healthcare ecosystem, constantly innovating to respond and evolve. It’s a meeting place for health and technology experts.

These activities aim to educate stakeholders, inspire innovation and drive change to improve overall health care. This is where industry workers can benefit from sharing information and networking.

This article lists physical and virtual conferences in Asia Pacific and the Americas that we recommend you attend!

Here’s a look at medical technology conferences coming up through the end of 2022. Dates, venues and event pages are included for your convenience.

Healthcare Providers Are Digitally Transforming To Improve Quality Of Care

If you want to participate without leaving your home, wait for our online conference.

Even though the second quarter of 2022 still runs through May and June, there are still many conferences to come. Topics covered include regulatory change, reducing health disparities, and the future of patient care.

The Regulatory Transformation Symposium, organized and coordinated by the Global Harmonization Working Group, will be announced on May 26.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Digital Health Innovation Summit (DHIS) returns this June. This conference aims to cover key topics including but not limited to:

What’s Ahead For Digital Health In 2018?

At Asia 2021, medical technology and innovative telemedicine models implemented by digital healthcare organizations presented and held a successful symposium.

This year’s Patient Care Symposium will focus on the fundamentals of remote healthcare management, bringing together the voices of healthcare professionals, hospitals, patients, caregivers and the wider community.

Industry, academics, and policymakers will gather to discuss improving medical device evaluation outcomes and improving value-based pricing, procurement, and reimbursement for patients.

The 11th European Conference on Rare Diseases (ECRD) is an international patient-led event. It facilitates collaborative dialogue involving more than 1,500 stakeholders, including patient advocates, health professionals and policymakers.

Three Key Reasons Why You Need To Go To Health Innovation Week

The conference is based on the research of the “Rare 2030” vision, which has become the driving force behind the new European policy on rare diseases.

The third quarter of 2022 will feature excellent virtual and in-person medical technology conferences for healthcare professionals to attend. Some topics to explore include mental health, moving to smarter and healthier cities, and combining analytics with the human touch.

The DxPx US Conference offers virtual and in-person experiences with the common goal of fostering partnerships and networking among diagnostics and digital health professionals.

During the conference, you can schedule one-on-one meetings with decision makers, pitch your company to investors, and explore financing and M&A opportunities.

Summit 2022 Digital Health Institute Summit 2022

“Medical Technology China 2022” is the 17th event since it was first held in 2005. This year, MedTech World brought together about 1,000 suppliers of medical design, raw materials and accessories.

Join our exhibitors and meet the world’s medical device manufacturers, key decision makers and product developers. You can find all the spare parts you need for R&D, design and manufacturing.

US Health Week covers topics ranging from medical technology, mental health and wellness, healthcare facilities, becoming a smart health city, and more.

The RAPS Convergence is an annual gathering of health regulatory experts, academics and experts from around the world. It brings together key players in the healthcare industry and empowers each other to drive change.

Welcome To 6th Cxo Digital Innovation Health Summit & Awards 2021

The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2022 will strengthen communication skills and a human perspective by sharing cutting-edge data and analytics technologies for healthcare. It provides a user-centric, data-driven environment for achieving results.

MedTech Forum 2022 is organized over two days with a select group of speakers. The platform aligns with Vision 2025, which focuses on patients.

Biotech Week Boston 2022 will be held face-to-face at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The goal of the conference is to accelerate the commercialization of biotechnologies by sharing new ideas and technologies.

Attendees can meet industry experts and potential partners to advance ongoing projects that will shape the future of biotechnology.

List Of 2022 Healthcare It And Digital Health Conferences

The MedCity INVEST Digital Health event brought together top managers of medical companies, healthcare consultants, business development leaders and research specialists.

The conference seeks to empower stakeholders to work towards a world where digital health tools are integrated with machine learning. Here you can find famous startups and investors who support these initiatives.

BIOMEDevice Boston invites thinkers and speakers from the healthcare, biotech and medtech industries. They discuss new technologies that can take the industry to a new level.

Learn more about value-based healthcare delivery, discover new healthcare technology solutions, and explore ways to improve the global healthcare ecosystem.

Middle East Healthtech Innovation

The MedTech22 annual conference is an industry event organized by the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA). After going completely virtual last year, this year the conference is back as a physical event and will be held at Cockle Bay Marina in Sydney.

The event will bring together thinkers and practitioners from the medical industry, academia and government to discuss and respond to the challenges facing society.

The AHIMA22 international conference was organized with the aim of making the global healthcare ecosystem a more accessible, connected and equitable future. We focus on four key aspects:

The AI ​​in Healthcare Summit in Boston aims to bring tools and techniques together.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit 2022

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