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Desert Financial Life Insurance – Community is about coming together and making a difference. Together we are stronger and better, and our impact is more than volunteering and giving. It’s about making sure everyone in our community knows who they are and feels important. Arizona’s commitment to give, give, rebuild and rebuild inspires us to grow and expand on our strengths.

Part of our mission as a credit union is to share success with our members, our community and our team. In 2022, we donated over $4 million to our community.

Desert Financial Life Insurance

I love how Desert Finance emphasizes giving back to the community. We have a lot of volunteer opportunities here and this was a great way to contribute to the community during my work week! “

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Tinkertopia offers STEM learning opportunities in the Flagstaff area. A $15,000 grant from Desert Financial will help fund a full-time teacher and mentor to provide interdisciplinary programming for the children who attend Tinkertopia, many of whom come from low-income families. “Building trust and being a part of the Tinkertopia family makes these children feel part of the community,” said Dr. Alice Christie, founder of Tinkertopia.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (BGCAZ) is dedicated to promoting a sense of belonging through sports, art, and homework support. BGCAZ programming helps thousands of young people grow and develop by creating a safe club space. Club members are mentored by staff like Bailey, a club alum who is now working toward a college degree.

Corey Nochta was a Goodyear firefighter whose world changed when he was diagnosed with ALS. Desert Funds teamed up with the Arizona Cardinals and Sports360AZ to perform a random act of kindness for Corey, who was welcomed into the former Goodyear Fire Department by Firefighter Big Red’s family, former Arizona Cardinals players and Cardinals cheerleaders . Corey received a $15,000 grant from Desert Finance and a $10,000 grant from the Arizona Cardinals, totaling $25,000 to help with ongoing medical expenses.

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) serves community needs within a 50,000 square mile radius of Northern Arizona, including US reserves and the Grand Canyon. Desert Financial served as sponsor of NAH’s first Health Fellowships and Awards program, helping to award 13 scholarships and awards to NAH employees in clinical and non-clinical roles. “Our entire scholarship and awards program is built on the support of community members and internal leaders who see the value in elevating NAH employees and providing them with every opportunity to develop their skills,” said Maraka Oltrogge, Vice President president of Northern Arizona Healthcare. philanthropy

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As a credit union founded by teachers in 1939, we are proud to continue to support education through giving, donations, fundraising, corporate giving and volunteer work.

V.F. express gratitude to teachers. Killip Elementary School in Flagstaff, our team at the Flagstaff Mall branch ordered lunch for teachers at Jitters Lunchbox Restaurant and bought drinks at Safeway. There was no coffee machine in the staff room, so we ordered the room with filters and our first batch of coffee.

Jamie Mirmel has been a teacher in Arizona for 17 years. She enjoys making it fun and interesting for her students at Humboldt Elementary School near Prescott through hands-on projects. Jamie plans to enrich her science classes by fulfilling her wish list for the Adopt a Teacher in the Classroom program. “My hope is to get microscopes, megaphones and other science-related activities,” says Jamie. “This amazing gift will support over 125 students… which makes me so excited for my 18 years of teaching!”

Maricopa County nonprofit Live & Learn conducts an annual preschool drive to provide new backpacks and school supplies to underprivileged children. By partnering with Live & Learn, Desert Financial can provide students with the tools they need to succeed.

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For 25 years, Desert Finance has organized a school supply drive at our branch and administrative offices to benefit Title I schools in the greater Phoenix area. Each branch chooses a school. “When I contacted the principal of Moon Mountain Elementary, he said he would do a drawing because our branch was lucky enough to have them selected,” said Moon Valley Branch principal Evan Pogue. “These materials go a long way and the faculty and staff are very grateful.”

Our team demonstrated one of our core values ​​throughout the year by supporting our community through volunteer service and giving.

Diane Berdych, Quality Data Analyst, logged 229 hours of volunteer service and was Desert Financial’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year. “Our compassion and kindness open hearts and brighten the day of those who receive and give,” said Diana. Thank you, Diana, for your commitment and effort!

A partnership with Desert Financial Credit Union has enabled Americans for Public Works to provide basic necessities for daily living and has served 15,000 people. It’s wonderful, generous, but impressive in many ways. “

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At Desert Financial, financing is something we never have to turn down, and our decorated food bags bring smiles to our customers and a lot of joy into their lives. “

Desert Financial Credit Union support has helped the American Heart Association fund life-saving research and provide manual CPR training for the next generation of heart heroes. “

One way we give back to our community is through health education and financial programming. Many in our community are struggling to recover after losing a job or income, and we are proud to provide information and tools to help.

Pursuit of Learning is a needs-based program that provides financial aid to students. The organization plans to expand its programs to youth, indigenous peoples and rural communities, eventually reaching students with learning difficulties. “Thanks to Desert Financial Credit Union, we were able to build a stronger financial readiness program and development department,” said Devon Sheetrum, director of workforce development at Earn to Learn. “Our enrollment and graduation rates have increased over the past two years and we expect that growth to continue.”

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My biggest takeaway (from the Financial Health webinar) was the 50, 30, and 20 spending method. This is something I didn’t know about and I will definitely be using it! “

This webinar was very informative. I can’t wait to use the skills I’ve learned to pay off and stay out of debt. “

The main way financial health issues are addressed is that she and my husband have a goal to retire by a certain date. Reading articles, watching videos, and participating in activities helped us maintain our long-term goals in our daily lives. “

I really appreciate this scholarship. After I graduated and got my certification after completing the HVACR program, I will be proud to say that Desert Finance [Foundation] and Yavapai College helped me. “

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It will make a big difference for me and my family. This additional support will help with all my expenses while I pursue my degree. “

I am doubly proud because one of the goals of ordinary children is school. For him it has two objectives: his health and his school. I’m very proud of him. “

I always say you only live life once. I won’t stop all my drugs and all my pain. I don’t go out just because I don’t feel well? It’s just a waste of life. “

If you’re a nonprofit partner who needs help, check out our Community Giving Guidelines and FAQ.

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