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Delta Life Insurance Athens Ga – On Sept. 9 at the Athens-Clarke County Library, the Athens chapter of the Society for the Study of African American Life and History announced that it will receive a charter in October.

On Sept. 9 at the Athens-Clarke County Library, the Athens chapter of the Society for the Study of African American Life and History announced that it will receive a charter in October. Shania Shelton

Delta Life Insurance Athens Ga

The Athens chapter of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History will receive its charter at a national meeting in October.

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ASALH held a reception at the Athens-Clarke County Library on September 9 to celebrate the state and local organization and its new charter.

Freda Scott Giles, treasurer of the ASALH Athens chapter, said that the organization’s mission is to support the study of African American history and culture.

“Today is Founder’s Day, so we’re celebrating Dr. Woodson as a founder, but we’re also celebrating our first year as a chapter in Athens,” Giles said.

Professor Maurice Daniels of the University of Georgia and president of ASALH in Athens, Carter G. Carter, who founded ASAHL in 1915, at the Said About Woodson reception.

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“Dr. Woodson is known as the father of black history. He was literally a leader here, bringing black history into the national spotlight and bringing the celebration of our lives, our culture and our history to that point” , Daniels said.

To become a member of the organization and become a chapter, a group must obtain a charter from the national organization, Giles said. The Athens branch of ASALH has been in existence for about a year.

Giles said they started with an interest meeting, and the Atlanta chapter, who is Athena’s mentor, helped them start their own chapter by coming to Athens to talk to them and give them assignments to help them .

The national convention is held every October, and this year’s theme is African Americans at War.

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“It’s concerning because the university hasn’t had input from others and community members since the beginning,” Lee said.

Lee said the history department is following up on the Baldwin issue, along with the anthropology department as part of a group of faculty who told the university they were concerned about the way the situation was being handled. became

Giles said ASALH hopes students will join the organization to broaden the age range and gain insights from different perspectives.

“We have student members, student fees are reduced, so we welcome students and want to have them,” Gilles said. Compassion fatigue and its relationship to professional identity among junior high school nurses: A cross-sectional study

Mentorships: Transferable Transactions Among Teachers

Socioeconomic determinants of willingness to pay for emergency public dental services in Saudi Arabia: a contingent valuation approach

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Emerging differences in the quality of life of the elderly: a comparative analysis of digital consumption in urban-rural China

Received: 10 October 2022 / Revised: 16 November 2022 / Accepted: 16 November 2022 / Published: 17 November 2022

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The purpose of this study is to compare quality of life variables in the area of ​​digital consumption among elderly people in urban and rural China during the COVID-19 epidemic. This study presents a low-cost, mixed-methods research methodology that uses a quantitative study of a large area sample combined with a qualitative study of a small area sample. Data for the large sample were obtained from the China Family Group Study (CFPS) database, and data for the small regional sample were obtained from Nanjing, China. Least square regression analysis (OSL) and propensity score matching (PSM) were used for quantitative analysis of large area samples. The selection optimization and compensation (SOC) model was used for the qualitative analysis of small regional samples. Research findings show that financial income is a direct driver of digital consumption. Digital consumption has a significant positive relationship with the quality of life of older people in urban and rural areas. In addition, this study established a semantic network connection between the elderly and their drivers’ coping strategies with digital consumption. Finally, the theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed in the context of other related studies.

Throughout history, along with the development of social forms, economic development has gone through an agricultural and industrial era. We now live in the era of the information economy, where the integration, sharing and use of information technology in the digital economy is increasing. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, information and communication technologies have helped people to live and spend in new ways. Our grandparents experienced the shift from traditional to digital consumption. Can their lives adapt to digital consumption? To investigate the quality of the population, it is very important to use a cheap, efficient and accurate research method that takes into account the large population and uneven urban-rural development. In particular, cultural, racial and religious differences in different countries should be taken into account. In this study, an empirical study was conducted on the elderly in the Yangtze River Delta region of China. This study included a differential study of urban and rural elderly quality of life affected by digital consumption in a large regional sample and a small-scale study of urban and rural elderly quality of life coping strategies. Regional sampling during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Today, information services have profoundly changed people’s way of life. The advantages of fast delivery and instant information exchange have brought great convenience to life services [1]. At the same time, countries and regions are continuously promoting the digitization of services and consumption. However, two different opinions seem to prevail among the elderly. One group of opinions believes that information services have a positive effect on the quality of life of the elderly. For example, it helps to monitor the physical condition of the elderly and improves the quality of health [2]. The quality of life is improved by promoting mental health and positive social integration [3]. Another opinion is that information services negatively affect the quality of life of the elderly. For example, the digital divide causes cognitive strain and reduces life satisfaction [4, 5]. The information snail effect reduces information discrimination and social participation in the elderly [6]. The difference between the two opinions is the difference between an objective assessment and a subjective response. A representative behavior in information services is digital consumption, and consumption is not only an external behavioral expression, but also an internal psychological behavior. Therefore, when studying the factors that affect digital consumption on the quality of life of the elderly, it is necessary to evaluate not only the objective indicators of the quality of life, but also the response of the elderly to the subjective indicators. look at

In countries with a large geographical area and a large population, extensive surveys of the population’s quality of life can be very expensive in terms of time and money [7, 8]. For example, each census in China takes three years. Furthermore, the elderly population is one of the most regionally and culturally diverse groups [9]. The trend of information services represented by digital consumer factors is changing rapidly, and the traditional method of reviewing a large amount obviously cannot adapt to the needs of the digital consumer economy. To address these issues, this study proposes a comprehensive quality of life survey.

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