Creditor Group Life Insurance

Creditor Group Life Insurance – A creditors’ committee is a group of people who represent a company’s creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. As such, the committee of creditors has wide-ranging powers and responsibilities, including drawing up reorganization plans for insolvent companies or deciding to wind them up. The committee of creditors is usually divided between secured and unsecured creditors.

A secured creditors’ committee is made up of creditors who have first claim on the assets securing their debts. Because of their protected status, such groups are the first creditors to be repaid in bankruptcy proceedings. Committee members of unsecured creditors usually have more or less power depending on the amount owed. Although the court will consider the position of the committee of creditors, the bankruptcy trustee has the final authority to decide what is fair to all parties.

Creditor Group Life Insurance

Serving on a creditors’ committee is a significant time commitment, may require extensive travel, and may require making decisions that may conflict with the interests of the individual or the employer. Such work is unpaid, although expenses may be reimbursed.

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The purpose of a creditors’ committee is to ensure that unsecured creditors, who may be owed relatively small amounts, are still represented in bankruptcy proceedings. The U.S. bankruptcy trustee (appointed in major cases through a Chapter 11 proceeding) is responsible for consisting of a committee of creditors, choosing among unsecured creditors the 20 largest unsecured claims against the debtor.

Its purpose is to represent this group of creditors who would otherwise be under-represented. Depending on the case, the trustee may also choose a committee of creditors which includes other groups of applicants such as bondholders, pensioners or even secured creditors.

The creditors’ committee represents the interests of unsecured creditors in bankruptcy courts and also in negotiations between debtors and other groups. The trustee is responsible for electing an odd number of committee members to act as trustees, representing all creditors, not just their interests.

Creditors’ committees may use professional advice, such as accountants, legal counsel, appraisers or other professional assistance, as part of their work. The debtor’s estate, not the creditor, pays for such professional help.

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One of the main objectives of the committee of creditors is to decide whether the debtor company should be wound up immediately or not. The basis for such a decision is whether the liquidation of the company would better repay the creditor than if the company was allowed to continue operating.

The committee of creditors may also review the conduct and business activities of the debtor as part of the restructuring plan. Creditors’ committees can negotiate with debtors and other creditors to create an appropriate reorganization plan, including how each party will be paid, what assets of the debtor will be kept or sold, and what obligations and agreements will be fulfilled, canceled or be modified.

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Provide your contact details and we will connect you with a Sun Life advisor. Your consultant will assist you in finding the right product for your needs. Group creditor life is a group life insurance product purchased by creditors primarily to provide insurance against the death risk of the creditor. Canopy’s Group Creditor Life also offers other optional policy riders, including critical illness and accidental death and dismemberment.

If the insured borrower dies, the life insurance company pays an indemnity equal to the outstanding loan balance (as per the policy maximum) to the lender, who in turn is required to use the distributed indemnity to reduce the loan liability Is. to the lender.

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