Cop Life Insurance

Cop Life Insurance – Our self-insured group health plan covers contract and permanent workers who work at least 30 hours per week for a $0 premium. We offer voluntary dental insurance, life insurance and a cafeteria plan that includes flexible spending accounts.

Coverage starts on the first day of the month following the day you qualify for employment and Mercy is your preferred service provider (PPO).

Cop Life Insurance

Employees and insured family members receive annual free preventive care if they use network providers. The deduction waived this benefit.

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The Springfield Police Officers Association (SPOA) offers its members a voluntary dental insurance plan. Fees are paid 100% to the employee through payroll deductions.

SPOA offers SPOA members voluntary vision insurance. Fees are paid 100% to the employee through payroll deductions.

SPOA offers its members voluntary life insurance. Fees are paid 100% to the employee through payroll deductions.

Contribution rates are $18.50 per month, $50,000 employee coverage. Additional personal protection can be purchased. Prices depend on age and selected additional insurance. It is also possible to purchase insurance for your spouse and child.

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This voluntary plan is available to permanent full-time employees and allows pre-tax payments for health, dental, life and cancer insurance premiums, as well as qualified dependent care and medical expenses. Selected contributions are not subject to state or federal income tax or FICA.

Prescription drug plans are managed by Elixir. Retail Pharmacy Coverage: $5 co-payment for 30-day fill plus 20% of prescription amount; maximum delivery time of 90 days. Shipping Order Coverage: 20% cost limited to 90-day prescription delivery. Mandatory Generic: If a program member chooses a brand name over a generic, the co-pay cost is $5 (mail order excluded) plus 20% plus the price difference between generic and brand name. Out-of-Network (submit a prescription request with Med-Pay): Once the deductible is reached, the plan covers 60% of covered prescriptions.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that has created national standards to protect a patient’s confidential health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued the HIPAA Privacy Rule to implement HIPAA requirements. The HIPAA Security Principle protects certain information covered by the Privacy Principle. For more information, see the City’s HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice.

We are particularly proud of our pension plan, which includes the most robust option available under MO-LAGERS (L-11), which is 100% paid by the city and requires no employee contributions. The Missouri LAGERS Municipal Defined Benefit Retirement Program provides consistent, protected, and guaranteed benefits for the life of an eligible LAGERS member. Employees become eligible after 5 years, and service in the plan can travel with the member to other public employers in Missouri.

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Police officers can retire with reduced pay from the age of 55. A captured police officer may decide to retire with a reduced salary from the age of 50.

Use this calculator to find out how much LAGERS is worth to you. Enter a salary amount that represents the employee’s last annual salary, select years of service, and calculate the benefit estimate.

This calculator is intended to estimate your future profits and is not intended to be used as an official LAGERS profit calculator. You can find the official calculator in your benefits statement or talk to your benefits specialist.

The 457(b) deferred compensation plan is offered by MissionSquare Retirement. This plan allows employees to have deferred pay directly from their paychecks, pre-tax, to a retirement savings account. The city pays a lump sum of $10.00 per billing period if the employee contributes at least $10.00 per billing period.

Police Officer Duty Limitation Insurance

The city recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers its employees generous leave. Officials start earning time off right away, and that time increases with years of service!

The Springfield Police Department serves the community 24/7, year-round. For this reason, civil servants must work regular metropolitan weekends or take some holidays off because their day off falls on a holiday. Employees receive 10 days off a year in the form of continuous operational leave.

Officers receive 96 hours per year (maximum 1440 hours). The time of sick leave may be used for the illness of the employee and his spouse, children or parents, preventive health care or other medical needs.

In addition to leave and continuous operational leave, commanders earn 3 floats per year, which can be used at the discretion of the commander.

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Thanks for your service time – 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th etc. we are giving you a day off for our anniversary.

An officer who is a member of the National Guard or any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces is entitled to a total of 120 hours of leave per federal tax year with no reduction in pay, provided he serves the city with proper orders.

An officer may be granted paid time off if the juror’s duties require him or her to be absent from work.

Employees may receive a maximum of 5 days off work in the event of the death of a relative of the beneficiary, as listed in the Order of Merit.

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InBalance is the employee wellness program for the City of Springfield, offering a wide range of programs and services to positively impact overall well-being. Created as a direct response to employee survey feedback, inBalance is a program that easily adapts to the changing needs and desires of city employees. inBalance serves city employees and their families, making the city of Springfield a great place to work.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service that the City provides free of charge to all employees and their families. The EAP is designed to help employees deal with life’s challenges, including personal and work-related issues.

The services provided through the EAP are confidential and include short-term counseling and a range of other resources, including referrals, educational materials, self-help tools and self-assessment exercises on a wide range of topical topics. Eligible employees can use EAP services on their first day of work; there is no waiting period.

The Officer Wellness Committee (OWC) consists of sworn and unsworn members of the police department. OWC is committed to adding programs and policies to improve police officers and their families.

Police Officer Careers

OWC is proud to announce that the Cordico mobile app will be available to all officers (current and retired) and their family members from July 2021. Cordico is a health app that officers can download to their smartphones. This app gives officers a central place to access resources such as peer support, chaplain support and even therapists.

The Springfield Police Officers Association (SPOA) supports its members by paying for up to five visits to health professionals.

We welcome candidates from near and far and try to make the testing and transfer process easier. If you’re thinking of moving, click here to learn more about our amazing community.

The post-bid phase in the civil service selection process requires field tests such as polygraphs and psychological tests. We coordinate the test and arrange accommodation so that our candidates travel as little as possible. Additional help is available to cover the cost of recruiting into the police and assistant officer candidates.

Police Officer Trainee Information

We love welcoming new officers to our great community. To make our work easier, we offer a refund of the cost of moving. Both freshman and non-commissioned officer candidates can take advantage of this benefit.

Any officer who leaves the city within a year of employment must return all uniform and equipment. New officers are not entitled to a unit allowance for one year after obtaining their degree.

Officers (after graduation from the academy), corporals and sergeants may receive educational incentives to pursue studies in criminal justice, law enforcement or related fields.

The city highly values ​​the development of our employees! One of the unique features of our tuition reimbursement program is that we reimburse employees for all areas of education, even if the education is not related to the employee’s job. Classes must be taken at an accredited college or university and the amount reimbursed depends on the grade obtained.

Life Insurance Cop

SPD values ​​and prioritizes training and offers one of the best programs in the state. This includes a new officer academy and ongoing training for career development, growth and advancement within the department.

We offer a wide range of specialist assignments including investigations, crime analysis, social policing, university assignments, education and more.

Springfield Police officers perform physically demanding jobs and are expected to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. The Police and Fire Service Training Center is open to all SPD staff and provides 24/7 access to two fully equipped gymnasiums, a defensive tactics room that can be used for a variety of training activities, and an outdoor running track.

In addition, the City of Springfield’s InBalance health program offers discounted individual and family memberships at all Springfield-Greene County Park Board family centers and

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