Better Homes And Gardens Winter Forest Dishes

Better Homes And Gardens Winter Forest Dishes – Helen Kane | November 26, 2016 | Christmas, green, pink and red, white, winter table 16 comments

Red and green, snow and Santas and other forest creatures. Is there such a thing as Christmas?

Better Homes And Gardens Winter Forest Dishes

Good House and Gardens has been producing this series of traditional dishes for the past five years, offering a different salad plate each year. There are twelve in total, of which I bought eleven (I found the index, but I don’t like the words, so I bought two sticks instead). I found the watch on, but it’s only available in limited quantities each year, apparently at Walmart! who knows? If you’re interested, eBay is another good resource.

Better Homes And Gardens Heritage Collection

Here is a collection of plates. Woody’s car will be waiting for me when I get back to the Cape because I can’t hold it until I leave.

My daughter Stephanie bought me two snow houses for Christmas last year. Perfect for this table.

I’ve had birds for several years, and I’m always happy when little birds appear in the wrapping of Christmas boxes.

It was so much fun designing a salad board with different forest themed items. The wooden cake stand with pillar candles is from Pier One this year.

No Bake Heavenly Oreo Dessert

This year the Holy Plate is from Pier 1. They also have a horse and deer salad plate and another with slaw. They are 30% off this weekend, so go for it!

For those of you not taking the storm this weekend, but decorating your homes, enjoy! I do the same thing.

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