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(Business Directory – Women Architects) Normile, John, editor. Building book of garden house plans from Better Homes and Gardens. Des Moines: Meredith Pub. Co., 1936. 4to. Illustrated covers 94, (2) pages Revised and expanded edition of this most popular house plan book since the 1930s. A collection of several articles by famous women architects such as Verna Cook Salomonsky and Ethel M. Crosby. His articles include: “Home to Grow with a Three-Unit House”, “Home of Outstanding Merit” and “Somewhere at Home; You Don’t Have to Build Everything at Once”, an article by Verna Cook Salomansky and Ethel M. Crosby “Come Here” House. Articles are full of descriptions, elevations and floor plans. Covers illustrated in color with stucco on the front; Roughs on reverse, minor dusting, still very fine (40713).

Better Homes And Gardens House Plans

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Better Homes And Gardens, February 1925

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Pocket cover outside the paperback. See also entry for image overlays, illustrated color overlays… Within the mid-century modern section of Craigwoods (previously covered here) is an often overlooked house. Compared to some of the more extravagant beauties around it, this house hides modestly behind mature trees, vegetation and a gray-shaded fence. So it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn this…

… This is a five-star home no. 2309, “The house you seek.” Click on any of these photos to read the magazine article in a larger size.

(Courtesy of Nathan Wilber) After spending the better part of a year surveying families about what they want in a new home, he devoted nearly 13 pages to revealing this model. Those findings were shared by architects Brooks Buders and Gerald Sigwart who worked on the project and 40 builders across the country built homes as part of National Home Month. In 1953 Burton Dunke Builders started and added the Craigwoods subdivision in Kirkwood.

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This home at 719 Craigwoods has 1,601 square feet without a basement, just like the original plans. Compared to the front view of the California-built version shown in the magazine article, modifications have been made over the decades. It looks like they replaced the window in the picture with much smaller windows and carried the gray trim from the end of the garage all over the front. When it was originally built, it wasn’t exciting to look at from the street. But as you get past it, it’s easy to see that much of the action is happening beyond this now placid facade.

The floor plan provided by St. Louis doesn’t begin to convey how amazing the view is. Compare the above with the colorful design below and see that not all owners changed the original footprint.

Now you begin to understand why this project was chosen to fulfill the wishes of their plaques about “the simple desire to live well”. According to the article, one thing all the panelists were clear about was that the house should be lived in. They wanted to live on the same level, and one respondent said that they “don’t miss running up the stairs 20 times a day.”

) considered the ideal format for efficiency and all agreed that a formal dining room was unnecessary because “formal entertaining is not usually done in the home.” Maybe it’s because America has embraced a mix of indoor and outdoor living, and this five-star home incorporates 2 furnished outdoor areas into an H-shaped plan.

Outdoor Kitchens: A Do It Yourself Guide To Designand Construction: Better Homes And Gardens: 9780696217562: Books

One respondent requested that these areas be paved because they did not want to mow many lawns. Looking at the existing Kirkwood model, this homeowner really took it to heart, turning the front yard into a sea of ​​ivy. And happy for them – lawn mowing is a pit because it’s a useless crop that needs mowing week after week!

Considering what lies beyond the pedigree and previous elevation of this Craigwood home, we’re reminded not to judge a book by its cover. Enjoy browsing, but unless otherwise noted, these homes are privately owned and closed to the public — so don’t wander in uninvited!

Norris was born in Brooklyn, MA. He attended the University of Miami and worked at an architectural firm in Miami Beach. He met his wife Anna on a blind date after WW2 and later worked as a product illustrator for an aircraft company in Homestead FL which became Bell Aircraft in Marietta GA. He opened a private practice as Henry D. Norris, AIA. His house plans have been widely published in magazines such as

. Later in the 1970s he started Heritage Homes Plan Services. His records are housed at the Atlanta Historical Society.

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1954 – House of Robert M. Faulk, 701 Montana Road NV, Atlanta, Georgia. Sold to Ian and Yvonne Bolin. Launched in 1960

1967 – Helen Perry Residence, 3435 Rugby Road, Durham NC. The original Norris design appeared

, September 1967 (ad above). Produced by William (Bill) Chestnut. Sold in 2000 to Keith and Jill Kay. Sold around 2007 to Sally and David Wasbinder. Update from Lee Trippi. Sold to The Martha M in 2015. Clemons Trust.

1968 – House of Rebecca S. and Louisa A. Brinkley, 102 Wedgwood Court, Morganton, NC. In 2006 Elizabeth W. and Glenn M. Gold. Cheryl H. sold in 2018. and Rodney L. Harper.

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Design since September 1967. Produced by William (Bill) Chestnut. Sold to Patsy and William M. Aldred Jr. Sold in 1991 to Robert C. and Lori Leimbach Eberhardt. Lori grew up in the house at 2131 North Oak downstairs. Sold to David and Lezlee Batts in 2012. Photo below by John Michael Simpson.

1969 – House of J. B. and Ewing Harris, 2525 Holly Lane, Durham NC. Sold in 1979 to Furman and Gladys Sweet. Sold to Ellen Corliss in 2002. Sold in 2007 to Wade and Mary Davis.

Design since September 1967. Produced by William (Bill) Chestnut. Interior design by Dan Addison. Sold to Nathan and Brenda Sweeney in 2014.

1970 – House of Beverly F. Noyes, 627 Lancashire Road NV, Winston-Salem, NC. Designed by Henry Norris and John Normill. Owned by Leonard Noyes since 2012.

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Design. Sold to Gordon D. and Daniel K. Valdez. Sold in 2006 to Nick Fotikorm, who provided the photo above.

1974 – Henry Oshuk House, 3180 Old Hollow Road, Walkertown NC. Designed by Norris and John Normill. Sold in 2008 to Charles B. Smith Jr. Sold to Isidro and Zenaida Espinosa in 2017. Main photo by Meera Kaffari.

1975 – Robert and Jane Needham House, 2017 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill NC. Built by JP Goforth from a plan book designed by Norris. Sold in 1978 to Joel and Myrna Schwartz.

1978 – House of Jerry and Ben Supple, 191 Riverbend Drive, Advance NC. Produced by Tommy Jones. Presented at

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A 1972 Reader’s Favorite House Plan. Sold to Thomas and Bea Gwynne in 2003. Sold in 2020 to renovated Tim Burge and Ginger Bodenheimer. On sale in 2022.

1980 – House of George R. and Brenda Barefoot, 11009 Crest Mist Circle, Raleigh NC. 2001 Debra Edwards Barefoot Consent. 2017 Sold to Debra Warnick. Sold to Reliance Capital Investments in 2018. Sold to Bonnie Kidder and Kurt Weikart in 2019.

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