Better Homes And Gardens Creamy Potato Salad

Better Homes And Gardens Creamy Potato Salad – With a great texture, taste, and flavor, this potato salad recipe is perfect! Whether you enjoy it at home or take it to a picnic or potluck, it’s guaranteed!

Potato salad is one of those foods that almost everyone says has the best recipe. (I know, cliché.  But the grammatically correct way sounds awful!)  But most potato salads are boring. In my experience, most of them are too dry, too wet, too dry, not enough salt, tasteless and all.

Better Homes And Gardens Creamy Potato Salad

This sweet potato salad has great texture and flavor and is a potato salad that you can proudly display at your next BBQ, picnic, potluck or family dinner!

Using The Best Types Of Potatoes Is The Secret To Making The Best Potato Salad

Before we get to the recipe, let’s dispel the common belief that potato salad is food poisoning, because the two are often confused.

What some people believe: Although many people believe that mayonnaise is the cause of the problem, the truth is that mayonnaise can help.

Bacterial growth caused by high acidity (sour wine, lemon, salt). Additionally, store-bought mayonnaise is pasteurized. When you ask if potato salad causes food poisoning, what causes it?

They are usually made with protein in a salad, such as chicken, ham, tuna, eggs, or potatoes. Cooked vegetables like potatoes can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not stored properly. Another reason for the growth of bacteria is related to the preparation of potato salad – which involves a lot of contact with hands and ingredients (for example, cutting, chopping). So the takeaway here is, wash your hands and vegetables thoroughly, use clean surfaces, store your potato salad properly, and you can say goodbye to poison.

Healthy Dill Potato Salad Recipe {no Eggs}

Mix the ingredients until combined, being careful not to mash the potatoes too much.

Delicious, with a nice texture and a good taste, this potato salad is sure to get rave reviews!

Calories: 687 kcal | Calories: 44 g | Protein: 10 grams | Fat: 57 grams | Saturated Fat: 9 g | Cholesterol: 140 mg Sodium: 862 mg | Potassium: 1085 mg | Fiber: 6 grams | Sugar: 6 grams | Vitamin A: 432 IU | Vitamin C: 50 mg | Calcium: 70 mg | Iron: 3 mg

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