Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon Health Innovations – The addition of Pirwell and the leadership of the San Francisco startup to Bardwon Health Innovation’s portfolio of tools will help the Overland Park healthcare powerhouse complement the industry… more

Bardavon Announces $90 Million in Health Technology Expansion Funding; A moment created by people in KC, says the founder

Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon Health Innovation’s $90 million Series C funding round is not only a big deal for the startup and Kansas City, but also a testament to the tech support community for health… Read more

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But a quote from William Shakespeare’s Henry VIII has always followed Condon as a guiding principle in his leadership at Burdwan Health Innovation.

“But words are not words,” says Condon, CEO of Bardavon, whose name comes from Shakespeare’s surname, the Bard of Avon. “Leaders lead with action. We all talk, talk, talk. Health care is rocking with talk, but not enough people are working to improve it. Me as a leader. Don’t just talk about it, do something.”

Bardavon Health Innovations Raises $15m To Revolutionize Workers’ Compensation, And Beyond

This action-oriented approach has led to significant growth for Overland Park-based health technology company Bardavon, which aims to transform the way companies manage workers’ compensation.

According to Condon, the company has made several developments since its inception. The company launched in 2013 with its data analytics offering, Bardavon Insights, which gives employers greater visibility into their employee compensation decisions. Now married with additional products that help healthcare professionals better communicate claims, track patient progress and evaluate healthcare providers.

Such a comprehensive approach allowed Bardavon to increase its income by almost four times per year over the past two years. It also swelled the team, growing from a handful of employees to 85 in five years.

Condon notes that the breadth and depth of Bardavon’s analytics offering—combined with its reporting assessment tools—provide clients with unique insights.

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“We have a deeper understanding of how important these actionable strategies are to employee health and the impact it has on the company,” Condon said. “We’re working with some of the largest employers who understand that healthcare costs aren’t just what they see. It’s about culture. It’s about productivity, environment and profitability. So by implementing these new strategies, it helps them not only see what and where they spend, and guide them on what changes they need to make to get better value from that spending and change it.

“We have a health care system that really doesn’t work,” Condon said. “People are willing to look for new solutions to fix it. So there’s a hunger.

Condon, who was recently elected president of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, said Kansas City was a stepping stone for Bardavon. According to Condon, the health technology community is ready to share Bardavan with guidance on its ambitious national expansion efforts.

“I am thrilled to see the birth of another meaningful, disruptive health technology company in Kansas City,” Condon said. “I’m grateful for the healthcare leaders in this community and how they’ve partnered with us… We’ve been embraced by the healthcare tech community and that’s really been a catalyst for Burdawan’s growth. ladi and it reinforces our belief that it’s the right city. do it.

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