Axa Term Life Insurance

Axa Term Life Insurance – AXA Life Treasure is a comprehensive life insurance plan that protects you against death, DPT and terminal illness with an upfront payment in case of disability for 2 out of 6 activities of daily living (ADL).

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Axa Term Life Insurance

Kyle, 30, bought AXA Life Treasure with a basic sum assured of S$100,000, 3x double cover and a rider for critical and early critical illness. It agreed to pay premiums for 15 years with an annual premium of S$4,145.77.

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At the age of 45 and with a total premium of S$62,186.55, Kyle finishes paying his premiums and will be covered for the rest of his life.

At age 70, Kyle AXA Life Treasure’s multiplier cover ends. The cover amount reverts to the basic sum assured of S$100,000 for death and TI and S$25,000 for critical and early serious illness.

At the age of 75, Kyle decided to retire from politics. He received S$155,103, which consisted of a guaranteed cash value and a non-guaranteed bonus that he could spend as he pleased.

Alex, 30, bought AXA Life Treasure with a basic sum assured of S$100,000, 3x multiplier cover and critical and critical illness early pilots. It agreed to pay premiums for 15 years with an annual premium of S$4,145.77.

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At the age of 45, with a total premium of S$75,974.25, Alex finished paying the premium and will continue to enjoy protection for the rest of his life.

At age 70, the AXA Life Treasure multiplier expires for Alex. The cover amount reverts to the basic sum assured of S$100,000 for death and TI and S$50,000 for early critical illness and critical illness.

At the age of 75, Alex decided to leave politics. He received S$155,103, which consisted of a guaranteed cash value and a non-guaranteed bonus that he could spend as he pleased.

Kyle paid S$13,787.70 more than Alex in total premium to get double Alex’s Early Critical Illness cover (S$150,000 with multiplier and S$50,000 without multiplier).

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At the age of 75, both Kyle and Alex withdrew from their AXA Life Treasure policies to receive the same refund amount of S$155,103.

Although Kyle has paid more total fees than Alex, they both receive the same surrender value. This is because the rider premium is not included in the cash accumulation value of the policy. Only the basic premium for AXA Life Treasure works when it comes to accumulating cash value in a whole life policy.

The above information may not fully cover all product details and features on AXA Life Treasure. Talk to us or get advice from a financial advisor before making a decision about AXA Life Treasure.

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Before taking out whole life insurance, it is definitely worth doing a comparison. The features, benefits and benefits of certain products vary from insurance company to insurance company more than you might think.

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The Axa Group operates primarily in Western Europe, North America, the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East, as well as in Africa. Axa is an independently managed conglomerate of companies operating under the laws and regulations of many countries. It is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock index.

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And bought Union des Assurances De Paris (UAP), France’s largest insurance company, in 1996 to become Axa-UAP. Returned to the Axa name in 1999.

In May 2000, it acquired all shares of Sun Life & Provincial Holdings that it did not already own.

As of 2011, Axa is the second most powerful multinational company in terms of corporate control over global financial stability.

In May 2016, the firm announced it would stop investing in tobacco stocks and bonds and allow exits from its tobacco-related bond portfolio.

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On September 12, 2018, Axa acquired XL Group Ltd, a Bermuda-based property and casualty insurer and reinsurer, for $15.3 billion.

Although the company uses capital letters, “AXA” is not an acronym. This was chosen because the name is easily pronounced by people who speak any language. After acquiring the Drouot Group in 1982, chairman and CEO Claude Bebear hired an outside consultant to conduct a computer search for a new name. Bébéar wanted a short and clear name to convey vitality and be pronounced the same in all languages, in line with the group’s ambitions for an international presidency. “Elan” was originally the top choice, but Canadian executives balked because “elan” is the French word for elk or deer. In 1985 Bebear chose the name Axa.

Axa operates in the UK as Axa UK with subsidiaries including Axa Insurance, Axa Wealth and Axa Health. AXA PPP International is the trading name of the international health insurance division of AXA PPP Healthcare, later renamed AXA – Global Healthcare on January 1, 2017. The company acquired the online insurance company Swiftcover, famous for the controversial Iggy Pop TV advertising campaign, which was later banned. ,

And fund manager Architas. In January 2007, Axa was reorganized into “strategic business units” focused on competing in their niche markets.

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In September 2013, Axa Wealth was fined £1.8 million by the FCA for failing to provide proper investment advice to its clients. The regulator said it had found “major flaws” in the way Axa advisers from Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and West Bromwich Building Society advised clients on investments.

In 2018, they became the “Official Global Insurance Partner” of Premier League team Liverpool FC. and in 2019 began sponsoring the team’s training kit.

The partnership continued in 2020 when they secured the naming rights to the club’s newly built training facility, officially known as the ‘AXA Training Centre’.

Axa Sun Life was formed after the merger of Axa Equity & Law and Sun Life Assurance Society. Winterthur Life in the UK was acquired in 2006, although Axa continues to use the Winterthur brand for its large wealth management business.

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While retaining the business units of Axa Wealth (including Architas and the Elevate wrap platform), SunLife and Bancassurance. The closure of bancassurance was announced in April 2013.

AXA Health sells private health insurance in the UK and is known as AXA PPP Healthcare until 2020.

It was formerly the London Hospital Service Association, founded in 1938 as a private health care scheme for London’s moderate incomes.

It was registered in 1940 with the help of the British Medical Association, the Royal Foundation and the Royal College of Physicians.

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Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance bought it in 1998 for £435m; a year later it was bought by Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, a subsidiary of Axa.

Axa – Global Healthcare was formerly known as Axa PPP International, Axa Global Protect or Axa Healthcare Managemt. In 2017 Axa subsidiary –

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