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Avia Health Innovation – Vibe Health Recognized by AVIA Connect as a Top Digital Health Company 2023 Vibe Health Industry Leading Platform Named Top Patient Education Company and Top Visual Visit Company

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – November 18, 2022 – Vibe Health, a leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions, today announced that it has been recognized as a Best Patient Education Company and Best Virtual Visiting Company by AVIA Connect, the market’s first in digital health.

Avia Health Innovation

AIVA Connect’s leading patient education and virtual visit companies report aggregates and analyzes data from health system implementations across the country and highlights industry trends to define the impact companies and their products are currently having. Given the complexity and changing nature of the digital health revolution, these reports help define both patient education and virtual visit technology and how these solutions best support patient care and clinical workflow.

Innovaccer Named To Avia Connect’s Top 50 Companies

“The pace of change in healthcare continues to accelerate,” said Dhiraj Patkar, vice president of digital health solutions at AVIA. “AVIA Connect and the Top 50 report respond to an important market need: to provide health systems with insight and clarity about the space for rapid patient education. We are excited to help health systems understand and identify solutions that can increase their capabilities. to provide appropriate health care , including patient education during care.

AVIA Connect is the place where innovative health systems and hospitals go to find the right digital health solutions. It’s built to effectively research vendors and guide informed decisions using tools like product comparisons, game scores, report generators, peer reviews, and market insights.

Vibe Health is a trusted platform for leading hospitals and health systems looking to modernize the care experience for patients, families and clinicians. Using smart room technology, the software platform streamlines the patient’s workflow and transforms the patient room into a highly personal and interactive environment. The platform integrates with hospital EMRs and other installed technologies to improve communication and care coordination, ensuring that accurate, real-time information is always available via in-room Smart TVs, digital whiteboards, digital gateways and bedside tablets. With live service apps, educational activities and documentation, Vibe Health reduces the technology burden on therapists and empowers them to work at the top of their license. Vibe Health empowers hospital leaders to meet the unique needs of their patient populations with customizable features, including room-to-room examinations and video chat, that serve to enhance the patient voice and make real-time service recovery a reality. Find out why top-ranked hospitals choose Vibe Health by using .

AVIA is a national leader in digital transformation for healthcare organizations. AVIA delivers unique market intelligence, proven collaboration tools and results-driven consulting to help solve healthcare’s biggest strategic challenges. Learn more about AVIA and AVIA Connect, the leading marketplace for digital health innovation, at aviahealthinnovation.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. AVIA Connect recognized remote patient monitoring for its role in developing emergency care solutions for healthcare providers.

Highlights From Driving The Future Of Digital Health

SAN FRANCISCO–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Today, Inc., a Health Cloud company, announced that it has been recognized as a Top 50 Remote Patient Monitoring Company at the end of extensive research and outreach by AVIA Connect, a digital leader within the medical market.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provides integrated care solutions that enable providers to remotely monitor patient health to improve acute care outcomes and reduce readmission rates. The RPM solution addresses high-risk patients with an integrated assessment of the social determinants of health (SdoH). With actionable insights and telehealth management solutions, providers can easily identify their high-risk patients, connect in seconds, monitor patient health on a single screen and take action, improve care coordination and quality of care, and reduce readmissions.

“We are honored to recognize AVIA Connect as the best 50 RPM provider,” said Abhinav Shashank, Founder and CEO. The pandemic has greatly increased the awareness and need for remote clinical monitoring of providers and their patients, along with other changing technologies such as telehealth. Leveraging the power of the Health Cloud ® Data Activation Platform, our RPM solution makes it easy for health systems to quickly integrate patient tracking and collaborative delivery into their workflows to deliver high-quality patient care beyond the four walls of the hospital. .”

The Top 50 Companies in Telemonitoring report is a compilation and analysis of more than 1,000 health systems implementation factors and highlights broad industry trends to define the influence companies and products currently have in the space. . Given the complex and evolving nature of remote monitoring, the report helps define the remote monitoring landscape and how these solutions best support patient care.

Aha, Avia Launch Resource Hub To Help Hospitals Quickly Roll Out Virtual Health Tools

“The pace of change and the role of digital solutions in healthcare is accelerating,” said Linda Finkel, CEO of AVIA. “AVIA Connect and the Top 50 report address a key market need: rapidly delivering insights and evidence to healthcare systems. We are excited to help healthcare systems understand and identify solutions that can enhance their ability to support patients beyond the four walls in their hospitals.”

AVIA Connect is a marketplace for healthcare leaders to research, evaluate and add transparency to the digital selection process for healthcare providers. The project allows hospitals and health systems to leverage each other’s expertise to better search and list suppliers for a subject, customer, EHR integration and match score – an assessment that shows how well an organization matches. List of current supplier customers.

AVIA is a national leader in digital transformation for healthcare organizations. AVIA delivers unique market intelligence, proven collaboration tools and results-driven consulting to help solve healthcare’s biggest strategic challenges. Learn more about AVIA and AVIA Connect, the leading marketplace for digital health innovation, at aviahealthinnovation.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Uses cookies to improve your experience and marketing. Review and manage your cookie settings below to manage your privacy. For more information on how we use cookies, see our Cookie Policy. AVIA operates the first health system network that unlocks the power of digital technology in everything they do. The breadth and depth of our digital expertise in the healthcare organization’s digital transformation journey is unparalleled. We maintain a growing list of more than 50+ health system network members – including major medical centers, integrated referral networks, community hospitals and children’s hospitals – to create a more efficient and effective health system. their families and communities want and need suppliers. .

Members of the AVIA network and our customers trust us to help them create and execute concrete plans to accelerate future readiness on their digital transformation journey. Here’s how we do it:

We develop digital health strategies for all care to meet health systems and address business goals and enterprise organizations.

Hospital Budget Systems Are Holding Back Innovation

We identify digital solutions and companies that match key competencies. Members share a need to create or improve.

We enable the team to be proactive, leading to smart and powerful investments in well-thought-out business cases and solution implementation plans.

We help healthcare organizations digitally transform, helping them impact the overall user/patient experience, provider and employee satisfaction, improve outcomes and achieve operational excellence.

We help them build innovation power – the ability to better manage and manage their work, deploy technology-enabled and manage digital assets – leading to an automated, faster delivery system.

Avia Gis Soft Ware Technologies For A Healthier World

We support successful implementation (the hardest part of making digital work) through the power of the web by identifying best practices, facilitating user groups, providing tools for stakeholder alignment and evaluating results.

We offer our work on a purpose-built platform for creative teams to build and manage digital portfolios across their business.

AVIA is committed to incorporating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) into our culture and work. AVIA’s mission is to relentlessly build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable community, leading the nation’s digital health revolution.

The AVIA model creates a unique opportunity to design the “good look” of a new type of asset – digital solutions – that will influence the next decade of investment from the most influential and iconic healthcare systems.

Avia Solutions Group Reports 2021 Results, The Revenue Of €1 Billion And Ebitda Of €155 Million

The Director, Consumer is the head of the Consumer Center, where we support growth strategy development and consumer engagement for health systems and other industry participants. The Director will lead multiple client engagements and oversee a critical research agenda and develop team insights to build a leadership perspective on how health systems can drive growth and improve the patient/customer experience.

This position will be a key manager of the Customer Operations Center and resource management to support successful delivery.

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