Athena Universal Life Insurance

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Athena Universal Life Insurance

4 Athena Universal Life Product Guide Athena Universal Life Athena Universal Life SM (Athena UL) is an innovative, flexible universal life product that offers intuitive current performance. Its main objective is to accumulate high cash value to provide cost effective death protection. Typical prospects are over 35 years of age and are attracted to the prospect of a product that offers low premiums, flexibility to meet changing needs, and efficient accumulation of cash value. This product primarily competes for a low premium to protect the environment. We expect 55+ to be strong with the second goal of providing age-appropriate and competitive services. We offer a wide range of payment flexibility in terms of payment amount and timing. Policyholders can change death benefit options to increase or decrease the face value as circumstances change. Athena UL can generate cash value that can be obtained through policy lending and withdrawals. Another advantage that Athena UL offers is high capacity. Therefore, if the lending rates for this product increase in the future, the cash value of the insurance and/or the death benefit may be higher than originally indicated or the premiums may decrease in the future. Finally, Athena UL offers a philanthropic legacy rider on policies over $1,000,000. This rider pays the policyholder specified benefits and 1% of the stated death benefit up to $100,000. Provides benefits. Subject to additional premiums, which do not reduce the death benefit to beneficiaries. Athena UL also offers unsolicited guarantee agreements that provide additional protection against potential credit rating downgrades and certain fraudulent premium increases. This operator ensures that even if there is no cash value to pay the monthly deductible during the NLG period, the policy will remain effective until the requirements are met. Unlike most current concept products that have no NLG terms or last less than 10 years, the Athena UL NLG Rider is guaranteed for ages 0-60 and up to 90 years for adults. In products for people over 55 years of age, NLGs generally have life expectancy and offer free, low-cost coverage to policyholders. The marketing application for this product primarily focuses on providing death benefits at premium rates. As such, Athena UL is often used to meet potential buyers’ needs for survivorship income, estate liquidation, critical miscellaneous insurance, and sale financing. As this product is particularly attractive to healthy men and women over the age of 55, we believe it can be used in combination with specific products from the AEGIS program that are suitable for this age group. (general life insurance, municipal bond maximum, annuity, etc.) often. Limitations, Qualified Plan Limitations, Income Limitations, and Pension Limitations. In addition, Athena UL can be used in conjunction with high premium financing cases (often death benefit restorations and excess cash value agreements) and policy revisions. You can also use Athena UL to provide additional retirement income. This is especially useful when the insurance is heavily funded or includes a death benefit. Of course, if the policy has a high loan-to-value ratio, a cash value accumulation situation can occur. IU ADL (4/11) 4 Catalog no

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5 What’s New in Athena Universal Life, Series 152 Athena Universal Life, Series 152 includes many of the familiar features of the Athena UL, Series 150, and several revised and unique new features described below. No Long Term Guarantee (NLG): Secures death benefits with or without ROPR option for the first 5 to 40 years of the policy irrespective of the credit rate or non-guaranteed premium level. Special payment required. Satisfied and the loan and interest on the loan do not exceed the surrender value. This ride is automatically included and this warranty is free. Note: For Athena UL, Series 152, the NLG period is limited to 5 years if a ROPR is selected, even if the ROPR expires after issuance. New minimum values ​​for CVPlus endorsement policies: $250,000/life for 1-2 lives and $100,000/life for 3 or more lives if you choose CVPlus. New policy loss treatment: Uses the original cash surrender value instead of the policy’s account value to determine if the policy has enough cash to pay the monthly deductible for the month. If funds are insufficient, policy default processing begins. For more information about delayed processing of policies, see the Policy Reduction section on page 54. % (75 basis points) (annual rate) for policy years 36 to 120 years and 0 basis points for ages 121 and above. 51+ version = 0.25% (25 basis points) (effective annual rate) for policy years 16-30, 0.75% (75 basis points) (annual rate) for policy years 31-120, 0 basis points and above 121 for years. This bonus is not guaranteed. Amendment – Premiums: Premiums are based on the period of coverage and are applicable to all coverages as follows: Policy. 1 to 10 years: 6% up to 2 SLTP*, additional 8% after year 11 Premium: 3% of total premiums Guaranteed for all policy years: 8% monthly New $1,000 administration fee : Yes and there is also an administration fee of $1,000 for the first 10 years of the policy or for 10 years after any increase in the face value beyond the current maximum initial value. The premium depends on the age of the insured person and the age at which the incremental limit is attained. On guaranteed basis, premium is billed up to age 121. Revised CVPlus Rider: The CVPlus Rider premium is $0.04/$1,000 of original face value ($0.48/$1,000 annually) deducted from your policy account each month for the first eight months. Policy year. CVPlus operators can also stop policyholder claims after the first policy year, allowing CVPlus operators to receive coverage.

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