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Assure Life Insurance – Build trust, increase relationships, achieve growth and transform efficiency through traditional policy management and beyond with our modular, integrated, digital, cloud-based software solutions.

The Everest Group report ranked 20 L&P Insurance BPS/TPA providers based on their vision, strength and market impact and ranked them as leaders, contributors or aspirants. At the time of reporting he is one of the five executives to hold the position in the last 7 years of the company.

Assure Life Insurance

Today’s insurance customers expect a digital experience, information at their fingertips and flexible policies. Insurers are looking for solutions to go to market faster, improve customer experience and reduce costs. Built from the ground up, Assure for Life and Wealth solves these problems and more.

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Integrated, cloud-enabled, microservices-based solutions that include policy management and more. It summarizes customer engagement, personal service, analytics, artificial intelligence/intelligence (AI) and the capabilities required for the next decade. Our comprehensive application programming interface (API) integrates existing technologies into the Assure Digital Platform and provides access to our partner ecosystem and InsurTech innovation.

Assure for Life and Wealth’s modular solutions allow you to choose what you need now and expand later. Provide resources:

Our solutions address regional standards, product requirements, financial compliance and language by providing specific text formats for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Integral and GraphTalk are compatible with the Asure Digital Platform under the Asure for Life and Wealth architecture framework.

Digitize the customer experience, gain efficiency and accelerate growth with our business-as-a-service solutions for open and closed spaces.

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Wilton Re relies on its expertise and a comprehensive technology company for sustainable management of insurance policies.

A large insurance provider modernized a large portfolio in 8 months with a secure migration from the data center to the cloud.

Based on interviews and research in the insurance and other regulated industries, we have identified ten practical and recurring challenges for insurers to be aware of.

Recognized as a leader in six insurance sectors including life and pension BPO services. and life and pension BPO TPA services in the U.S.

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IT restructuring is happening in all industries, but insurance companies have unique challenges that require new approaches. 4 Best Whole Life Insurance Plans in Singapore (2022 Edition) We compare the unique features and benefits of whole life insurance policies the best. In Singapore

We have researched and selected a list of the 4 best life insurance plans in Singapore that offer the best coverage.

This list of the 4 best life plans for life insurance and wealth accumulation: 04/22/2022

Whole life insurance plans generally require long-term investment and a payout period of 15 to 25 years. However, the policy provides you and your family with life insurance and financial security.

Inlife Empowers Policyholders In Navigating Their Financial Journey

Make sure you have adequate coverage in your life insurance policy as early replacement or termination can result in financial loss. This reduces the chance of paying higher premiums in your old age to cover the lack of insurance.

Cover increases are combined with whole life plans to increase your payments until age 70, 75 or 84, when a serious illness can affect your income and your finances.

Depending on your personal life profile, the sum mentioned above can be adjusted individually to meet your insurance needs.

Term life policies require premium payments for each policy year, paying very high premiums or after your coverage ends. Term life plans do not generate any cash benefits as the money collected is used to cover the risk of providing insurance to the insured.

Investment Plans With High Returns

Term life plans, however, are good for short-term additional coverage or for making additional investments. Some life events that make sense in life planning include:

On the other hand, whole life plans have a shorter repayment period (up to 25 years). For higher premiums, the whole life plan guarantees service that delivers increasing values ​​every year.

Depending on the design of a whole life plan, the surrender value can be taken as a lump sum upon maturity or converted into an annuity to pay the annual premium.

The total premium paid for a whole life plan may be less compared to term insurance. Additionally, whole life plans can accumulate attractive cash value for future lump sum withdrawals.

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A good whole life plan is defined by its security coverage and wealth accumulation features. At the same time, the total cost of insurance should be competitive among peers.

Note: The life insurance policies listed below do not have any benefits. Surrendering or investing in your insurance policy will result in financial loss.

LifeReady Plus II is Manulife’s new life insurance plan that increases the sum by five times at age 70 or 80. With the latest update, total permanent disability is now covered up to age 99.

With health benefits, you can get a discount for the first 2 years if you meet their health criteria (for non-smokers). A new cash conversion option allows you to convert part of the policy value into 10-year payments.

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Manulife LifeReady II does not require any medical examination to increase coverage in the future.

At age 25, Thomas purchased Manulife Life Ready Plus II to cover death, total and permanent disability, terminal illness and critical illness of all levels.

He opts for 3X multiplier coverage of Sum Assured up to the age of 75 to ensure that his coverage is sufficient to protect his loved ones financially in unexpected situations during his earning days.

For an annual premium of S$3,934, Thomas covers S$150,000 against critical illness and S$300,000 against death, total and permanent disability and terminal illness.

Dxc Assure For Life And Wealth

If Thomas or his wife are unemployed for 30 days or more, the salary is waived for 6 months, allowing Thomas to focus on looking for work without worrying too much about his salary. – Pay more.

Thomas, now 40, ended up paying S$59,010 in premiums for life insurance and wealth enrichment.

At the age of 70, Thomas’ insurance returned a cover of S$50,000 for critical illness and S$100,000 for death, total and permanent disability and terminal illness.

If Thomas decides to opt out of his whole life plan, he is expected to receive S$131,063 at age 70 or S$153,015 at age 75. Otherwise, Thomas will live until age 99 or death unless otherwise stated in the policy.

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Singlife with Aviva MyWholeLifePlan IV is a comprehensive life insurance plan that offers up to 5 times your sum up to the age of 70. Aviva MyWholeLifePlan IV with Singlife does not require a medical examination if you want to increase your cover in the future. .

At the age of 25, Daniel purchased Singlife and Aviva MyWholeLifePlan IV to cover all stages of death, total and permanent disability, terminal illness and critical illness.

They opt for 3 times the sum assured up to age 70, which is enough to financially support their loved ones if their retirement date is unexpected. .

S$150,000, S$300,000 against death and S$300,000 for terminal illness will pay Daniel S$4,009.50 per year for the next 15 years.

Sbi Vs Hdfc Life Insurance Comparison 2023

By forgoing interest on the loan for 12 months or a year, Daniel can focus on rebuilding his situation.

Daniel, now in his 40s, ended up paying S$60, 142.50 to enjoy the cover.

At age 70, Daniel’s cover increases to S$50,000 for critical illness and S$100,000 for death, total and permanent disability and terminal illness.

If Daniel opts out of his whole life plan, S$120,302 at age 70 or S$143,361 at age 75 will end his life and health insurance.

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Although NTUC Income Star Secure is not a new insurance plan, this policy stands out for its simplicity among the available options. There is a great pain shooting with 171 situations of different levels.

Opt for Star Secure’s Hospital CashAid rider to avail hospital benefits like daily hospital allowance and more.

At the age of 25, John purchased NTUC Income Star Secure to protect against death, total and permanent disability, terminal illness and critical illness of all levels.

John pays S$4,110 per year for the next 15 years for a cover of S$150,000, S$300,000 for death, total and permanent disability and S$300,000 for terminal illness.

Star Health Assure Insurance Policy

John has a reduction in employment and an option to repay the premium for 6 months if he is laid off.

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