American General Life Insurance Valdosta Ga

American General Life Insurance Valdosta Ga – Amanda M. Usher New York Life Insurance Licensed Valdosta Daily Times Jessica Flowers recently moved into her new office at 304 Janet Ave. Flowers is engaged in financial consulting.

Amanda M. Usher New York Life Insurance Agent Valdosta Daily Times Jessica Flowers is supported by her father Willie Flowers Jr., son Ethan Lancaster, mother Cynthia Flowers, grandfather Willie Flowers Jr. and brother Dante. . Flowers at Thursday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

American General Life Insurance Valdosta Ga

“I’ll admit that 2018 is going to be a good year,” he said. “I have more clients, (and) I plan to do bigger things, better things in 2018.”

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After leaving her previous job in 2016, Flowers said she needed to figure out her next steps, which led her to find direction.

During his search, he decided to apply to New York Life Insurance, where he worked as a consultant for a year.

After he said his business first ran out of a small room in an office building at 3316 Bemis Road, his struggles continued when he opened an office under New York Life in January.

“I had a small apartment and I was just starting out, and this office space opened up and I expanded my business,” Flowers said.

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Now in Suite C at 304 Janet St.

“It’s a great place,” he said. “It’s in the middle of everything, and I’m very happy to be here.”

In about three to five years, Kembang said he plans to add another location to his business, though his current focus is on customers.

“Right now, I just focus on teaching people what’s out there and being a financial resource for people,” he said.

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Stepping into the entrepreneurial role was a challenge, Kembang said, and he had to discipline himself and improve his time management.

“I’m working almost 24/7 now, so it’s not 9-5, so that’s my biggest challenge,” she says, “to fit in and feel like I’m a business owner. It’s changing my perspective, and that’s the hard part.

“Jessica misled me, she just gave me basic information, and she wasn’t trying to sell me insurance, she just told me ‘just in case something happens,'” he said.

Griffin said she was glad the counselor decided to guide her and help plan her son’s care.

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“Spent $70 a month, no matter what happens, if I die now, my son will be taken care of,” he said, “and he’s not going to inherit my debt, he’s just going to inherit the property.” happy . “

Kembang aspires to one day become a mentor for future advisors, and says the support of God and his family has pushed him through his first year of starting a new business.

“I’m just thankful for the support of my family, my mom, dad and brother,” he said. “They really support me and my business and everything I need, as long as you trust them and keep an open ear… Sometimes I want to stop, but they push me to keep going, to keep going.” About 10 days ago, five restaurants in Valdosta closed.

Bad Habits on Gornto Road, Tuesdays at Valdosta Mall and Ruby’s at McAllister’s Deli. Patterson’s Golden Plate Restaurant and N. Taqueria del Surest on Oak Street Ext.

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Meanwhile, Mexican restaurant chain Cactus Flower Cafe has announced it’s opening a more secure location, and hopefully, new tenants elsewhere will or will open soon.

Not all of them are related due to different circumstances, but this week surprised a lot of people at once.

The mall shouldn’t have too much trouble replacing restaurants, and while Ruby’s closed the mall location on Tuesday, it’s possible they’ll be back for a new home since they opened their store. You don’t know.

The restaurant business is turbulent and a tough business indeed. Some may make it look easy, but it’s hard work, long hours, expensive, and not for the faint of heart.

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Often, people think they can open a restaurant because they love to cook, or they have a great idea, or they want to do something different, but they forget that it’s a business and the hardest thing to do.

Corporate franchisees must meet, individual owners face personal tragedies, and many other issues can lead to restaurant closures. It’s not a reflection of society, it’s a reflection of larger economic and personal struggles and choices.

On the bright side, Creekside Tavern Steakhouse reopened this week on Wednesday night with some great menu changes, a weekend-ready interior and fun entertainment. Check out the story in today’s episode.

Also, as I said above, Cactus Kembang Cafe n. A new Smoothie King will be opening soon, occupying the space vacated by Surest on Oak Street.

Insurance Agency In Valdosta, Ga

Lucky for us, the Valdosta JC Penneys isn’t one of the companies announcing closings this week. Good news for malls.

Don’t forget that Starbucks is coming to the Inland neighborhood next to Chicken Phil A and Donkin’ Donuts, which will soon break ground at North and Patterson, as well as Gondolier, a new Italian restaurant on Norman Drive. All in all, here are some good things for us.

Elsewhere in the city, Langdahl Ford has announced a major renovation of its 50-year-old downtown dealership.

The Ashley Street station opened last week at its new location on Battery Road, moving from its former location on Ashley Street but keeping the name.

Multiple Restaurant Closures Unrelated

The new Wendy’s in St. Augustine is amazing if you haven’t been there recently, and they’re starting with a Five Points location and will start building others in the same style around town later this year.

In Baytree’s Sugar Creek Plaza, a new Plato’s clothing store is opening soon, along with Deli Bar and Carnation Boutique.

Across the street from Baitree Village, next to Clip Sports is the new Southern Sensation store.

Friends Grill & Bar and Kennedy’s Family Grill are both extending their hours and now serving Sunday roasts.

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Also, Manny’s in Bayreuth is talking about changing its menu and adding indoor seating.

N. The Dollar General on Valdosta Street opened this week and is expected to replace the current location of the new Hira’s on Main Street.

A new location for the medical store on Ashley Street Careers is indeed coming, as is Goodwill’s new Aspen Dental Clinic on Norman Drive.

Anyone know of a new restaurant or business near Exit 11? Let me know if you do. Posted on:

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