American Defender Life Insurance Company

American Defender Life Insurance Company – Few icons in the automotive industry are as recognized as the Land Rover Defender, and the new, next-generation 2020 Defender caught the world’s attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

For Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s chief designer, the mission was clear, if not easy: to honor a deep heritage while improving the Defender and broadening its appeal.

American Defender Life Insurance Company

“It incorporates all the relevant technology for a changing and very different world. It has the latest connectivity, the body structure is innovative, it’s as rugged as you can call it,” McGovern said.

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. “It’s full of ergonomics, it’s all wrapped up in a noble shape, but it’s a modern car. There’s an elemental quality to it, but it’s still sophisticated.”

The biggest challenge, according to McGovern, is making sure he doesn’t build his team. “There is no nonsense in the design,” he emphasizes. “Don’t let the car get bigger than it needs to be. We’ve had a lot of success at Land Rover, proven by success. When cars are financially sound, it gives people confidence.”

To get a feel for the Defender, we took it for a spin with Andy Wheel, Land Rover’s Chief Exterior Designer. For him, the Defender really starts with the silhouette, especially in the side view. “Even with a rag, before we take the cover off, people say, ‘Oh, I know that’s a Land Rover.’ “

Wheel said that elements such as a very horizontal roof line, a completely vertical rear end, a conspicuously straight windshield for a modern car and a clear horizontal hood were strong clues pointing to people to its purpose. Add in the front end and short front overhangs and it’s clear what this car is all about. “Put it all together and you get this silhouette that people want. [They see it] as an inherently good off-roader, and that’s what Land Rover really is.”

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Wheel says the clearly defined horizontal nature of the Defender is key. “We have horizontal lines dividing the roof from the glass, the underside of the car and everything else. It’s all very clean, but it sends a very good message about very complex surfaces: it looks solid, solid.”

The front end is a strong departure from the old car, with a lowered single-bar grille that McGovern believes offers a modern aesthetic. The familiar round headlight is now equipped with LED technology, but acts as a bridge. The wheel pointed out that the headlights were set back so they looked like they were frowning, suggesting that the cars were very anthropomorphic and often had specific faces. The sheet metal that trims the hood “looks like the car was cut through the thickness.”

Moving to the rear, you’ll see neat wheel arches. The long-wheelbase model, the 110, gets a square graphic above the rear wheel, but you can ditch it on the short-wheelbase 90s.

“That roof is for body placement. There’s nothing cleaner than a square; it’s the most honest shape. So we put two places on this car to magnetize the roof where the glass is. In the ’90s, you could have all the glass, but some people, especially in the back, they’d like to have a little more privacy, and some people would like the ability to see that.”

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Tire stressing the rear end is a real challenge because cars often don’t start with a spare rear tire. “It’s very rare that these cars out there get a facelift or something homogenized in the ’90s, or a refreshing refresh. But if you put the wheel in a different position, you’ll want it. To change the proportions, it is going to be a less good car. And you lose off-road capability. So we’re not going to do what’s easy, we’re going to do what’s right. That’s been our mantra throughout this car. It’s a matter of honoring the past while looking to the future. “

And because those other cars are designed, the lighting regulations have changed around the world, you have to have rear light visibility, 45 degrees to either side and visibility with the tailgate open.

“We had two main vertical lights like the old Defender—they weren’t square, they weren’t round, we called them ‘squirrels’—but that didn’t meet the legal requirements. So the little indicator lights and the stop function here meet the legal requirements, which we It is the unique identity that is the sun. When you see this car from the back, you know it could be the new Defender because it has a unique rear lighting arrangement.”

The 110 we drove — which Land Rover has been driving for a year and the only one it drove in Kazakhstan for its promotional video — is fitted with 20-inch wheels, while the Defender can be optioned with 18-inch wheels iron Like stripped commercial models or even 22’s.

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As for the steering wheel, he says his favorite is the interior: the third seat in the front row. “The fact that we put in three cross-seats, like the first Land Rover in 1948, makes it a more social car,” he told us, adding that the cars often hold three or five people. , not four. So with that we don’t have two people up front, we put one person in the back. He plays with the car as a vehicle to live his life in a social way.”

McGovern says it’s a favorite feature, too, insisting on ordering one equipped with three seats in the front row. Specifically, the first edition with black wheels, a green exterior, a white roof and an optional center seat.

The unique thing about the Defender – we’ve now seen half a dozen different Defenders in person, in addition to numerous photos of the car – is that each one provides a different visual reading. We wondered if it was intentional. For example, the Defender we drive looks different than the two-tone versions at the show, and the 90 has a very different feel to the 110. Some are rougher, others smoother.

“Yes, it’s very intentional,” Weil said. “We like to treat the car as a blank canvas. Regardless of whether the owner is the first, fifth or sixth, he can personalize it in his own way. It can be tailored to whatever purpose he is looking for. Urban or professional is all the land. must.”

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For McGovern, it fits perfectly with the ethos of his latest project. “A great poster from the early days of the Defender shows it in its various incarnations, with many uses: power panel, gas panel, ambulance, Forestry Commission, fire truck. And you could argue that’s not the case. However, we’ve seen the proliferation of different lifestyles that people now engage in every year, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing and whatever, all of these bridges everything. lifestyles. With 170 extras, a lot of thought goes into all of these things.”

This also applies to the interior, where you can configure the upcoming Commercial Defender 90 with just two seats or the 110 with three rows and seven seats. The range and customization options are many. McGovern remembered the expression that no two guardians are alike, and while that might be an exaggeration, he admitted that it is possible if you really want something unique. The Defender 110 arrives in the US this spring.

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