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Alpa Life Insurance – Life Insurance Options Intrepid II… Maritime Life’s Intrepid II is a universal life policy that offers a powerful combination of life insurance coverage and tax-advantaged benefits.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Chapter 30 Life Insurance Planning Tools and Techniques 30 – 1 Why the Gift of Life Insurance? life insurance process document

Alpa Life Insurance

Life Insurance and Annuities Basic Life Insurance The primary purpose of basic life insurance is financial protection. Life 2 Whole Life Insurance – Whole life insurance, also called document

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Whole Life Insurance – Atkins €¦ · Whole Life 1000 Whole Life Insurance Because life doesn’t come with guarantees, you need life insurance. Whole life insurance is usually documented

Chapter 26.1-33 Life Insurance 26.1-33-01. Life Insurance … Chapter 26.1-33 Life Insurance 26.1-33-01. A life insurance policy covers the entire contract. Every life insurance policy document

Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide Life Insurance Life Insurance Your Guide Insurers’ Opinion What is Life Insurance Understanding Life Insurance Death Benefit Documents

Request Life Insurance Delivery – Amazon S3 Request Life Insurance Delivery Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company Docs

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Non-Life Insurance. According to Wikipedia, non-life insurance is “a general insurance policy, which includes non-life insurance or automobile and homeowner’s policies.

Comparative Analysis of Investing in Bharti AXA Life Insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and Reliance Life Insurance Documents

Life Insurance Coverage for Unique Life ALPA… · ALPA offers three “Term” life insurance products, which provide life insurance coverage for a specified period of time.

Group Term Life Insurance – pasco.k12.fl.usGroup Term Life Insurance Provider: Cigna/Lena Life Group Term Life Insurance LINA Group Term Life Insurance There is one more way to fill out the paperwork.

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Group Life Insurance Terms and Conditions and Health Insurance… · Group Life Insurance Terms and Conditions Group life insurance is a provision of financial assistance documents.

Fearless Capital Fund Fearless Income Fund Fearless … €¦ · Summary Section Fearless Capital Fund Investment Objective: Fearless Capital Fund (“Fund” in this Summary) Document

Personal Term Life Insurance Policy Standards Personal Term Life Insurance Policy … Personal Term Life Insurance … Types of Personal Term Life Insurance with Documents

SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. S.USA Life ……SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. Shenandoah Life Insurance Company 100 West 33rd Street, Documents1 Example Exam Questions Life Insurance Qualification: Recommend individual and group life insurance products based on a client’s needs and circumstances. Ques 1 Shaun is a smoker and frequently travels to developed countries to conduct scuba diving tours. In the previous year, he had two traffic violations for running a red light and speeding. He drinks one glass of wine a week at social events. Sean is considering buying life insurance. After knowing about their lifestyles, what factors make up their insurance rate policy? 1. Smoking status 2. Travel history 3. Occupation 4. Driving record 5. Drinking history a) 1, 2, 3 and 4 b) 2, 3 and 4 c) 1, 3 and 5 d) 2 and 4 Correct Answer: b) b) is the correct answer. Frequent travel, especially to politically unstable countries, is subject to fare policy. Certain activities, such as scuba diving, can also affect insurance rates. A driving record that includes multiple violations or major violations will affect the premium rating. a) is the wrong answer. The policy is not required to be rated for smoking status, but rather exceed the standard smoker’s rate. c) This is a wrong answer. Consumers drink very little alcohol and this does not justify the rated policy.

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2 d) This is the incorrect answer. This does not include the evocation factor which may be subject to a higher premium rate. s 174 to 181, Section 9.4 and the sub-components of the assessed competency in the curriculum: 1.1 Determine client status

3 Question 2 You are completing the Universal Life Application for your client, Nixon. He has opted for fixed income accounts as an investment option. They are going to pay the minimum for the policy. He asks you if it makes a difference if he pays monthly or annually. Which of the following is the correct answer? a) Universal life has no model units and the long-term cash value is the same whether paid monthly or annually. b) The universal is a model factor in life and has a high long-term cash value if paid annually. c) The universal is a model factor in life and has a higher long-term cash value if paid monthly. d) Universal Life has no sampling units and the long-term cash value is higher if annuities are paid. Correct Answer: a) a) is the correct answer. The annual premium is similar to the annual premium of a universal life policy as no model factor is applied. The cash surrender value is based on the return of the invested funds and not on the premium payment terms. b) and c) are incorrect answers. No sampling factor applies to universal life policies and the cash surrender value is not based on premium payment terms. d) This is the wrong answer. The Cash Surrender Value is not based on the premium payment terms. 58, Section Curriculum Evaluation Competency Sub-Component: 2.1 Analyze the types of contracts that meet the client’s needs.

4 Question 3: Cindy, 22, recently returned to work after giving birth to twins. His disposable income is limited. He is fine now but his family history shows a history of stroke. She wants some insurance cover for the education of her children in case of his death. What kind of plan would you suggest for Cindy? a) Universal life with YRT to reduce costs by accumulating the cash value of the policy in the early stages. b) Lifelong participation with PUA rider, hence both death benefit and cash value can increase in the long run. c) Universal life with YRT and minimum fund option with child coverage rider can protect everyone. d) Term 10 policy with GIB rider, so the coverage can be extended in future. Correct Answer: D) D) is the correct answer. The customer’s income is limited at this point, but circumstances may change and she may wish to increase coverage in the future, regardless of her health. a) Limited paying capacity of the customer. The given is the incorrect answer. A subscriber currently requires insurance coverage in the event of death rather than a cash value accrual policy. b) is the wrong answer given the limited paying capacity of the consumers. Whole life coverage is very expensive and consumers do not want to put up the cash value. She only wants protection in case of death. c) This is a wrong answer. The client wants to ensure the safety of his children in the event of his death and not in the event of the death of his children. 86, Evaluation of competency sub-components in the department’s curriculum: 3.2 Propose a recommendation that is tailored to the client’s needs and circumstances.

5 Question 4: Marcel lives in Quebec and five years ago purchased a $100,000 whole life insurance policy from ABF Insurance through an old friend of his, his agent Paul LaCoursiere. Paul recently contacted Marcel and offered to replace his existing policy with a whole life policy for the same amount, but with the company Paul currently represents. Marcel agrees to sign a new petition. What document does Paul need Marcel’s signature with the new application? A) Personal letter B) Document from CLHIA C) LIRD D) Insurance contract information of individuals Correct Answer: D) D) The correct answer is because Marcel lives in Quebec. To protect clients from churn and diversion, provincial law requires clients to obtain and sign a Life Insurance Change Declaration (LIRD). A) and B) are incorrect answers. A personal letter or document from the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) does not meet the legal requirements. c) This is a wrong answer. LIRD only applies outside Quebec. The only document accepted in Quebec is a notice of change in contract insurance for individuals (Answer D). Reference: 261, Department Curriculum Assessment Qualification Sub-unit: 4.1 Review the appropriateness of contract modification, renewal and termination applications in relation to the client’s circumstances.

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London Life Term Life Insurance Your Guide to Term Life Insurance London Life allows you to buy cover from London Life Term Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Disclosure Form Page 1 of 6 If you are replacing an existing insurance policy, you must be given this form before applying for a new policy. some outline of the form

Equimax Participating Whole Life Advisors Product Governance Rules and Guidelines October 2015 Page 1 of 44 Prepared by: Personal Life & Health Product Development and Marketing Page 2 of 4

Permanent life insurance is a simplified benefit for senior citizens

Alpa Vs. Transamerica Airlines: 1984 85

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