Alcoholic Life Insurance

Alcoholic Life Insurance – April is National Alcohol Month and aims to help raise awareness about alcohol consumption in the United States. Alcoholism is one of the biggest health problems in our country, and yes, we see people drinking every day. Our ONE IDEA blog this month focuses on alcoholism and writing and specifically addresses “healthy” alcoholism and the use or abuse of alcohol.

Yes, we said it. Doctors agree that drinking less alcohol can have some positive effects on the body such as:

Alcoholic Life Insurance

Yes, we said it too. Remember, ELEVEN is good, and while two or more can “feel” better, the physical results may or may not be affected by using more than the average. – eleven or less a day for women and two or less for everyone. day for men. Overdoing it is known to cause problems. After all, alcohol is considered toxic because it is metabolized into acetaldehyde, which is a carcinogen.

Alcoholism And Me: ‘i Was An Addicted Doctor, The Worst Kind Of Patient’

No one has a drinking problem, and everyone has a GOOD CHEAP – which seems to be the insurance claim we see at . That is, until we started analyzing medical records.

Alcohol is metabolized in the LIVER and has an effect on liver function. A blood pressure test is part of the medical record and is used by doctors to diagnose and evaluate the potential for alcoholism. High reading performance can be a writer’s first sign of alcoholism.

While most blood tests will include two liver tests (SGOT and SGPT), the life insurance industry routinely performs additional liver tests, specifically gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGTP ). This particular liver enzyme is sensitive, but not free. It is formed in response to drug insults and is very sensitive, and even the use of drugs controlled by the liver can cause an increase in GGTP. Although sensitive, this enzyme cannot detect the cause of hypertension. The bottom line is that the UNDERWRITERS will consider raising the GGTP as ALCOHOLUPICATION until proven otherwise.

However, doctors have additional blood tests that can directly point to ALCOHOL as the cause of increased GGTP or other liver functions. When positive, these additional tests (CDT and HAA) indicate heavy drinking in the past few weeks. When a person can stop drinking alcohol for 48 hours and remove alcohol from the blood before the insurance, these additional tests are more accurate and have a longer time for experts test for alcohol in the system. The heart is like a pot of water on the stove… it can be heated in a short time, but it is hot for a while.

The Irrationality Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Some of our partners require blood tests as part of the diagnostic kit. If you have a high blood alcohol level during the insurance test, you will most likely be denied. However, bad alcohol doesn’t have to get rid of you. When the bloggers suspected alcohol, their anxiety increased when they measured the rate of premature death.

Did you know that after only 4 weeks of drinking ZERO alcohol, the heart stabilizes, blood pressure drops, cholesterol levels improve and the risk of diabetes decreases? This is important information to share with your customers when they are planning to apply for life insurance.

Miss. Lane is a 63-year-old healthy non-smoker with no medical history. He is in good health, follows all routine medical procedures, works out five days a week, and uses low-dose lisinopril to control his blood pressure. His counsel wanted to benefit SMOKER and the information presented to ONE employee as a routine matter – Agent X for $2,000,000 of Universal Life (UL) insurance .

In the application, Ms. When asked about alcohol consumption, Lane replied that he “drinks two glasses of wine a day”. WARNING

Smoking, Drinking Could Cost An Unhealthy Guy More Than $8.6 Million Over Lifetime: Study

This would be the best time to tell the client that the insurance screening test is working and will include some alcohol testing, so it is important that your client product preparation for diagnosis. There is a test preparation video that provides important information on alcohol consumption, etc. We recommend that you participate in the practice of sending our videos ready for all customers.

Miss. Lane’s APS is on, downloads have been approved for a while and his case is good for Who Doesn’t Like It – subject to review, of course. To everyone’s surprise, the results of the experiment came back with an increase in the heart rate of GGTP. This automatically makes the request for “Alcoholic” CDT test again FALSE! The example of the product sent by the agent immediately becomes a Writing that negotiates Table 4 with Carrier X.

In Table 4 the cost of non-smokers, the current annual cost is almost double Ms. Lane is willing to pay. During the discussion with her counselor and after the good CDT was revealed, Ms. Lane admitted that he drank more when he was sick. The result of his insurance test was a phone call that made Mme. Lane doesn’t drink alcohol at all. He agreed to try again, which has now become the best CDT wine brand. We presented the case to another doctor, which the author agreed with Ms. Lane really has EXCELLENT lethality and gives him a free goal!

Symptoms of CDT usually only occur with heavy drinking, more than 3 ounces of pure alcohol at a time (a full bottle of alcohol). Most employers refuse to accept a valid CDT and will delay paying for life insurance coverage for at least one year. Any invalid agreement in your dating file should be reviewed on each anniversary policy as TIME IS NOT AVAILABLE for most of these situations. Last year table 4 may be the case today!!

Managing Your Alcohol Intake

Remember, FIELD UNDERWRITING is the first line to help your clients understand the process of underwriting and insurance labs that focus on alcohol use. The writing skills, the expertise of our staff, and the cooperation and confidence helped bring this manuscript to a conclusion. Find out what science and experts have to say.

According to health recommendations, one drink a day is healthy for women and two drinks a day is good for men. But if you have been diagnosed with gout or are at risk of developing gout, you should cut down on alcohol.

Gout is a disease in which blood levels of uric acid, a product of metabolism, begin to appear in the joints, causing pain and swelling that usually occurs very quickly. Gout often occurs in stages; In the first stage, the level of uric acid increases, but does not cause symptoms (called hyperuricemia); In the second stage, a person begins to experience symptoms of gout, called flares. As with gout, it becomes chronic, affects the joints more, and the duration of the flare decreases.

Uric acid crystals can also form in the kidneys and cause kidney stones and can grow in many places in the body, such as under the skin and cause “swelling” called tophi. People with gout are also at risk of developing serious diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

How Does Alcohol Affect The Body After The Age Of 40?

If you are at risk of gout or have been diagnosed with gout, your doctor may advise you to cut back on certain foods that can cause gout symptoms, such as purines. liver, which is converted to uric acid during digestion. This list also includes beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits.

So is it worth eliminating or not drinking alcohol when you have gout? You should talk to your doctor about advice on drinking alcohol and your specific condition, medical history, and medications you are taking.

Here, learn more about the link between alcohol consumption and gout, and health considerations.

“Alcohol causes the body to reabsorb uric acid, reducing urine output. This increases the level of uric acid in the blood,” said Dr. Theodore R. Fields, a rheumatologist at the Hospital for Specialties in New York. When uric acid isn’t excreted in the urine, it causes a build-up in the joints that causes inflammation and pain, says Jonathan Greer, MD, a physician at Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates in Palm Beach, Florida. .

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A multidisciplinary study of alcohol consumption and gout – which included data on nearly 43,000 people – found a “percentage response of the risk of gout to alcohol consumption”. This means that the more people drink alcohol, the greater the risk of developing gout.

Compared to people who don’t always

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